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  • 6.5

    Love the show so much but...

    By jordanlandis16, Apr 06, 2014

    This last episode was not finished. I really like when the borg or there is time travel involved but the end was rushed. There just home and no party and no nothing. It was too fast. That said I still love the series. I would have had just a little more and than it would have been perfect. 6.5 for the episode and for the show 9.8.

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    Simple Minded Humanoids!!!!!!

    By billymann904, Jul 11, 2013

    The only thing i have to say is to the morons that do not comprehend temporal mechanics and even without star trek it would be true as well and that is, if Admiral Janeway came back from the future and helped get herself and her crew home earlier then the armor technology and even the infection that brought down the queen herself (the entire assimilation of Admiral Janeway) would have never happened because by changing the past it changes the future so Janeway would have never come back in time to get her people home early because she already did and i know its hard for you simple minded people to understand cuz then if she never came back in time she never would have gotten her crew home earlier well no its BECAUSE she came back in time and got her crew home early that she wont need to come back in time and do it because changing the past changes the future but it also changes the past that changed that future that in turn changed the past and im sure i lost most of you way back at temporal mechanics but maybe some day you will understand...... Live Long and Prosper.moreless

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    EndGame was a great ending

    By hrfmac, Jul 03, 2013

    Fans are so rarely given a great ending like that. The only criticism I have of it is the Borg queen ending. Whether you look at her death or the assimilation of the futuristic defense capability that they gained it contradicts Star Treks NG ending of the Borg. Even if she is not dead, they gained tech that they did not have in the movie. One can only assume that the tech gained was also bugged and possibly auto deleted where it would not affect the movie. In any case everything else fit. I disagree with A Moral Disaster review because it was explained that the deaths of her crew wore Janeway down. It made perfect sense.

    Considering the Star Treks management getting away from Gene's vision and eventually turning Star trek into a dark and depressing movie, for them to honor the trek universe and its fans back then is admirable.

    I turned away from Star Trek due to ST management arguing with the fans at the conventions claiming that ST was only fantasy and they did not have to adhere to charactor and universe developments put in place. They could do what they want and we see that with the new movies now. They are doing what they want with no regards to the fans that brought them back from cancellation and to Gene's vision of the universe. Well, we can only hope they get back on track.

    As for this finale, it is great to see the dedicated work they did on this last episode.moreless

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  • 6.0

    A moral disaster

    By Idrahzua, Apr 30, 2012

    First of all I have to admit that it's an ambitious and different approach to ending a series with a dramatic finale involving the ultimate nemesis borg queen. I love to see Barclay again and the fighing scenes are impressive. It would definitely be one of the best episodes of star trek voyager if there wasn't this extremely illogical and untypical error the whole episode is build upon: How for heaven's sake could Admiral Janeway want to change history? Didn't she learn ANYTHING about what could happen then? Didn't she always fight people who want to change history in their favor, like for example the Krenim Annorax from the "Year of Hell" - Episode?

    I'm worried about that and I don't find an explanation. You could say she's old and out of her mind because of the loss of Chakotay, but why would the others like Barclay and Kim help her?!

    With that alteration of history the Borg get advanced technology way before they should see it, the Voyager is being kept from helping who knows how many people (on their way home to the Alpha Quadrant) and the timeline is being changed significantly. Who knows what other effects could emerge from that?

    Star Trek always wanted to give a good example of how to behave and what is good or bad, but this series finale is a moral and ethical disaster. It implies that it surely is ok to alter history if you change it for a better future for you and your friends, a fact also this series has fought against several times.

    And it's not that in the future of Admiral Janeway everything's destroyed and the Borg have taken over, you might sympathise with her approach then - it's just that "some people" died. I just can't understand that storywriting and I'm very disappointed from such an ending to a very good series.moreless

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    Endgame (2)

    By TrueTvWatcher, Nov 30, 2011

    Endgame (2) was a perfect episode, season and series finale of Star Trek: Voyager. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Admiral Janeway continues to try to convince Captain Janeway to go along with her plan to get Voyager home. The crew comes up with a plan to deal a major amount of damage to the Borg. It was great to see Katie playing both Janeways and I also enjoyed seeing the Borg Queen again. The story was well paced, full of awesome space scenes and action, along with character and plot development. This was a great wrap up to the series with a great ending. This series was awesome and was very entertaining!!!!!!!!!


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    The series finale.

    High praises to UPN, Paramount, and the Star Trek producers for resolving the series.

    You either like it you hate it.

    I liked it.

    By tv-striker, Nov 09, 2010

    The series finale.

    High praises to UPN, Paramount, and the Star Trek producers for resolving the series.

    You either like it you hate it.

    I liked it.

    The story begins with a "flashback" to 10 years ago when Voyager arrived on Earth from the Delta Quadrant. They were gone for 23 years. Which means we are missing 16 years of adventure and 10 years of their lives back on Earth.

