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    Not exactly what I expected...

    By hatiandskoll, Sep 28, 2015

    There're multiple ways they could've chosen to end the series since they knew there wouldn't have been a season 5. I feel that they had planned this episode for this ending even if they had more seasons to give us more background on the dilemma Riker was facing, which may have changed more than a few of these bad reviews.

    My only dislike is that they used Trip's death to invoke a memorable reaction from fans and the fact that the crew besides T'Pol seemed nonchalant after he died. It may have been the fact that they've already attended multiple funerals, so they skipped past all the stages of grief into acceptance and memorials, but I felt as if it didn't happen at all.

    Besides the death, I felt that it was a fitting end to a great Star Trek series that pre-dated the other series. To end the series at the beginning of the start of the Federation is symbolic to say the least and the fact that they left what would happen to crew open on purpose in hopes of a season 5, but I much doubt a season 5 will happen now that so much time has passed.moreless

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    Enterprise didn't deserve this...

    By lsidat12, Jul 23, 2013

    Enterprise is my favourite Star Trek series largely due to the time period it is set in and the relateable crew members. I absolutely love it and was expecting a great finale to do the show justice. Instead we got a finale filled with plot holes and continuity errors... Personally, I thought the finale was too much of a The Next Generation episode and not really centred on the Enterprise crew like it should have been. The main cast should have been allowed to take centre stage in their final episode and made it an episode to remember, for all the right reasons.

    For me, Terra Prime (the amazing penultimate episode) is the finale as it left the series on a hopeful note with the formation of the Federation and Trip/T'Pol's relationship. This finale was just a waste of potential. Very disappointed.moreless

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    Not the voyage they deserved

    By nutcrackr, Jan 12, 2013


    The final episode of Enterprise doesn't do the show or characters great justice. Commander Riker of the Next Generation is at an impasse and he must use the Holodeck to make a decision. His choice is to observe Trip's last mission and it happens to be the one shortly before Archer's great speech. The action aboard Enterprise is set 6 years after the previous episode "Terra Prime" it aims to lead viewers right up to the forming of the alliance. The chief concern is how Trip is dealt with. His death is a needless martyrdom against random aliens who are after the blue skinned Shran. It's not believable or logical that he would set up a system that would blow a hole in several bulkheads, killing the aliens and killing himself. Then, just days after he perishes from plasma burns, the crew don't even seem to care that he is dead. Perhaps his death is an allegory for how the series was treated.

    Trip and T'Pols relationship has also been dead for 6 years, nothing has advanced. Even after losing a child together they choose to go their separate ways. This seems rather cold hearted and implausible given the journey we have seen. The rest of the episode is just a jumbled mess with only Shran's daughter's phrase "Thanks Pink Skin" providing laughs. As an episode of saying goodbye to characters it does so by placing Riker as the cook and having the major characters come and talk to him. Most of this discussion is about Trip, but it really does little to help Riker make his decision or help us tip our hats to the characters. There were better ways to say goodbye.

    Season 4 has been a bit of a mess in general. The early stages were interesting with the focus on Vulcans. There are a great number of multipart episodes that serve to save money on sets and actors. I feel that the last true Enterprise mission was probably "The Aenar" which concluded things fairly well with the Romulans. The only thing wrong with that episode is Trip leaving, so perhaps the ending of "Bound" is a good enough way to finish Enterprise. Certainly was not a fan of the "In the Mirror Darkly" episodes which seemed to serve no real purpose other than some kind of technicoloured fan service. Both Terra Firma terrorists episodes were awful too even with Robocop trying to steer the sinking ship. Malcolm, Hoshi, Trip, T'Pol, Travis, Phlox and Archer deserved a better note to finish a good series.moreless

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    This episode is actually a new synonym for pitiful, disastrous, awful, unworthy, disgrace and - well, just -very, very, very bad.

    By tniedermeyer, Jul 19, 2012

    Being a Star Trek Fan, I had my shares of ups and downs with this franchise, but never in all five (six if you count the animation crap as a part of the series) instalments, were I ever so – well lets call it disappointed, even if it is insufficient.

