Star Blazers

(ended 1980)
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  • S 4 : Ep 83

    Final Yamato

    Aired 3/19/83

  • S 3 : Ep 31

    Star Blazers S3 Part VI


  • S 3 : Ep 30

    Star Blazers S3 Part V


  • S 3 : Ep 29

    Star Blazers S3 Part IV


  • S 3 : Ep 28

    Star Blazers S3 Part III


  • Cast & Crew
  • Gordon Ramsay

    voice of Captain Abraham Avatar

  • Peter Fernandez

    voice of Mark Venture [3]

  • John Bellucci

    voice of Derek Wildstar [3]

  • Christopher Collins

    voices of Comet Empire General Dire & Sgt Major Knox

  • Earl Hammond


  • show Description
  • This series, created back in the 1970's is still a popular video and DVD release thirty years later! Now each of the 3 seasons can be bought in 3 sets. Each season featured a season long story along with great characterization and adventure, drama and humor! It is the primary series on which many later anime series are based, and sometimes copied. In fact the 2003 season of Star Trek Enterprise apparently adapted many of the best aspects of this series as both shows feature planet Earth in grave danger, and a single spaceship and its brave crew sent to another part of the cosmos to find a solution to the danger that threatens the very existence of humanity! Each season features a new danger and new storyline the crew of the Space Battleship Yamato, called the Argo in English versions, must face as they get closer to their goal! Each season had a new storyline and are given the following series titles on video and DVD sets. Season 1 "The Quest for Iscandar" Season 2 "The Comet Empire" Season 3 "The Bolar Wars" Several movies, both compilations and originals, were made in the late 70's & 80's as well! Note: for purposes of consistency, the Episode titles match those on desslok.commoreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (23)

    • (This quote begins the series) Captain Avatar: I cannot bear to see what has become of Earth. Once green and growing with blue lakes and silver streams, great rivers and mighty seas... Now all gone. Only day and burning desert left... Radiation everywhere.

    • (After the Star Force has gotten past the mines) Desslok: Um, what was the name of the weapon again...? Krypt: (embarrassed) It was named, the, uh, Desslok mines. It was presumptuous. We should have tested it first. Desslok: Don't worry, Krypt. I'm amused that they were able to defeat them with their bare hands. Krypt: Sir? Desslok: Gamilon has the greatest scientists in the galaxy. But they've all overlooked one fact: Sometimes simple solutions are best, and the barbarians proved that. They used their bare hands! (laughs uncontrollably)

    • (Wildstar is brought in front of Captain Avatar by Conroy for disobeying an order to take a plane and fly into the storm to find a channel): Avatar: (to Wildstar) You're going to scrub the Hangar Deck. Wildstar: What? Conroy: (laughing) That's great! Ha ha ha! Avatar: (to Conroy) You too! you were an accomplice! It's your job to prevent unauthorized flights. You let him take off. (later) (Wildstar and Conroy arrive in the Hangar Deck, and a Crew Member meets them) Wildstar: (to crew member) Get out of here! Crew Member: Now wait a minute! You'll get your turn! Wildstar: Listen, wise guy, the Captain stuck me with this job. It's wall-to-wall punishment for me. Crew Member: Yeah? And we got it for letting you and Venture fight! (Pans out to about 25 crew members scrubbing the Hangar Deck) Wildstar: You're kidding... Conroy: Well, Wildstar, when you get into trouble, you sure know how to take a lot of people with you.

    • Lysis: (typing in his diary) January 7, fought the Star Force. A worthy foe.

    • (Krypt enters Desslok's chambers, carrying the results of Lysis's trial) Krypt(bringing in the paper for Desslok to sign): The vote was unanimous: Death penalty. Desslok(Looks over the paper) Krypt, this is my answer. (crushes the paper) Krypt(astonished): Sir? But Leader Desslok... Desslok: I know Lysis can be brash, even dangerous, but he's the only one of my generals that is capable of defeating the Star Force........Lysis will live - live to defeat the Star Force.

    • Wildstar: (carrying an unconscious Nova) Wake up, Nova! Please God, make her wake up!

    • Nova: Do you think that only men are strong enough to make sacrifices, Doctor?

