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  • 9.5

    Romantic and touching story, a memorable bit of nostalgia

    By DrCroland, Apr 25, 2014

    This is one of my favorite episodes even though I know that it's corny, I somehow just can't help shedding a tear or two every time I see it, even after having seen it countless times. There is just something about the relationship between Zefram Cochrane and the Companion that is extremely mysterious and touching. I am not sure whether its merging with Nancy Hedford into a single entity makes complete sense, yet I somehow am unashamed to state that I am moved to tears by it every time.moreless

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  • 3.0

    Guy who invented warp drive tries to take a bath with some brainy commissioner lady

    By hrtonslv, Dec 01, 2011

    Well I don't understand why this episode has a rating as high as it does. It looks like I will bring it down a wee bit. I would have rated this a 1.0 if it were the 1970s. Now that I have grown up and now in the 2000s I nudge it to 3.0 only for the reason I am more sentimental. And the story of love I am always a sucker for. But it has always been my least favorte episode of all time. At least back then. It might edge out "The way To Eden" these days.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Interesting, but not TREK's finest hour ...

    By peck2000, Nov 29, 2010

    This episode is pivotal in that it's the first time we get to see Zephram Cochrane, inventor of the Warp drive, who's been missing in the ST universe for about 150 years. The thrust of the plot is that Kirk, Spock, McCoy and an irritable, critically ill diplomat called Nancy Hedford are drawn to a remote planet by an ethereal life form as company for another human, who turns out to be Cochrane.

    It turns out that the life form, "the Companion", cares deeply for Cochrane and wants him to be happy in his benign imprisonment. Kirk convinces the creature that in confinement humans will wither and die, so the Companion takes over the body of the dying Nancy. Kirk and the others are allowed to leave, but Cochrane elects to remain with the Companion.

    This is not a great episode, but it contains aspects that will become important later on in ST mythology.moreless

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  • 7.0

    The shuttlecraft Galileo, with Kirk and three others aboard, is drawn to a planet where they meet the creator of warp drive.

    By Celedorian, Nov 29, 2010

    This is an okay episode written by Gene Coon. The central storyline about a different sort of creature in love with a human being was ahead of its time and the ensuing love triangle that happens plays out rather well. George Duning's sensitive score is one of the best in the original series, and Elinor Donahue is great as the stuck up Federation Commissioner. I'm not crazy about Glenn Corbett's performance of Zefram Cochrane, and the idea of meeting the guy who invented warp drive is somewhat wasted as a way to simply explain why Kirk and company are familiar with this guy, but overall "Metamorphosis" is a solid but forgettable offering.moreless

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  • 10

    The shuttlecraft carrying Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a ill diplomat is pulled off-course to a planetoid, where they meet the castaway creator of Warp Drive, who has been cared for over 150 years by a mysterious alien. Unexpectedly good (and very underrated)..

    By Jay-Spacedust, Nov 21, 2008

    After a run of more so-so episodes, things bounce back with this enchanting story.

    I went in to this episode knowing little about it, with it seeming to be one of the very few 'Star Trek' episodes that I had not seen (at least, not recent enough for me to remember; I am currently in the process of putting that right, watching right from the Original Series through to 'Enterprise'). To my pleasant surprise, I personally found it to be an unexpected favourite. It is, in my opinion, a much underrated episode. I was very surprised to find it didn't have a higher rating on this site. It did seem a bit convenient that the shuttlecraft was carrying the three main characters – Kirk, Spock and McCoy – but I'll let that one pass.

    There are some continuity problems regarding Zefram Cochrane, being somewhat different here to his later (or should that be earlier!) appearance in the movie 'Star Trek: First Contact'. In that movie, set before this episode, he appears to be a somewhat different character, but I don't think there's much that couldn't be explained away with some creative reasoning. After all, he's been living alone on the planetoid for 150 years in this episode, that's bound to change a man!

    There are also other little niggles, such as Cochrane being said to come from Alpha Centauri, but what's to say that didn't become his home after the events of 'First Contact'? (And if anything, surely it is the movie that breaks the continuity, not this episode?)

    But anyway, this episode boasts some great performances, and a story that unfolds really well. There are no enemies to battle with or anything like that, no 'monster of the week', but a quite different story, and kudos to 'Trek' for brining to life such a different tale.

    The only character I didn't warm to was the ill (and very miserable) Commissioner Nancy Hedford. Okay dear, we know you're dying, but even so...!

    One thing that must be mentioned is the music. Most of it was recorded for this episode (unlike some others, which consist of standard, pre-recorded 'Trek' scores), and was wonderful. It really brought the episode to life.

    I love the way that the story unfolds, and we find out more about "The Companion", and her love for "The Man". Some episodes in the second (and third!) season are ones I only really care to watch once before moving on, but this episode really has a re-watchable appeal.

    I'm surprised this episode isn't held in higher regard. Personally I love it. But as I've said before, that's one of the appeals about 'Star Trek', there is something for everybody. If you don't like one episode, odds on there will be something for you in the next one. Personally, this one might even make my Top 10 favourite episodes. I know others with disagree.moreless

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