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  • 7.0

    A throwback... to about 4000 years ago

    By Celedorian, Nov 06, 2012

    TNG continues to seek out strange, new stories and boldly go where no Trek has gone before with this abstract tale that begins as an archeological mystery and plays out like an ancient morality play. The script allows Spiner to play several characters, which he does well, and features them and Picard in a war of words. The concept of a ritual play seems out of place in the modern world of television, and the irony is that the many cultures who would have probably appreciated this story the most have long since died out. As such, "Masks" will never be mentioned as one of the best of this series, though it's certainly not an embarrassment. It's an enigma; the sort of episode some fans won't remember but others will never forget.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Nice creepy atmosphere, though it fades at the end.

    By pharoahsdance, Jun 20, 2011

    This episode appears not to be popular with fans for whatever reason, but I think it's rather successful. Certainly, it creates plenty of eerie atmosphere, though I think some truly bad things could have occurred besides turning the Enterprise into a jungle. And the story itself is a fascinating concept, one that generates plenty of fuel on its own.

    Brent Spiner's ability to play "sinister Data" might have been overplayed at this point, but it's tolerable at this point. At the end, Picard the archaeologist takes over, and the ending is satisfying in some way.

    That said, this episode does slow down a little at the end; not sure why, but it feels like the story could have been more dramatic. Maybe a human sacrifice, given how horrible Masaka apparently is?moreless

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  • 8.5

    Data gains multiple personalities and mysterious artefacts beam aboard the Enterprise.

    By PunkNerd5, Feb 12, 2007

    This episode is one of my favouries of the series. Sure, many people in the Star Trek and Sci-Fi universe have been over-run by an artefact of some kind and had multiple personalities in their head, but could anyone else have pulled it off better than Brent Spiner? His portrayel of many personalities in Data was just brilliant. The investigation of what was happening to Data and the artefacts being beamed onto the Enterprise was a great story too; trying to link the two events occuring. Even how some personalities in Data recognised some of the crew as enemies, leaders or comrads. A different type of episode for a story done many times in many TV shows.moreless

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