    • Sandor: Their (The Comet Empire's)planes get better, but our guns are better, too.

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    Notes (97)

    • 2 hrs. Constructed from series.

    • Depending on how much air is leaking out of the ship, smoke would likely be seen briefly, and fire would be possible until the oxygen is used up, again quite briefly. Since air continues to leak thru a hole until a vacuum replaces it, with the escaping air supporting the fire, the smoke and fire might be able to be maintained for just long enough to be seen as portrayed to some degree, (with animators adding even more smoke and fire for effect, of course!)

      We're off in outer space
      Protecting Mother Earth
      To save the human race
      Our Star Blazers

      Danger lurking everywhere
      But we know we've got to dare
      Evil men with evil schemes
      They can't destroy all our dreams

      We must be strong and brave
      Our home we've got to save
      We must make the fighting cease
      So Mother Earth will be at peace

      Through all the fire and the smoke
      We will never give up hope
      If we can win the Earth will survive
      We'll keep peace alive
      With our Star Blazers

      We're off to outer space
      We're leaving Mother Earth
      To save the human race
      Our Star Blazers

      Searching for a distant star
      Heading off to Iscandar
      Leaving all we love behind
      Who knows what danger we'll find?

      We must be strong and brave
      Our home we've got to save
      If we don't in just one year
      Mother Earth will disappear

      Fighting with the Gamilons
      We won't stop until we've won
      Then we'll return and when we arrive
      The Earth will survive
      With our Star Blazers

    • What would turn out to be one of the series' most curious quirks would be on display here. Captain Avatar's fleet is attacked by Gamilon forces, and as they are attacked, smoke and fire flow from the attack points. It's curious to note that since there's no air in space, how does a fire burn on the outside of a ship? This would be repeated many times throughout the shows, as the Argo would show smoke and fire most times when she was attacked. The most notable is the episode "The Battle of Rainbow Galaxy", where a good part of the Argo's hull is clearly in flames (this can actually be seen in the closing credits of every episode, during the words "Through all the fire and the smoke...", as they show scenes from different eps).

    • In the original Japanese, it is noted that the Argo was intended to be a space ark of sorts, allowing select people from Earth to escape the planet before radioactivity eliminated all life. This is confirmed when looking at cross sections of the Argo shown in this episode, as there are areas for farming and livestock, as well as a huge area for living quarters. It's a similar theme to the fallout shelters that were popular during the days of the Cold War, where important officials would be safe from a nuclear holocaust.

    • Blink and you'll miss it - when the Argo fires its guns to destroy the missile, the scene shifts briefly to the image of a seated gunner shooting his guns, a la old battleships in WWII. This is notable only because the gunner was wearing no space gear (helmet, suit, etc.). This is the only time in the first and second seasons that this occurred. The Argo's guns are all operated inside the ship.

    • Goof: How fast is Wildstar? When Wildstar is commanded to help Conroy (or Hardy, whatever) in the hangar bay, Nova says there's 80 seconds before they warp. When he returns, there's roughly 50 seconds left. So Wildstar is able to go from the bridge of the ship (almost the top of the vessel) to the hangar bay (which is in the bottom of the ship), direct Conroy (or Hardy) back into the hangar bay, rescue said pilot from the crash when he does enter the bay, AND return to his seat back on the bridge, all in 30 seconds? Dude's fast. In contrast, the Japanese episode shows Wildstar accomplishing this task in under 15 minutes, the time left before the warp. This scenario is much more plausible.

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    Trivia (33)

    • It is noted that the original plan for Star Blazers was for the first season to span 52 episodes. It was shortened to 26 soon after.

    • Here is where the fabled "Timeline" begins. At the end of this episode, the Star Force has 364 days left.

