Star Trek

A Private Little War

Season 2, Ep 19, Aired 2/2/68
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  • Episode Description
  • Kirk becomes involved in an arms race when the Klingons equip a native people with superior weaponry.

  • Cast & Crew
  • James Doohan

    Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott

  • William Shatner

    Captain James Tiberius Kirk

  • Gene L. Coon

  • Nancy Kovack


  • Leonard Nimoy

    Mr. Spock

  • Fan Reviews (4)
  • Kirk visits a planet that the Klingons are interfering with and is wounded by a deadly creature.

    By Celedorian, Nov 15, 2010

  • On a supposedly peaceful, un-advanced planet, Kirk and McCoy become involved in an arms race when a Klingon equips a band of natives with basic weaponry which they have not yet discovered themselves. A hard one to rate...

    By Jay-Spacedust, Nov 29, 2008

  • Black wigs vs. blond wigs, which is sillier?

    By hrtonslv, Dec 25, 2006

  • Some plusses and some minuses

    By peck2000, Sep 18, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (9)

    • Kirk: Spock, ask Scotty how long it would take him to reproduce 100 flintlocks. Scotty: I didn't get that exactly, Captain. 100 what? Kirk: A hundred serpents. Serpents for the Garden of Eden. We're very tired, Mr. Spock. Beam us up home.

    • Kirk: Research is not the Klingon way.

    • M'Benga: Don't let these low panel readings bother you. I've seen this before in Vulcans. It's their way of concentrating all their strength, blood, and antibodies onto the injured organs. A form of self-induced hypnosis. Chapel: You mean he's conscious? M'Benga: Well, in a sense. He knows we're here and what we're saying, but he can't afford to take his mind from the tissue he's fighting to heal. I suppose he even knows you were holding his hand. Chapel: A good nurse always treats her patients that way. It proves she's interested.

    • Apella: I thought my people would grow tired of killing. But you were right - they see it is easier than trading. And it has its pleasures. I feel it myself. Like the hunt, but with richer rewards.

    • Kirk: We once were as you are. Spears and arrows. There came a time when our weapons grew faster than our wisdom, and we almost destroyed ourselves. We learned from this to make a rule during all our travels never to cause the same to happen to other worlds... just as a man must grow in his own way and his own time. Nona: Some men never grow. Kirk: Perhaps not as fast or in the way another thinks he should. But we're wise enough to know that we are wise enough not to interfere with the way of a man or another world.

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    Notes (3)

    • Story writer Don Ingalls is credited under the pseudonym Jud Crucis.

    • Gene L. Coon who co-wrote this episode is not given writing credit.

    • Desilu No: 5149-45.

    Trivia (9)

    • Los Angeles can be glimpsed in the background as Nona confronts the villagers with the phaser.

    • When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam back to the ship in the beginning of the episode, Scotty is in the transporter room with them, and no one is apparently in command on the bridge when a red alert is signaled. When Kirk gets to the bridge, no one is in the captain's chair for him to relieve.

    • In the closing credits, the Mugato is listed as "The Gumato." Reportedly the creature was originally named "Gumato" in the script, but Shatner mispronounced it as "Mugato" and they kept that name.

    • Scotty said that the first firearm that the inhabitants would develop was the flintlock rifle. Actually the first firearm they should have developed would be the matchlock.

    • Right after Spock is shot, the trio beam back up to the ship. During transport the equipment next to McCoy disapears but it doesn't have the glitter effect that usually appears.

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