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    Yeah duh!

    By seanzone, May 06, 2013

    Well, how did Spock come about if Volcans and Humans were not

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    What should have been the finale

    By GinnyAnn, Mar 08, 2011

    What a heart breaking, tear wrenching episode. My absolute favorite of the series. Connor and Jolene were absolutely outstanding. He brought tears to my eyes in the final scene. It was almost painful to watch, but left us with a feeling of hope for the future of the relationship between Trip and T'Pol and Earth and Vulcan.

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    What a superb arc!

    By eatabugg, Mar 08, 2011

    "Demons" and "Terra Prime" were absolutely incredible. However, I thought the acting in this particular episode was outstanding. Connor and Jolene were out of this world (no pun intended), and I have always liked Peter Weller ever since "Robocop", and I thought he played his character superbly in both shows. This arc is exactly what this show is all about. It lays the ground work for what was to follow in later "Trek" series. I have said it before in previous reviews and I'll say it again. I am really sorry this series did not go on another two or three years.moreless

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