Star Trek: Voyager

Message In A Bottle

Season 4, Ep 14, Aired 1/21/98
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  • Episode Description
  • Stardate: UnknownWhen Voyager discovers an ancient communications relay that extends to the Alpha Quadrant, they are able to send The Doctor to an experimental Federation ship, the Prometheus. However, unbeknownst to the Voyager crew, the Prometheus has been commandeered by Romulans.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Robert Picardo

    The Doctor

  • Kate Mulgrew

    Captain Kathryn Janeway

  • Robert Beltran

    Commander Chakotay

  • Roxann Dawson

    Lt. B'Elanna Torres

  • Ethan Phillips


  • Fan Reviews (7)
  • Message In A Bottle

    By TrueTvWatcher, Sep 26, 2011

  • One of (if not THE) best Voyager episodes.

    By cyberash, Aug 31, 2008

  • Really good episode! A must see inmho.

    By MOCoutinho, Aug 28, 2009

  • One of the best Voyager episodes....

    By uk6strings, Jun 08, 2009

  • Turns out to be a pivotal episodeā€¦

    By tv-striker, Apr 02, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • The Doctor: You hit the wrong ship! EMH-2: It wasn't my fault. The Doctor: Then whose fault was it, the torpedoes? You're supposed to tell him what to do!

    • The Doctor: I'm as close to sentient being could hope to be. I socialize with the crew, fraternize with aliens, I've even had sexual relations. EMH-2: Sex!? How's that possible? We're not equipped to... The Doctor: Lets just say I made an addition to my programming. EMH-2: Perhaps before you leave you could download those subroutines into my database. The Doctor: We'll see.

    • Janeway: Good luck, Doctor The Doctor: There's that word again.

    • EMH-2: What are you doing here? The Doctor: If you disengage your vocal subroutines for one second, I'll explain.

    • The Doctor: You know, you really should keep a personal log. Why bore others needlessly?

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    Trivia (4)

    • Goof: When The Doctor is uploaded into the alien communications-grid, he dematerializes with his mobile emitter. But, since the mobile emitter itself is not holographic, it should remain and fall down. But after disappearing when The Doctor did, it did not reappear on the Prometheus, either.

    • Trivia: This episode has Voyager's first and only mention of the Dominion War, although the Dominion would be referenced in the next episode.

    • Goof: In the Prometheus' sickbay, The Doctor reveals that the ship is travelling at Warp 9.9. However, when he goes to the bridge to access environmental controls, the viewscreen shows a stationary starfield, which indicates that the ship isn't moving.

    • Trivia: Two unnamed Defiant-class ships are seen in this episode, adding to the known roster.

    Allusions (1)

    • Paris: I'm a pilot Harry, not a doctor.

      This is an allusion to Dr. McCoy's famous "I'm a doctor, not a..." lines from The Original Series.

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