The Practical Joker

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    After passing through a strange space cloud, the Enterprise's computer gains an artificial intelligence that is relentlessly bent on making practical jokes on the crew.

    By Celedorian, Feb 19, 2011

    This childish episode has lots of slapstick humor, but overall it comes off as immature. (Though I'll give the writer points for coming up with the phrase "Kirk is a jerk," which ends up on the back of Kirk's shirt.

    The episode is most memorable for introducing the "rec room" which Trek fans will immediately recognize as being the same as Star Trek: The Next Generations' holodeck. (In fact, this episode gives birth to the story idea of "the holodeck adventure gone wrong" which would be beaten to death in later incarnations of Trek.)

    This is the sort of episode you'd fear from an animated series; one that's for the kiddies. But it could be worse.moreless

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