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Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Notes (2)

  • This episode features a very brief appearance of Tasha Yar. Going through Data's things, Geordi comes across a holographic image Data kept of Tasha, created from stock footage.

  • This episode was partially shot with another actor, little person David Rappaport, in the role of Kivas Fajo, but after two days of filming he was hospitalized (after attempting suicide) and later passed away. The part had to be re-cast, the previous shot footage unusable. Some very early publicity for the episode still promotes Rappaport in the role.

Trivia (6)

  • The USS Grissom is mentioned for the first time since Star Trek III. This one is an Excelsior-class starship. Sadly, it faced the same fate as the original as it was destroyed (offscreen) on Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

  • Fajo spills liquid on Data to dissolve his uniform - the patch on his chest dissolves the material but the spots on Data's right sleeve do nothing.

  • Data sees Fajo hit the first few buttons of the safe, but when he tries to randomly guess the sequence later, he doesn't hit the same first few buttons that he actually saw and randomly guesses the whole sequence.

  • When Fajo opens his safe he ends by hitting the bottom button, but when Varria opens it later she ends by hitting the second button from the top.

  • What Data says when he is taking the shuttlecraft across the third time ("Level 1 precautions for incoming material remain in effect") is different when Geordi replays the recording later "(Level 1 precautions remain in effect").

  • When discussing Data's death, Riker incorrectly refers to Geordi as "Lieutenant" - the correct form of address and the one they always use is "Commander."

Allusions (1)

  • Shuttlecraft The shuttlecraft in this episode is dubbed the Pike. It is named in honour of Captain Christopher Pike, a previous commander of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).