The Best Of Both Worlds (2)

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Quotes (4)

  • Admiral Hanson: Lieutenant, a few years ago, I watched a freshman cadet pass four upperclassmen on the last hill of the forty-kilometer run at Delulin II. The damnest thing I ever saw. The only freshman to ever win the Academy Marathon. I made it my business to get to know that young fellow, and get to know him very, very well. And I'll tell you something. I never met anyone with more drive and determination or more courage than Jean-Luc Picard. And there is no way in hell that he would assist the Borg.

  • Riker: They couldn't have adapted to that more quickly. Locutus: The knowledge and experience of the human, Picard, is part of us now. It has prepared us for all possible courses of action. Your resistance is hopeless, Number One.

  • Troi: How do you feel? Picard: Almost human... with just a bit of a headache.

  • Locutus: Worf. Klingon species. A warrior race. You, too, will be assimilated.
    Worf: The Klingon Empire will never yield!
    Locutus: Why do you resist? We only wish to raise quality of life for all species.
    Worf: I like my species the way it is!
    Locutus: A narrow vision. You will become one with the Borg. You will all become one with the Borg.

Notes (10)

  • The episode won two Emmy Awards, for¬†Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series and¬†Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series.

  • Wil Wheaton's opening credit now reads Ensign Wesley Crusher.

  • In order to show Picard being turned ghostly white by the Borg probe, the color scheme was turned off, making the film black and white. Picard's upper garment and mechanical implants are all black in order to disguise the loss of colour in the picture. The beam, probe, and probe light are later edited to make their color seem to remain constant.

  • A sequel to this episode appeared in comic book form in 1993. Star Trek novel writer Michael Jan Friedman wrote a four-part story that featured Picard and the Enterprise going through a wormhole and entering a universe where they failed to rescue Picard from the Borg. Noteable characters that appear included Chief Engineer Argyle, Commander Shelby, Ensign Ro, the O'Briens and Wesley Crusher. Dr. Crusher was still at Starfleet Medical when the Borg took Earth.

  • This episode is one of the few episodes with the Part II being outside the quotation marks in the episode's title. The title is "The Best of Both Worlds" Part II, unlike other multi-part episodes.

  • Prior to the taping of "The Best of Both Worlds (2)," Levar Burton had surgery and his scenes were carefully filmed after production was completed. He's only seen in closeups without other characters in view. Much of his dialogue was given to Colm Meaney.

  • One of the wrecked starships at Wolf 359 is actually the Enterprise model from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, with the destroyed primary hull during its destruction.

  • The USS Melbourne was originally intended to be a Nebula-class ship. However, by the time the pilot for DS9 was developed, the ship changed into an Excelsior-class starship.

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Trivia (13)

  • In the scene where the Borg engage the Martian defense force, the camera starts on three ships approaching, with Mars in the background. The camera pans around to follow the ships, which are then destroyed by the advancing Borg cube. Then the camera pans back to its original position, keeping the Borg cube in frame as it flies past. But when the camera reaches its original angle, Mars has disappeared.

  • Wolf 359, the site of the fleet's battle with the Borg is referred to, both in this episode, and in all future mentions, as "Wolf Three Five Nine". However, when reporting to Riker that they had arrived, Data calls it "Wolf Three Fifty-Nine."

  • During the conference scene just after the opening credits Admiral Hanson refers to Shelby as Lieutenant, yet she wears Lieutenant Commander pips and is referred to as Commander in part 1 and the rest of part 2.

  • On the main bridge, Shelby orders Cartano and Gleason to the battle bridge. The two people seen to respond are a command division male and science division female. However, in the following battle bridge scenes, the officer referred to as Gleason by Riker is now wearing a gold uniform as is the only other female shown.

  • After Riker orders Shelby to initiate her plan to separate the saucer section, Shelby orders Crusher and two other members of the bridge crew to the battle bridge. However the two extras, Cartano and Gleason, do not head with her to the dedicated battle bridge turbolift, instead making for a door near the Observation Lounge entrance at the rear of the bridge.

  • This episode is one of two instances in which someone outside of the Enterprise's regular crew becomes first officer. In this episode it's Commander Shelby, and in Season 5's "Conundrum," it's the impostor, Commander MacDuff.

  • Trivia: This episode is one of three in which Riker is captain of the Enterprise. The other two are "Future Imperfect" from later in Season 4, and Season 7's "Parallels".

  • Trivia: The Melbourne was offered to Commander Riker but was lost in the battle.

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