Beyond the Farthest Star

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    Beyond the Farthest Star sets the scene for all animated Trek adventures to come. Overall, a good opener for the series and an all round, exciting, new and at the same time, familiar tale to be added to the Star Trek library.

    By amazingwebhead, Oct 08, 2011

    Well I’ve just watched this episode (and my first animated Trek for that matter) and found it very contrary to what I was expecting. I was ready for a dull, boring and somewhat lacking production complete with characters acting differently, re-used plots from the original series and animations re-used every few minutes. The good news however is that this wasn’t the case.

    Beyond the Farthest Star sets the scene for all animated Trek adventures to come. The crew comes across a dead star of which a gigantic and very exotic star-ship is orbiting. Straight away you know that this is exactly what should have been done with an animated version of an already established sci-fi series. What that is, is that it allows the writers to create environments and effects that just wouldn’t have been possible back in the late sixties.

    Performances from the cast are terrific, each sounding like they did from the live-action series, which really does help establish familiar setting when moving onto such a radical change of format. Visuals and effects are all in all, pretty good for early seventies animation and the story itself is gripping with only a few minor flaws.

    As this is my first encounter with any form of animated Trek adventure, I’m looking forward to venturing further into the series after watching this episode. Overall, a good opener for the series and an all round, exciting, new and at the same time, familiar tale to be added to the Star Trek library.


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    The Enterprise is captured by the gravity of a dead star while the crew discovers an ancient starship that holds an evil entity.

    By Celedorian, Jan 23, 2011

    The first episode of the animated series is a mystery episode that showcases a dead star and a new sort of alien ship, both of which would have difficult for the original series to create. The episode, written by Samuel A. Peeples (who wrote the pilot episode that sold the original Star Trek show) has some interesting moments and moves along nicely with a couple twists and turns. However, overall there's nothing too memorable, and the interesting bits don't add up to anything special.(I will give the episode bonus points for including some continuity touches that only a hardcore Trekker would notice, such as including Lieutenant Kyle and giving him a mustache, setting the stage for his appearance in the second Star Trek film.)moreless

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    An alien hijacks the Enterprise

    By GameraTrekkie, Jan 05, 2011

    For a pilot episode, it was pretty good. It does drag a little. I don't know if we are supposed to feel sad for the alien when he gets left behind, but how can you feel sorry for someone who tried to take over the ship and threatened to kill everyone? The animation isn't up to today's standards, but the story is still as new as any othe Trek series' episode. This isn't the worst episode, it is just okay. All of these episodes are still recommended for Trek fans, especially if you have never seen them. Worth a watch!moreless

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