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    A fine show, but the writing style was formulaic.

    By jvma7621, Feb 28, 2014

    I like this show and have the DVD set. The actors were superb. The plots were superb. The character development was superb. "Then why give it a mediocre 7?" you ask. Here's why: The writing makes me cringe. I have seen reviews that say this was "fast paced" . It's not hard to be fast paced when you constantly repeat the previous line spoken. Here's an example of the writing style (I do not think it is an actual excerpt):

    "Hey, where are you going?"

    "What do you mean 'where am I going'?"

    "I want to know where you're

    "Why do you want to know where I'm going?"

    etc. etc. I would say at least one-third of the entire script fits this formulaic writing style. This is not exactly witty banter. When I'm listening to it, I generally claw at my head and yell at the TV "ANSWER THE @$#% QUESTION!!"moreless

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  • 7.5

    Not bad.

    By da_dunker, Apr 06, 2011

    I never missed an episode of this show during it's original run and even recorded all but a few. I was thrilled to see this was released on DVD. I've turned a few people on to this show via my video tapes and we all love it. The reason to watch this show isn't the guffaws. You smile and snicker more then laugh out loud. But for shear entertainment you just can't beat it. The characters are real and you can relate to all of them and more importantly you care for all of them. The real genius of this show is not just the story and characters, but the dialogue. The way the actors deliver the lines, and the lines themselves are a joy to listen to and what makes this show watchable again and again. You will never get tired of listening to the verbal volleys between the actors. I can't say enough about the writing and acting of this show. Borrow it, rent it, buy it, whatever you have to to see it. Give it just a few episodes (ignore the lame laugh track on the first episode or 2) and I guarantee you'll be happily addicted to possibly the most well written (and acted) television show ever.moreless

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    More than a decade later I'm writing reviews, complaining about good shows that are canceled because they're too intelligent for the general public and I compare them each to the mother of all criminal cancelations: Sports Night

    By ap14rcf70, Apr 18, 2009

    I actually saw "Jeremy" on the Series Finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - it was ironic that he'd get a big guest star role in the finale episode. He did an excellent job. Of course Felicity Huffman has done well for herself - and her husband never had a problem. "Dan" has been in a number of things though he hasn't had the success of his desk partner in "6 Feet Under" and other roles. I miss Natalie and of course Robert. If I ever see a copy of the show with the laugh-track - I'll burn it - what a humiliating way to go for a great show.

    SN: RIPmoreless

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    Quite simply - the best show ever. Excellent writing, acting, direction.

    By joag95, Jul 22, 2008

    Just choosing the classification for Sports Night is tough. "Personal Favorite" or "Absolutely Fabulous" certainly fit. "Underappreciated" is also a big one. Even TV Guide gave it the title of "Best Show You're Not Watching. So what happened? Was it "Ahead of it's time?" Comedy? Drama? Dramedy, even? I loved that you never knew what you were getting. Some episodes had me laughing out loud the entire way through, others had me in tears. Isn't this the mark of a great show? It doesn't have to be one or the other. The audience really connected with the characters. We cared. How many shows nowadays can we say we truly care about these characters?

    A sports show? A show about a television show? A workplace comedy? A relationship comedy? Yes - all of them, and yet none of the above. You didn't have to like sports to enjoy Sports Night. The references were certainly there, but you certainly didn't miss out by not being a jock. The TV references were there, but not so much that it lost the non-techies of us. Maybe we learned a little about ratings! We cared about the relationships, be it Casey and Dana, Natalie and Jeremy, Dan and Rebecca or others - yet those never over rode the premise. The show never became a romantic comedy or tragedy. It kept us on our toes. It kept us smart. Pop culture references were abundant, and Sorkin expected his viewers to be of reasonable intelligence to get half the jokes. Hmmm, maybe this was the problem... Smart shows followed in the same vein and did better; The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and several others. Perhaps Sports Night helped break ground, if only among critics. They began looking out for more sharply written, well crafted dialogue.