    The Voyager crew has a reunion. They are older, fatter, grayer, and/or balder. Reference is made to Torres and Paris' daughter. Chakotay has died. Tuvok is crazy. Seven of Nine seems to be a sore spot. Janeway is now an admiral.

    We flashback to our own Voyager time. They discover a nebula which seems to have worm holes that might lead back to Earth. However, there is a large Borg presence so Janeway orders them back on a regular course to the Alpha Quadrant. At this point, a relationship between Seven of Nine and Chakotay seems to be progressing. Also, Tuvok is developing a mental illness. In the "future," Admiral Janeway wants to change the past and get her crew home faster than in her own history. She "steals" a device that allows here to travel back in time and to the Delta Quadrant, ultimately to our own Voyager time.

    Admiral Janeway arrives in her own past. The nebula does posses Borg conduits throughout the entire galaxy. Admiral Janeway wants to use them to get Voyager home earlier and provides advanced "anti-Borg" technology to make that happen. Captain Janeway wants to be cautious and wants to destroy the Borg conduits. Eventually, the two figure out how to make both events occur. And, that will include Admiral Janeway being assimilating by the Borg Queen, along the seeds of the Queen's destruction. Or course the trans-galactic array is destroyed and Voyager makes it home.

    Some may disagree with how Voyager's return home was handled. Personally, I feel the writers and producers have created a plausible episode which is consistent with the series' format and our 7 year understanding of the Voyager characters. In short, everything blends well.

    In the series, Janeway had always regretted her decision to destroy the array that could have swept them back to the Alpha Quadrant. Many times, she'd offered to sacrifice herself to get her crew home. In this episode, she did exactly that.

    For those of us who invested 7 years in the Voyager journey, we get to see them get home and in manner consistent with all of their characterizations and with due respect to their 7 year endeavor. After all, Admiral Janeway could have gone back in time and saved the array so the whole 7 years would never have happened. We all would have felt cheated if they did that. So, I'm happy with the ending. There could always be a movie where someone travels through time and changes this Janeway's modified timeline and puts Voyager out there for another couple of years. Till that happens, I'm glad they got home.moreless

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  • 7.1

    That's it, most of Voyager watched in order from the pilot. Phew, what a journey!

    By paulr37, Sep 26, 2010

    It took a month and I left out quite a few of the real stinkers (like Tsunkatse) but I've watched them in order and it was better than I remember....But first Endgame.

    It's quite sad that Endgame highlites both the good and the bad of Voyager. Good: Some excellent acting (even Mulgrew), I thought Jeri Ryan gave her best performance in this episode; entertaining script; nice special effects but......Bad: I've got a firework here do you think Janeway could destroy a Borg cube with it? Just re-watch Q Who, that's the REAL Borg; Chakotay and Seven, where did that come from! Nice idea but it should have been started at least mid-season, not thrown in at the end; Tecnobabble; The alternate time-line doesn't feel right; And the biggest gripe, the ending. What happened AFTER they got home, that's what we want to know.

    Voyager The Series.

    Some great highs: Before and after; Time and again: Tuvix; Year of hell; Lineage and my favourite Timeless. Some dire lows: most of seasons 5 and 6 and too many more too mention (ok, I will, all those Q ones. Yuk!).

    If you watch Caretaker again I think you'll be suprised at how good it started out. It peaked around the end of season 3 and then was mostly downhill. For all it's faults and there were many, Voyager could still produce some brilliant stories, some memorable characters and leave you feeling the future's not so bad after all.moreless

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  • 8.5

    By snimbkar, Jul 05, 2010

    Good but could have been better. Temporal episodes became somewhat of a crutch in Voyager and too many post-TOS series. Though the metamorphosis of an old Jameway was a nice touch, timeline be damned was her motto! The Chakotay/Seven storyline did seem rushed (afterall everyone but him (and Janeway) 'got some', and when he finally did, boy did he hit a homerun!! lol!!). I would have preferred that they got home about 3/4 of the way through and then the last 1/4 would have been the fallout. ie what do the Maquis crew members do: join starfleet or go their own way? What does Seven do? Does Janeway hang up the Capt chair and take a promotion immediatley as intimated in Nemesis, leaving Chakotay as Capt of Voyager? What happens to the Doctor with his holo-emitter. As a tangent they could have gone off and written stories like the "Measure of a Man" hitting on ethical issues: creating holograms with emitters to do the dirty work etc...

    part of me says yes, good that they got home, another part says they should have left things en route.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Good finale.

    By cactusjack39, Feb 25, 2009

    I was really pleased with the very final episode of Star Trek Voyager. I must say that it was entertaining and brought a decent sense of closure to the entire series. The storylines were good, the acting was decent, and the plots were okay in this episode. I have to say the writing was good and it was much better than other episodes. My favorite part of the episode was when Voyager was greeted by the other ships when it reached the Alpha Quadrant. I thought that it was very fitting and was a nice touch by the writers. Overall, a great episode. Thank you.moreless

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