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    Robin of Q-wood Forrest....

    By uk6strings, Jun 07, 2013

    .... "Qpid" is a very fun episode that sees Q take the crew off the Enterprise and into his version of the Robin Hood tale. Picard is Robin Hood, the crew his Merry Men (which angers Worf the most) and Vash is Maid Marian but no damsel in distress. Vash's improvising off of the original script takes Q by surprise and he naturally tries to up the ante on the fly. Q's goal is to show Picard that his love for Vash (whom he met during the events of "Captain's Holiday") will be his own undoing - meanwhile, the audience is treated to some very funny situations and old-fashioned swashbuckling action. But "Qpid" is not all stupid. The Picard and Vash storyline fleshes out both characters nicely but especially Picard as we see him balance love within the life of a Star Fleet captain.moreless

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    Worf is Not a Merry Man

    By Celedorian, Jan 28, 2012

    This is a fan favorite because of how it places our beloved crew in an unfamiliar environment (with new costumes and makeup) and throws Q and Vash into the mix as well. (Indeed, the writer of this episode Ira Steven Behr was the writer who created Vash in the first place.) It's a bit of a silly romp, but its uniqueness and whimsy (and hilarious one liners) make it a memorable episode. And it's great to see the actors outside in a real forest.moreless

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    Hilarious Q episode, much what we would expect from John De Lancie.

    By bdllbo, Jun 05, 2011

    Q teaches (like most omniscent beings like to do) Picard a lesson in love in this hilarious episode in which the crew is thrown out of their element and into medieval England and Robin Hood and his merry men. Worf and Data are hilarious and Picard is a bit of a romantic in the role of Robin of Locksley. Troi shooting Data in the abdomen and then Worf smashing La Forge's mandolin are the highlights of the episode. John De Lancie, like he does with every episode with Q, does a superb job. I wish they had made more Q episodes to see the treasure that is John De Lancie and Patrick Stewart's comaraderie that shows through.moreless

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  • 8.0

    QPID may be STUPID, but there is enough humor here to make it a completely enjoyable experience.

    By pharoahsdance, Jun 05, 2011

    The whole Robin Hood concept that anchors this show is completely inane, an apparent attempt to cash in on a popular movie of the early 1990s.

    That said, this episode is a guilty pleasure. There are tons of good gags. (My favorite is the tribute to Animal House.) Two relationships with plenty of chemistry - Picard & Q, Picard & Vash - are enough to keep the plot moving.

    My only quibble - the first half of the episode suggests that a complete Picard-Vash episode had potential. Explore the captain's privacy, etc. Instead, the writers blocked and turned this into pleasant fluff. Why?moreless

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  • 9.5

    The Enterprise is hosting delagates from the archeological field. An old friend of Picard\'s drops by, as does Q. he has come aboard the Enterprise and wishes to pay back a debt for Picard, Picard will do no such thing. So Q has an idea of his own.

    By BeautifulAkimov, May 04, 2006

    Great silly plot for this one. I always enjoy the episodes with Q. So this time Q decides to pay back Picards debt by putting him in Merry old England with his merry men, to save Maid Marian, who just happens to be Picards \"friend\" Vash.Oh how will he get out of this one. And why does Data always get the worst parts in character roles? Well great funny episode. Well worth watching.

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