    I mean who would have thought that such disturbingly bad episodes like Emergence (TNG), Threshold (Voy) or If Wishes Were Horses (DS9) would look good in comparison to this episode. OK, now that you know how I rate this episode, let’s give you some reasons (just a few because going into detail here would fill a novel) why this episode is so appalling and why Rick Berman and Brannon Braga should be dragged out and beaten with the stupidity stick:

    1. Why oh, why did they have to bring back Troy and Ricker? This was supposed to be the end of “Enterprise” and not TNG. And why place this episode back at the 7th season of TNG. Frakes and Sirtis are now 11 years older, and I am sorry to say, but they also look it, making it total unbelievable that this episode fits into the right timeframe. And a holodeck episode as a series finale?!? I mean – honestly, could it be more pathetic?

    2. Why build up the relationship between Tucker and T’Pol in Terra Prime just to dismiss it completely one episode later.

    3. Why let Tucker die? His death was absolutely meaningless, stupid and no to mention illogical. I mean - honestly – Brannon, Rick, do you believe that the audience is so retarded that we would not notice, the lack of security officers on the ship allowing the pirates to enter the ship without any resistance and without being shoot at before docking?

    4. Continuation errors: OK, Trip is dead but he still talks to chef, aka Ricker??? And why aren’t T’Pol and Archer more upset about it?

    I could go on and on, but writing about this episode is actually very painful. I just want to forget about it. For me “These Are the Voyages...” is just a very bad nightmare and Enterprise ended with Terra Prime. And to quote a famous filmmaker: “Shame on you Mr. Berman and shame on you Mr. Braga!!!”


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    With such a great series I think it was true to itself including the last episode.

    By glekos, Nov 09, 2011

    Im sad the series is over and sure if it went on It would have been nice if it was like search for spock the movie but they made no movies ,So i guess i'm saying the whole last episode was good except for trip's death but at least he died a warriors death saving his captain.It bothered me more that tpol and trip never developed their relationship and you cant blame that on these are the voyages.I dont really care much for Riker but I think he did a good job also. I just dont get why so many think it was such a bad ending. The show allways let you remember the risks that were taken.moreless

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    Disgraceful. An insult to Trek fans. Should be deleted from the series archives. Nearly drove the whole franchise into the ground. Spoilers below - as if Braga's self-indulgent writing didn't "spoil" the show already. "True to itself?" That's meaningless.

    By gun_will_travel, Nov 09, 2011

    I leave this review as a warning beacon to Trek fans in the future who journey here to find out about this episode: Do not approach, leave this system at maximum warp.

    The many shortcomings of this episode could have warranted the coining of a new word in the English language: "multifailure." Bad format. Bad story. Bad character resolutions. Bad omissions. It's no wonder that cast member Jolene Blalock went off on the writers, calling this eipsode "appalling... a reminder of why we're being cancelled."

    First, the episode is presented as a series of MTV-style focus interviews, where characters explain the action in flashbacks for viewers who are too dumb to figure it out watching a straight narrative. Ugh. And it's set in the framework of a holodeck story during an old episode of The Next Generation. Rather than being a tribute to loyal fans of Enterprise, they decided to exhume an obscure story from TNG. Why?

    Then there's the treatment of the characters. The popular Trip is killed in a ridiculously contrived scenario that has a ragtag group of pirates overtaking, boarding and commandeering the Enterprise. There's not an ounce of suspense or drama to his death, which obviously cut off the long-developing relationship that had been brewing between Trip and T'Pol. So zero payoff for all that development, and we get neither a symbolic first union between the different races (certainly the theme of the series, and arguably the single most important theme in all of Star Trek) nor the drama of a death scene between the two lovers. Lame.