    • This is the first appearance of Gamilon generals Ganz and Bane. In later episodes, they would be portrayed as a somewhat bumbling duo, ineffective in their attempts to defeat the Star Force. It's somewhat interesting to note that if the Gamilons had invaded Earth, these two would be at the forefront of the invasion. This is also the episode that introduces the Gamilons' "human-colored" skin, as there are no visual appearances that make the viewer think these two are anything but human. This would be changed after "Asteroid Ring", as the Gamilons would change to the familiar blue-toned skin, thoughts of their previous tone being all but forgotten. It's best to view that as a screw-up lasting about 5 episodes, as even Krypt and Desslok himself share the same human skin tone. This makes for another compelling argument, as many have wondered if the Gamilons were supposed to be viewed as Americans (when looking at how radioactive planet bombs falling to the Earth could be a metaphor for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, coupled with the music that is played when the Gamilons attatck is the same music that is played when the Americans attack the Yamato in a very early (and edited) flashback, it's not very far-fetched). One could think that the skin tone was changed to make the comparison not as obvious, or to keep Star Blazers from becoming a 26 episode return to World War II and how the flagship of the defeated country regains her honor and gets revenge on the country that sank her. Either way, Ganz and Bane would finally meet their demise in the episode "Asteroid Belt".

    • The Star Force takes off and now has 363 days left to complete their mission.

    • At this point, the Star Force has 362 days left to get the Cosmo DNA from Iscandar and return to Earth.

    • Time left before all life on Earth ends - 361 days.

    • Goof: Wildstar shoots down the Gamilon pilot and kills him, though the English dub says he "got away this time".

    • Goof: The first time the Wave Gun is fired, the cartoon usually shows the gun firing, then the beam as it passes by through space. Only problem here, is that the Argo is still in the picture, looking as if the gun is fired, and then the beam goes across the front of the Argo.

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    Allusions (6)

    • Venture: (to Wildstar) The ship's energy source was damaged when we fired the Wave Motion Gun. This alludes to the prior episode, where they escaped Jupiter and destroyed a Gamilon base on a floating continent with the Wave Motion Gun. Of course, they destroyed the continent as well.

    • Nova: Do you think only men are strong enough to make sacrifices, Doctor? This could be considered an allusion to The Journey Home, where Nova almost gave her life to stop the Gamilon invasion of the Argo. She was able to drive the Gamilons off the ship by activating the Cosmo DNA, but was nearly killed by the gas the ship was being overcome with. Certainly Nova's example would've been enough to disprove Dr. Sane.

    • Desslok: (via message read by Homer) To the Star Force - You are an enemy to be admired. Once again, you have demonstrated your great ability, second only to mine... This alludes to all of the time Gamilon has fought the Star Force in the first season, from when the Star Force would escape Gamilon traps, to where they would outfight the Gamilons on their mission.

    • Sandor: Remember the first time we encountered rocks in space, Wildstar? It was when we were on our way to Iscandar...
      Sandor is referring to the first season episode, "Asteroid Ring", where the Star Force employs asteroids to both camoflague the ship and help protect it against Gamilon attack.

    • Sandor: Are you guys still worried about Desslok? We beat him before and if we have to, we'll do it again, and still get to Telezart. This alludes to the entire first season, "The Quest for Iscandar", where the Star Force encountered many of Desslok's forces (and Desslok himself) on their quest to save Earth from radioactive pollution.

    • Desslok: Remember how you defeated me on Gamilon? You sent missiles to our weakest point - the bottom of the volcano...
      This alludes to the first season episode "The Battle at Gamilon", where the Star Force survived by firing the Wave Motion Gun at Gamilon's undersea volcanoes, causing worldwide disaster.

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  • Fan Reviews (14)

    By jacobkeith9659, Oct 05, 2013

  • An old anime-but an amazing anime!!! I really like that it's WAY more than a space ship blowin' up stuff!!

    By SakuraNina-Chan, Aug 15, 2008

  • Star Blazers is the English adaptation of one of the seminal series in Japanamation history, Space Cruiser Yamato. Changed slightly for the US market, the show has such a great story that its poor animation quality can be overlooked.

    By tmkreutzer, Feb 23, 2007

  • Star Blazers is the English adaptation of one of the seminal series in Japanamation history, Space Cruiser Yamato. Changed slightly for the US market, the show has such a great story that its poor animation quality can be overlooked.

    By tmkreutzer, Feb 23, 2007

  • Vaguely remember this from my school days.

    By SoylentYellow, Jan 29, 2007

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