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    By Shardyk, Oct 29, 2011

    Despite Brent Spiner's appearance, I find this episode to be completely underwhelming. The idea for the story is a good one in my opinion and trying to tie Enterprise into TOS is commendable, but this episode falls flat. Maybe it's better watched when you see the trilogy back to back, but right now all I see this as is an average Star Trek episode with stunt casting (not as bad as the series finale though). I honestly don't remember much of the plot already, so it's highly forgettable. I've been mostly disappointed with this season. I highly preferred the Xindia arc.moreless

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  • 6.9

    skitish humans deny themselves a better life

    By dregj, Oct 29, 2011

    this episode sums up conservative beliefs on

    human genetic research

    and the irrational fear of the common man that

    doesnt know any better

    the only person aurguing FOR genetic modification is soong

    who is alreadly set up as the bad guy so

    no one listens to him

    there no discussion with trip and t pol like in other eps

    when archer has harsh moral judgement to make.

    it is just assumed that the augments are bad by there very nature and that everyone of the crew and audience agree

    of course if you dont youre left with a disturbingly

    racist view of the subject

    these people never asked to augments or even to be born

    but are pursecuted and hated

    the best suming up of the human ideals

    of the era is said by phlox

    it caused a wars that killed millions

    not that it is wrong or immoral

    but that human are too immature or

    predjudiced to accept them


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