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  • "He'll be remembered for two things: that he won 31 games [in 1968], and that he spent a lot of time in jails and prisons. That's it." –Bill Gleason

  • "It's an all-too-common story: A promising young life is wasted by high-stakes gambling, easy money, or petty crime." –Chris Fowler

  • "There's never been another owner like him, in a good and bad way." —Dave Newhouse, Oakland Tribune

  • What Billy Martin relished more than anything, was confrontation with the front office. Calvin Griffith [the Twins' owner] would say, "Come on up to the office anytime except I take a little nap between 5:00 and 5:30," because he was at the ballpark all day. Five after 5:00, Billy would be knocking on his door. He was defiant. —JIM KAAT, former Twins pitcher

  • "Something that has to be understood if you care to have some sense of the historical figure that DiMaggio remains though he's dead, [is that] he was a product of his past." –Gay Talese

  • "There were so many off-the-fieldincidents [that] I felt like a crime reporter, rather than a sports eporter."

    –Jeremy Schaap, ESPN

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  • Footage is featured of Chris Schenkel and Bob Wolff. Keith Erickson is also interviewed.

  • Appearing as Interviewee: Buddy Diliberto

  • The original version of this program featured a fragment of Unitas's role as a sportscaster in the Disney film Gus. When ESPN Classic re-edited the program upon Unitas's death in September 2002, the Gus footage was discarded to make way for (among other things) Raymond Berry's eulogy.

  • Includes rare color footage of the 1959 NFL Championship Game at Baltimore, which the Colts won 31-16.

  • This program originally aired on ESPN four days after Cal Ripken Jr. played his last game.

  • Jeff Andretti is interviewed.

  • Some people are convinced this program has aired earlier than January 26, 2001 (the date listed on IMDb).

  • Includes clips of Joe Namath's guest appearances on "The Brady Bunch" (episode "Mail Order Hero") and "The Simpsons" (episode "Bart Star").

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  • As the Notes for this episode explains, ESPN Classic re-edited the ending of this program, taking out footage of Unitas's role in the Disney film Gus. What ESPN Classic did not remove was the acknowledgment to Walt Disney Pictures in the "Courtesy" caption at show's end.

  • No release of the Clemens bio reveals the Yanks' fates in any of the four World Series in which Roger wore the pinstripes. They went 2-2 in those Series. (Interestingly, Clemens would never win an A.L. Cy Young Award and a World Series ring in the same year.)