Star Trek

Plato's Stepchildren

Season 3, Ep 10, Aired 11/22/68
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  • Episode Description
  • Kirk and his crew find themselves at the mercy of powerful individuals who possess mind-over-matter powers...and plan to use the Enterprise crew for their twisted entertainment.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Leonard Nimoy

    Mr. Spock

  • William Shatner

    Captain James Tiberius Kirk

  • DeForest Kelley

    Dr. Leonard Horatio "Bones" McCoy

  • Meyer Dolinsky

  • David Alexander (II)

  • Fan Reviews (8)
  • entertaining but...

    By noman, Sep 04, 2014

  • Painful to watch... because you're watching sick sadistic acts of degradation.

    By Gislef, Jun 18, 2007

  • Kirk and his crew are trapped by aliens with telekinetic abilities who want Dr. McCoy to spend the rest of his life as their physician.

    By Celedorian, Dec 24, 2010

  • Sounds Greek to Me!

    By GeorgeJobson, Jun 18, 2007

  • Some non-conformist dwarf refuses to shoot up with Kirk, Spock and McCoy spoiling the mood of the party

    By hrtonslv, Dec 24, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (7)

    • Uhura: (forced into Captain Kirk's arms) I'm so frightened, Captain. I'm so very frightened. Kirk: That's the way they want you to feel. Makes them think that they're alive. Uhura: I know it, but... I wish I could stop trembling. Kirk: Try not to think of them. (the Platonians laugh as they force them closer and closer together) Try... Uhura: I'm thinking... I'm thinking of all the times on the Enterprise when I was scared to death... (they're forced to embrace) ...and I would see you so busy at your command, and I would hear your voice from all parts of the ship... and my fears would fade. And now they're making me tremble. But I'm not afraid. I am not afraid...

    • McCoy: The release of emotion is what keeps us healthy. Emotionally healthy. Spock: That may be, Doctor. However, I have noted that the healthy release of emotion is very frequently unhealthy for those closest to you.

    • Parmen: Philosophic kings have no need of titles.

    • Kirk: Where I come from, size shape or color makes no difference.

    • Dionyd: Too much love is dangerous. Eraclitus: Cupid's arrow kills Vulcans.

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    Notes (5)

    • Leonard Nimoy wrote the song "Maiden Wine" that Spock performs.

    • According to Nichelle Nichols, the infamous kiss almost didn't happen. First the director, then studio executives, objected. Roddenberry talked them into shooting the scene with and without the kiss, saying they could decide later. Since it was near the end of a week of filming and the studio didn't want to go over time, Shatner continued to ask for more takes of the kiss until the day was over, then subtly blew the non-kiss take by crossing his eyes at a crucial moment. The result was that the studio and director had no choice but to allow a kissing take.

    • This is the last of six appearances by Barbara Babcock (Philana) in the series. Four of these were as voices of computers or aliens, the other was in "A Taste of Armageddon."

    • The history making first televised interracial kiss between Captian James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) from this episode was named #65 on TV Guide/TV Land's 100 Most Memorable TV Moments in December of 2004.

    • This episode has a place in TV history for containing the first ever inter-racial kiss to be shown on American network television, between Kirk and Uhura while under Parmen's telekinetic influence. However, their lips are never seen actually making contact.

    Trivia (4)

    • Their home star Sahandra went nova 1,000 years ago, yet they arrived on Playtonius 2,500 years ago. While it is possible they left their world long before it went nova, Philana states she is only 2,300 years old.

    • Later the Platonians force Kirk to dress in a toga. After he and Spock defeat them, he pulls out his communicators. Why did the Platonians put his communicator in his toga?

    • Another super-discovery forgotten - all the Federation has to do is inject kironide into its Starfleet members and they'd have telekinetic powers. They never do.

    • Kirk says the Platonians moved to their current planet when their last planet "novaed." Planets don't nova - stars do.

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