Suddenly Human

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  • 6.5

    Who will win Custody? Find out on this week's TNG!

    By Celedorian, Dec 19, 2011

    This budget saving bottle show asks a lot of Patrick Stewart and guest star Chad Allen (the human boy), who take a ho-hum, unfocused script and do the best they can with it. In the end, the episode lacks any spark or heart, featuring too much talk and too little of interest. Watching a custody battle unfold between well meaning adults simply doesn't make for riveting sci fi television, although Deep Space Nine is able to do it better with their second season episode, "Cardassians".


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  • 6.5

    Among the weakest episodes of the 4th season.

    By pharoahsdance, Oct 10, 2011

    From the very beginning, Captain Picard was characterized as being uncomfortable with children - an interesting trait that the writers liked to pull out frequently, with mixed results.

    In this case, Picard is literally thrust into fatherhood when a teenager is discovered in an alien wreckage. This story comes off as somewhat hackneyed - if you've seen any episode where a divorced dad or uncle finds a kid on their doorstep, so to speak, you've seen this one. (Especially the "heavy metal" scene - painful to watch.)

    The other twist, of course, is that the teen is the victim of an intergalactic custody battle. An interesting concept, but the teen himself was not a particularly sympathetic character and we don't particularly care what happens to him.

    This theme was better explored in the DS9 episode "Cardassians".moreless

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