    One thing is for sure, this show bolstered many careers. Had anyone really heard of Peter Krause, Felicity Huffman, Joshua Malina, or even Teri Polo, Brenda Strong or the great Aaron Sorkin before Sports Night hit the screen? No offense to the other cast members, there was no one that was any less fantastic. I am persoanlly a big fan of Josh Charles and am happy to know that he is following his heart on stage. Krause and Huffman each went on to star in their own incredibly successful programs (Six Feet Under, Desperate Housewives). Malina entered the realm of The West Wing as well as landed several leading prime time roles. Ms Strong must have one of the cushiest jobs in TV now as our Housewives narrarator, and Teri Polo has been successful on both the big and small screen since. Sorkin is clearly a love him or hate him kind of writer, but no one can deny the influence that The West Wing has had on television. Some may even suggest that he left Sports Night to flounder because he was concentrating on TWW. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I am sure that SN gave some the springboard they needed to gaining credibility in Hollywood. The Special Edition 10th Anniversary DVDs come out this fall. I'll be getting mine the day they are available.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Stupendous show, Sorkin at his best.

    By greatniz, Apr 07, 2007

    This show was ahead of its time. This was the first show that Sorkin wrote for TV, and easily could have had a West Wing type run, and probably should have had one. This show was the very first of the witty sitcoms. It was well written beyond anything else on TV, and I believe it was just too fast and over the head of most people for that time, and on a major network. If it could have been on a CW, WB type channel it would have lasted and been Gilmore Girls before there was one. One of my very favorites, and it's very missed.moreless

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    "Sports Night" was absolutely wonderful!

    By carolinacrump, Nov 19, 2006

    I really hated it when Sports Night’s run was over! I guess it was just too good to last!

    Great actors, great chemistry, great writing! The character development was so rich that I actually cared what happened to them. It was getting better with every episode!

    Right after it was over I got my hopes up when I heard that other networks were eager to pick it up. But I understand that Aaron Sorkin had too many irons in the fire to continue the battle to keep this one running. At least some good came from Sports Night’s demise - - one of those irons in the fire was "The West Wing"!

    If you haven't seen Sports Night you should. Get the DVD's and invest the time in watching it. If you like smart, funny TV I think you'll love this show!moreless

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  • 9.4

    This TV sitcom centers around the anchors, producers, and staff of Sports Night.The Sports Night anchors are Dan Rydell and Casey McCall. Casey's divorce starts to affect and alter his on-air attitude, Dan and Dana try to snap him out of it.

    By CalcuttaKid, Oct 22, 2006

    Sports Night is an amazing season. It’s something that can keep you occupied. I love this because it tells you what happens behind the scenes of a normal broadcast studio. This really is something you have to watch because the friendship between Casey, Dan and Dana. They have such amusing banter between each other that you can’t help but laugh. They want to help each other by looking out for each other. They are willing to give up things so that they can help their friends in anyway. They are selfless and deep down they want to look out for each other.moreless

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    Sorkin's Masterpiece! I've watched this show 15 times and still can't get enough!

    By JoeMacbeth, Oct 17, 2006

    I'll start off by saying 'I LOVE THIS SHOW!'. Now thats out of the way, what's so great about 'Sports Night'? you might ask. Well it was possibly the most under-rated show of all time. Sorkin's witty dialogue hits the mark every time, whether it be a comdedic, dramatic or romantic moment, the dialogue is always perfect. Sports Night's next biggest asset, is the unbelievable cast it was blessed with, just look at where they are now! Dan and Casey are one of the greatest duo's of all time, their conversations have never failed to entertain me. Dana and Casey (not to be confused with Dan and Casey), the shows main romantic storyline had fantastic chemistry and the fact that it was never resolved bugs me constantly. The rest of the cast all excellent, Jeremy's nerdishness (is that a word???), Isaac's advice, neurotic Natalie, all amazing! The best way to learn about the brilliance of Sports Night is to pick up a DVD and watch it for yourself, trust me you won't regret it!moreless

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  • 9.7

    Sorkin knows what he\'s doing...when will the rest of us catch along?

    By jennahef, Sep 18, 2006

    Aaron Sorkin proves over and over again that he has a knack for smart television. Sports Night was a brilliant and witty show focusing on the inner workings of a sports news show. As always, Sorkin manages to assemble a stellar cast. Sorkin\'s quick-witted and speedy pace of dialgue put off some people. I for one love that he is raising the bar for television. The show is both hilarious as well as heartfelt. It is so sad that once again a genius of a show is cancelled (Arreseted Development anyone?). Aaron Sorkin always provides a well-execute script, insanely talented actors and avante style of direction. Do yourself a favor and netflix Sports Night if you\'ve never seen it.moreless

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