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    The only episode that used the Borg effectively - as totally mysterious, powerful, and alien.

    By Mac-Ale, Jun 27, 2011

    Picard's boasts to Q result in the Enterprise being thrust into a conflict with a remorseless and extremely powerful adversary.

    To my mind, this is the Borg used to best effect - no "Queens", "Spheres", "fallen members", movie deals, etc. Just a totally different kind of opponent.

    As soon as the Borg were over-used in every series of the franchise, they lost all their impact. Here, it works, totally alien, totally un-interested in anything close to human motivation, completely mindless in the ability to scan and assimilate anything they come across. Lots of drama is built up in the plotting and execution of this episiode.

    And that's how this installment is written, with nice references to the Borg's past terror and visual examples of their invulnerabilty to the defenses of any opponents. Of course the temptation to use them over and over again would be great, but at least in this first installment, Q introduces the Federation to something that is seemingly horrific but at the same time is diabolical in that it DOES make sense in an impersonal way.

    A very clever idea in science fiction for television.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Q introduces the Enterprise to the Delta Quadrant.

    By Celedorian, Jun 25, 2011

    Half a decade before Voyager would become lost in the Delta Quadrant, the Enterprise makes its own unscheduled trip to this place, courtesy of Q. And they meet the Borg. The idea behind this show was to create a new villain to replace the disappointing Ferengi and to be to TNG what the Klingons are to the original series. The end result however, far surpasses these expectations. Much of the credit must go to the incredible writing of this episode, which builds the drama nicely, and credit must also be given to Maurice Hurley's for his basic "insect" idea for the new alien race. The resulting synergy gives us an episode that plays somewhat like the first Terminator movie, with all its strengths. The Borg would be back in later episodes (and a movie) but that only makes this gem even more special. A can't miss.moreless

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    Imagine if TNG had been this good every week?!

    By Amoyaan, Dec 23, 2010

    The show's most memorably chilling villains, the Borg, are introduced in this riveting, genuinely scary episode which also sees the return of Q.

    Few episodes of TNG managed to make space travel seem as alien, momentous and downright scary as this. Most of the time the Enterprise was just a travelling hotel in space and most of the aliens and races encountered were rather blah. But this episode stands out as a stark reminder of how scary the unknown can be and is an all-too rare example of when the Enterprise really DOES go where no one has gone before.

    It's well-written and expertly produced, with a viscerally claustrophobic and intense tone throughout. The directing, music and production values are all first rate. Q's characterisation has rarely been better: funny, acerbic, but also dangerous and unpredictable - and I loved his rivalry with Guinan, which was an inspired touch. The Borg themselves are a brilliant creation: cyborg zombies that really did manage to strike fear into my heart as an impressionable young kid. I swear I had nightmares after watching this episode.

    Overall, this is a smash and deeply invigorated an otherwise lacklustre season. Brilliant.moreless

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    The Enterprise's first encounter with the Borg.

    By earthpeople, Jun 22, 2008

    One thing that disappointed me about all of the Star Trek series and movies is that there was so little wonder. The Trek world gives us ships capable of leaping across light years in a matter of hours, but instead of awesome encounters with the unknown, the crewmembers are mostly involved in diplomatic missions, rescue operations, etc. This, I believe, was largely due to budget restrictions and the fact that Trek is so character-driven. (And I must admit that I still enjoyed most of these stories.) "Q-Who" was one of the episodes that did give us wonder. The Enterprise is hurled into the path of a massive cube of a ship. Aboard are a cancerous race known as the Borg. They advance their knowledge by consuming other races, and they quickly identify the Enterprise as something they want to assimilate. The depiction of the Borg is haunting--soulless, cadaver-like beings with technology superior to that on the Enterprise. While Picard and crew eventually escape, they realize the Borg will surely follow them into Federation space. And that cast a chill over the series that lasted well into the next season. A masterful piece of storytelling.moreless

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  • 8.0

    A very good episode which introduced a key villain and one that sets up "The Best of Both Worlds".

    By pharoahsdance, May 17, 2008

    I will say it up front - I don't share the same level of enthusiasm for this episode that my fellow reviewers do. Yes, it's very good and introduces a scary new opponent, but the episode takes a while to get going, includes an uninteresting B-plot involving a new ensign, and overall the payoff wouldn't come until the end of the 3rd season. The shock experienced when first watching this episode doesn't persist (at lest for me) after repeat viewing. While it doesn't quite reach the level of "series classic", it does show the big leap forward the show took in the second season and where it would be headed in the 3rd.

    The Borg's effectiveness, at least through the end of "The Best of Both Worlds", was their image as a sinister, unstoppable juggernaut. That ultimately limited their usefulness as an opponent/villains, since their mystique faded once they were defeated for the first time. However, after this episode the writers seemed to become more comfortable presenting other formidable villains such as the Romulans and Cardassians.

    This was also among the best Q episodes. From this point on, Q would be presented largely as a sort of cosmic jester and a foil for Picard; but in "Q Who", he's a malevolent being and a clear danger to the Enterprise.

    The best scene in the episode is actually the concluding chess scene between Picard and Guinan - as they digest the horrific events of the past day and realize the menace that lies ahead.moreless

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    Q sends the enterprise into the hands of the borg. the new race that we are introduced to.

    By seaqueastdsv, Dec 16, 2007

    Q arrivals back on the enterprise to see captain picard. while on the ship he see guinan. picards ask guinan do you know Q yes i do. Q then tells picard aboard a new race the borg. guinan tells Q they are not ready for them yet. Q hurdles the enterprise into the distant. where we see for the first time the borg. picard think is can talk to them where he later finds out that he cant. when crew start dieing he asks Q for help. the crew relises that when the incounter the borg again they are in for one big fight.moreless

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    The omniscent Q teaches Picard a lesson in humility by introducing the Enterprise to a formidable new foe more dangerous than any other they have faced. The trick is will the Federation be ready in time to survive?

    By bdllbo, Dec 31, 2006

    In a tense and riveting episode, Q taunts Picard for the third time in the series by hurling the Enterprise to the other side of the galaxy and introduces them to the Borg. Only Guinan has any experience in dealing with the half-humanoid, half-robotic hive intelligence. Working as a collective, they try to carve up the Enterprise like a roast before Picard realizes that he's in over his head and needs Q's help. In a moment of deep introspection faced by every commander of exploration from Christopher Columbus to Jean-Luc Picard, how does the captain's judgment effect the future of humankind? Wonderful episode!moreless

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    Picard's archnemises Q returns requesting to join the starship Enterprise as a full officer. Picard of course refuses which results in Q proving to them that they need him by forcing them into a battle with the unknown and very powerful Borg.

    By yellow62993, Jul 08, 2006

    It was a very cool episode, but then again all episodes with Q are. It was wierd how it said that the bartender Guinan knew Q very well and that they had gotten into a big argument two hundred years ago. The introduction of the Borg species was a cool thing star trek's creators did. However, it was very strange how after Picard admitted he needed Q's helpand Q saved them from the Borg Q didn't ask to join the Enterprise crew again, but instead just vanished like he usually does. I think it was an important Star Trek episode.moreless

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    The Federations most dangerous enemy the borg finally appears!

    By lindflake, Mar 08, 2006

    In this episode Q tries to convince Picard that the Enterprise is helpless without him. To prove it

    After a first confrontation with the Borg is gets very obvious that he is was 100% correct.

    This episode does a great job introducing the Federations most dangerous enemy in the history of Star Trek.

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