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  • 6.0

    Good for Chaktoay's character, and good fan service, but not much else

    By MapToTheStarsEddie, Dec 14, 2014

    In my mind, THIS episode, not "Tattoo," is Chakotay's real backstory episode. It addresses every side of his personality, and provides a satisfying explanation for his personality. The reason he's always so chill is because he's used to dealing with crazy people--literally. He had to watch his mentally ill grandpa as a kid. And he gets all his rage out on the holodeck boxing, which explains why he's so laid back most of the time while also being insanely buff. And the reason he seems more freaked out by alien mind-games than physical danger throughout the series is because he has a fear of insanity.

    That being said, the episode itself is pretty ***ed. I know many people find that word offensive, but there are some situations where it's the only word that fits, and this is one of them. It's basically that "Yu Gi Oh" episode where Joey was trapped in a cave by powerful beings and couldn't leave until he'd proved he was a man by winning a children's card game, except replace the children's card game with boxing, and Joe with Chakotay. And that's the plot. Yeah, pretty stupid. This episode is down there with space munchkens worshiping the Doctor's singing, and Tom and Neelix becoming gay daddies to a baby dinosaur puppet.

    I recommend this to Chaktoay fans, since it does wonders for his character, and allows him to provide some juicy fan service in a sweaty muscle shirt and messy bangs. But if you're in the mood for an episode that's actually a good . Watch something different. Like, anything.moreless

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  • 3.5

    Two bad ones in a row

    By rkoenn, Sep 22, 2013

    So when the writers are on a roll they can produce good or bad and this bad one followed an even worse one, story line wise. I am almost always disappointed by dream based episodes and this one didn't disappoint in that respect, it was quite bad. Chakotay has to save Voyager from "chaotic space" by reliving a holo deck sequence in a dream. This dream is his way of communicating with aliens in another dimension of chaotic space. The story line was very disjointed and just didn't honestly make much sense. He communicates with the alien during a boxing match in his dream no less. Myself and my wife were really enjoying season 5 and then two duds in a row. Hopefully the next episode will redeem the season.moreless

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    Chaotic space has trapped Voyager, and sensors are useless. Chakotay, in a holodeck boxing match, begins hallucinating. At first, he believes he is losing his mind, then realizes the aliens in chaotic space are talking to him, giving him directions out.

    By RCT537580, Dec 01, 2011

    I despise boxing and avoid all movies and television shows featuring the alleged sport. However, because of my high regard for Star Trek Voyager, I watched this episode. I found it to be without merit and painful, double entendre intended. Nothing happens except in Chakotay's boxing world, and it is simply unbearable. Perhaps it is similar to the aliens who talk to Sisko, in riddles, in Deep Space Nine through characters he knows, but beyond that there is no resemblance to anything in the several Star Trek series.

    One reviewer has said watching it is like surfing between Rocky and Gilligan's Island. That may be charitable. Watch at your own risk. You've been warned. Perhaps if boxing appeals to you, you may find the show enjoyable. If so, go a few rounds and tell me what you find redeemable.moreless

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  • 4.1

    the ship gets caught in chaotic space.

    By hp79, Dec 01, 2011

    wow this was bad! i couldent even see the whole episode and fast forwarded during the last dream sequence. i hated the dream sequences in DS9, and i hate them here. i wonder what the actors thought when they got the script for this one...

    i dont think they were happy because the acting was really flat (exept for Beltran who was the oposite...) and uninspiring. also, the direction, story and, well...most things sucked. worst episode so far, perhaps the worst episode in the whole Voyager series. in fact, we may have to go back to TOS to find a worser episode.moreless

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  • 4.5

    Far from the series high point.

    By Krodicus, Dec 01, 2011

    I understand what was supposed to happen in this episode, but the arrow was just shy of the mark. Voyager enters chaotic space and the locals speak to Chakotay the same way the Prophets spoke to Benjamin in DS9. That premise actually has a lot of potential, but the end result was not exactly what the series creators had in mind. This one just got away from them.

    There are usually at least one episode in every Trek season that I skip, you can do the same the this episode. You can safely skip this one and not have missed anything. But if you do decide to watch the episode, it's almost worth it to hear Chakotay say, "You mean the crazy gene!" It's unintentionally hilarious.moreless

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  • 5.3

    Chakotay is in sickbay. He is hearing alien voices in his head. He tells the Doctor where it all began. It was a holodeck fight, Chakotay remembers seeing strange things in the holodeck simulation. Chakotay is distracted by these strange things.

    By Pink_Floyd_AL, Mar 01, 2011

    Chakotay is in sickbay. He is hearing alien voices in his head. He tells the Doctor where it all began. It was a holodeck fight, Chakotay remembers seeing strange things in the holodeck simulation. Chakotay is distracted by these strange things. His holodeck opponent knocks him out. Chakotay awakes in sickbay, at the same time Voyager enters area of chaotic space. Chakotay is called to the bridge. Chakotay begins acting strangely on the bridge. Tuvok seeing his condition orders Chakotay to sickbay. Chakotay punches Tuvok. It seems if this chaotic space is affecting Chakotay. Will Chakotay be okay?moreless

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  • 7.0

    Another example of Voyager's clever weirdness!

