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    It's Star Trek meets the Green Mile meets X-Men.

    By Celedorian, Nov 19, 2011

    This mystery/romance episode is a mixed bag. The mystery is suspenseful and interesting, and develops into a nice religious allegory. The romance, however, falls flat. The main story features Beverly and "John Doe", played by guest star Mark La Mura, and there's just not any chemistry between the two because La Mura's character doesn't come across as a very dynamic love interest but merely a likeable guy. Meanwhile, La Forge features in a B story that doesn't really go anywhere but has its cute moments.moreless

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  • 7.5

    TNG takes on an obliquely religious slant.

    By pharoahsdance, Jun 01, 2011

    Unlike DS9, TNG took place in a hyperrational world. No matter how otherworldly or mystical, almost every phenomenon had some scientific explanation.

    While not literally bringing up this issue, the story pretty clearly portrays John Doe as a messianic figure - persecuted by his own people because he and a few others are reaching a newly enlightened state, and having mysterious healing powers. It builds nicely, setting up a fair amount of excitement about who exactly John is, and what he is becoming. The resolution is somewhat disappointing, unfortunately.

    Also – the idea of Worf coaching Geordi about women is hilarious. Well played!moreless

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