Square One TV

Episode 304

Season 3, Ep 4, Aired 1/18/90
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  • Episode Description
  • "Math-a-Thon Installment" The second pledge break of the season sees regular Cris Franco interviewing the late René Descartes, who discusses the Cartesian plane. Later in the pledge break, Reg and Larry estimate how close Square One TV is to its goal. The thermometer has no marks between 0% and 100%, but they estimate that 40% of people have called in pledging to mathematics. "Positives vs. Negatives War" Recycled from the first season (and now in a letter-box format), the war between the Positives and Negatives wages on. This time three of each are flushed (toilet sounds), because -3 plus +3 equals 0. "Lost at Sea" How easy is it for sailors who are lost at sea to divide zero sea biscuits? "Elvis for Math" Cris, impersonating Elvis, says that math is more than "pushing numbers around." "But Who's Counting?" After a year's absence, But Who's Counting? returns, but with Monte Carlo spinning the big wheel and no Amber. This year, competition is down to single-contestant showdowns. Whatsina Name plays against O. My Word to create the largest possible five-digit odd number. One new wrinkle: the Wild Spin – after the fifth spin, contestants may choose to replace one of their digits with the number that comes up on the Wild Spin. "Mathnet: The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake, Part 4" Back at Ma's Lockup late Tuesday afternoon, Kate and George talk with Officers Sam and Steve about the earthquake that struck City Hall and nowhere else. After they play "What Do We Know?", Steve and Sam scope City Hall. Kate and George meet Sybil Divine at her hotel room. Sybil refuses to reveal her identity. At Mathnet HQ, Debbie reveals that Sybil Divine is an alias for one Disappearing Wanda, a former magician's assistant on the Bungling Brothers' Circus. She had done time once for lifting circus receipts. In the years to follow, she had been arrested and charged on numerous other fraud counts, but never convicted on any of them. Kate and George go to the roof of City Hall, where they meet Fred C. Dobbs, the longtime maintenance chief. Dobbs says he has discovered a vibration exciter, a device used to test the stablility of buildings under earthquake conditions. The vibration exciter was not on the roof Monday, but it was there by the time of Sybil's press conference. Kate and George surmise Sybil's people planted the exciter on the roof Monday night and timed it to go off during the press conference. Now George is planning to expose Sybil as a faker. For that, she must make one more prediction.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Barbara Feldon

    Anonymous Narrator (Season 1)

  • Joe Howard

    George Frankly

  • James Earl Jones

    Chief Thad Green (Seasons 1-2), Booming Announcer Voice (Season 3)

  • Gary Owens

    Lt. Dirk Niblick

  • Larry Cedar

    Various Roles

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    • Carl D. Parker is credited as Carl Parker.

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