    The other plot point that had been building over the course of many episodes was the birth of the Federation, with a legendary speech to be delivered by Jonathan Archer. We have heard about the impact of this speech on the characters, and we see Archer preparing for the speech, even walking out to deliver it - and then nothing. The writers apparently decided we didn't need to actually hear it. Yeah, why would any fans of Star Trek want to hear words of insipiration which summarize the spirit of the show, on the last episode of (what was at the time) the last Trek show left on TV? We would much rather hear an overweight, overaged Riker tell us what a valuable lesson he learned from his holodeck experience.

    So if you are reading this and you haven't actually seen the episode, do yourself the best favor you can do in your Enterprise-watching life and skip it. Go and re-watch the excellent penultimate episode, "Terra Prime," which is a pretty-good wrap-up for the storylines, series, and Pre-Abrams franchise. Imagine the bright future for Trip & T'pol and the Federation which had been hinted at over four seasons. And save yourself from the heavy disppointment of watching perhaps the worst-conceived episode in the entire franchise.moreless

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    I wish I could award it a 0!! The worst thing I ever watched. Such a shame.

    By IzabelStella, Nov 09, 2011

    There is nothing to say other than DON'T WATCH it. I wish they could release a film and fix the ending, from the moment they 'killed' off the vulcan-human baby the show needs fixing! After all, in another episode there was a child of T'Pol and Trip alive and well - no problems with his genes there. This episode was just plain wrong. The Next Generation conection was forced in and took over, the ridiculous behaviour of the Enterprise characters and the plot was all wrong, wrong, wrong. I can't stand Number2 (Ricard) and the all knowing chef ...WHAT was that? I cant possibly find 100 words to rewiev this - is bad, ruined the really good series that I really enjoyed and should e deleted and fixed !! LOL..end of rant!moreless

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    !!!Stay away!!!

    By DanFixx, Jun 15, 2011

    I am so very sorry that I did not read the warnings from the reviewers of this last episode. I should never have watched it, and I really regret I did. After a hesitating start, a fantastic third season and a very good fourth, this finale is bad, it's an evil, stupid pile of wasted opportunities. Star trek writers and producers like to show off with their knowledge and respect for 'the legacy'... well, this is where they killed it. (Read the other reviews for details)

    Seriously : be warned. Don't watch!moreless

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    The worst episode ever! It never happened! (spoilers!)

    By Methus_2, Mar 08, 2011

    What was that!

    Things that went wrong about this episode:

    1. Trip's death - totally not nessesary and pointless, i mean hello!? what happened to the Security personnel on the ship? You think he could at least buy time for security to get there instead of pointlessly blowing himself up to take out three other guys!? (*cry* he was my favourite character)

    2. Trip/T'Pol relationship – what happened!? After everything that they had gone through they just "broke up", i am not buying it. They just thought it would easier to axe the relationship instead of thinking outside the box to why they can't stay together (cause i am pretty sure the history books say that they were not the first human/Vulcan marriage). They could have said that due to the Xindi attack this is now a new timeline or something (which it kinda is already) or say they couldn't get married due to the large amount xenophobia going around at that time and it would be too controversial. Lol sorry for that huge complaint i am just a Trip/T'Pol shipper. 3. People acting out of character – not one person on the ship acted like themselves it was so frustrating, and Trip's death, Archer had known him what (doing some math) like 18ish years or something and he didn't even shed a tear, ditto with T'Pol. Sim (Trip clone) got a more emotional farewell and he wasn't even the real Trip. 4. Why is Shran more important than the main cast? – Basically the whole story(the part which is on enterprise) revolved around Shran and finding his daughter..... isn't he a minor character? Very weak storyline if you ask me.

    5. Riker and Troi – Why does this episode revolve around them? Isn't it called Star Trek: Enterprise not Star Trek: The Next Gen. And they do not look how they did however many years ago it was (like 15 years or something). Throughout this whole episode i was hoping that it would be another epic Star Trek time travel episode: someone goes back in time and sets things right (save Trip etc.) When it didn't happen i was ready to jump off a cliff. This episode made me cry of shear horror. In my view it never happened, Terra Prime was the last episode for me. Anyway enough from me, it was good to get that off my chest lol.moreless

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