    By JohnnyKusanagi, Apr 11, 2010

    I understand what other fans of the series have being saying about this episode and how it is quite poor, however, I would like to point out why, in my opinion, I thought this was actually a rather good episode.

    I will agree that is no where near perfect, and in many respects this episode does demonstrate how Chakotay no longer seems like a very important character to the series, but perhaps that has something more to do the fact the his character wasn't moulded the way the writers originally intended, which was the same with Kes.

    Even though this was a Chakotay episode, he spent most of it going loopy in Sickbay, not very dignified for the first officer of a starship. Also, the crew didn't actually seem that worried about him.

    Still, I found this episode interesting and rather enjoyable. I liked the idea behind Chaotic Space but I do get the feeling that the Writers didn't explore the idea as well as they could of done. As for the "boxing" stuff, I again found it interesting. I'm not that into boxing but it gave a fun element to the story, especially in the vision quest, and I found it amusing how the Doctor went on an on about how "barbaric" it is.

    One of the things I liked most about this episode was Boothby's return appearance, and I also enjoyed the idea that through Boothby and the Boxing, was the only way the aliens in Chaotic Space could communicate with Chakotay and only Chakotay.

    Finally, the appearance of Chakotay's Great Grandfather was quite good, but it felt like it did need to be expanded on a bit more. Overall I think this episode isn't as bad as most say it is, but there is more than enough space for improvement.moreless

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  • 1.8

    For the sake of repetition, Voyager enters an impassable region of space through which only Chakotay can guide them. “Ah-koochee-moya…”

    By Ko-Enshaku, Jul 01, 2007

    By now in the series, Chakotay has been reduced to a full-blown one-trick-pony. Most of the time, the first officer and second in command of Voyager can be seen simply puttering around in the background, exclaim something trite in a meeting or bridge setting that usually just states the obvious or simply act as the errand boy for the all-knowing Captain (perfectly exemplified in the following episode “Think Tank”). I get the impression that no one among the crew really respects Chakotay anymore. They may not want him to die, but no one goes to him for advice despite his single distinguishing attribute – the vision quest. Janeway never seems to accept any of his comments or critiques and the writing staff has generally made sure that most of the comments or suggestions he makes would either be something that Janeway was already thinking or something that Janeway would never do, thus nullifying his opinion. He seems to have no purpose on Voyager and even less so than Neelix whose original chief purpose on the ship – a guide – was made irrelevant especially via the introduction of Seven who also acts as Janeway’s go-to person when any problem should arise… except when the problem can only be rectified by means of a vision quest, which happens only a few times in the series for the express purpose of actually letting Chakotay contribute in some small way to the series.

    This episode is one of those times where the vision quest is actually useful. Too bad this episode was essentially a watered down remake of Season 4 episode “Waking Moments.” Too bad also that “Waking Moments” is a much better episode in almost every aspect.

    While I’m glad that Chakotay stepped up from obscurity on the show, this was an unusual depiction of the character. Something about him seemed different and it may have been intentional. When I watch this episode, I pick up almost a vibe of depression surrounding him. The boxing program was an interesting aspect, but it made me further question Chakotay’s place on the ship. The activity he sought for recreation wasn’t with fellow crewmen, but solitary. Perhaps I’m looking too much into it, but it seems to suggest that not only does he want to be away from his fellow crewmen, fight to let off steam (no doubt due to frustration from his virtual non-existence in the chain of command) but also chooses to spend that time with a simulation of a man from a time when I presume all was right in his life. Before the Cardassian occupations, before the Maquis and before Voyager ever placed him in such a purgatory.

    The hallucinations, I felt, were handled somewhat poorly. They weren’t like the Prophet hallucinations from DS9 and they shouldn’t have been. But their composition, while intentionally a bit random and chaotic, were simply not very interesting to watch.

    They also unnecessarily failed to give closure in regard to whether or not Chakotay’s “crazy gene” was by episode’s end permanently dormant or if the interaction with the chaotic beings left it semi-active. Without that kind of information in the narrative, I fail to see the relevance of remaking an episode that was not at all improved the second time around. All this episode served to do was further illustrate to the viewer how utterly useless Chakotay is in the grand scheme of the series. What a disappointment that is.moreless

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  • 1.0

    This episode is a disgusting, sorry excuse for a Voyager episode.

    By VoyagerBoy316, Apr 26, 2007

    (I only gave it a 1 becauase they wouldn't let me give it a 0.) I love Star Trek: Voyager, but I have to say that the episode "The Fight" has to be one of, if not the WORST episode of Voyager they ever made. I was absolutely appalled at this episode at the end. To think that they would even think about making an episode like this makes me skin litterly crawl. This was definitely NOT one of there great ideas! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --.moreless

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