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    Soap opera in space!

    By gregoryandlin, Sep 18, 2013

    Excellent acting by Nimoy. Great acidity story as well! I wonder where the idea came from.

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    Excuse me, but I don't see the problem.

    By javaknowledge, Jan 28, 2013

    Great acting. Leonard Nimoy at his best. However, I truly do not see where living on the planet was a bad thing. Love, peace, having just what you need and nothing more, and excellant health. There is no satisfactory answer given on why should the colonists, Spock, the crew leave their paradise. Yes, the ship would be abandoned. But it would seem to be that the good outweighs the bad.

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    Kirk must deal a mutiny due to a planet's strange spores infecting his crew.

    By Celedorian, Nov 22, 2010

    This episode, with its not-so-hidden message about drug use, has some good acting from Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and the late Jill Ireland (Spock's temporary girlfriend). The episode shares some similarities with "The Naked Time" but in some ways is quite different. What makes the episode work is the emotional side of the debate between happiness and responsibility and how Nimoy and Ireland handle it. On the downside, the episode can be a little slow at times, and while it's an iconic part of the classic Trek series, there's not a lot of action and excitement, leading to some dull times.moreless

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    Free love and flower power!

    By AgentAlbertross, Nov 22, 2010

    Star Trek episodes are clever in that they show thoughts and concepts on current news and media stories through their episodes. I think this one was stating that it was all well having free love and a "brotherhood of man" in the 1960's but if we need drugs(the flowers in this case) to "dig it" then we will get nothing done well apart from creating some musical master pieces maybe!

    On a darker note I'd like to have seen the flowers more developed such as their need to reproduce. What if the spores after a certain period of time started to grow and take over the hosts body and because of their state of mind they wouldn't have cared!moreless

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    Flower Power!

    By GeorgeJobson, Nov 22, 2010

    this epiisode of "Star trek" has the crew visiting a planet to save some colonists, only to be told that the rather be here than on the ship. the find out why, a flower made most of the crew turn against Kirk and stay on the planet. It would have gotton to Kirk, except that Kirk is smarter than most of the people on the enterprise and used ager to get rid of the effect of the planet. the crew under the plant's spell rebelled against the plant and in the end, everybody is back on the enterprise. We see spook falling in love. Yeah, I like to put that thing in.moreless

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    It has a very beautiful plot, and also because Spock reveals he can love! EEE!

    By pokeranger15, Nov 22, 2010

    If the 100 words min didn't exist, I'd probably be keeping this short. Oh well. Here goes.

    My, oh, my, Spock actually can feel love and happiness! I thought he was just a stoic old half-human half-Vulcan, but boy, I was wrong! If I ever find myself in Star Trek, I'd be carrying blackmail with me (hee, hee)!

    The development of each character is important and pivotal to the plotline of each episode. So there I was, sniffling away at the final kiss between Leila and Spock. I hear Cousin Diana wishes she were in Leila's shoes, then she'd be able to plant one on Spock!

    Casey likey:

    * How the flowers were important to the plot. I wanted to pick out one of them and cast a spell over others.

    * Two Casey-likeys now. Well, for the final one...THE KISSES! WHEEEEEE! I loved how Nimoy played Spock's ability to love well. Wonder if the K/S shippers will try to make a fanfic out of it.moreless

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  • 8.1

    The original "paradise" episode and by far the best, even Shatner's acting is good on this one and the story is surprisingly balanced.

    By Mac-Ale, Sep 13, 2008

    Seti Omicron hides a secret, humans can only survive there if they are host to spores that heal all illnesses and give an addictive peace of mind.

    DC Fontana turns in a very good script on this one, the episode is fairly free from scientific mumbo jumbo and huge plot holes and, at the same time, the story is actually quite powerful and sad.

    Some of the highlights are the fact that Kirk is well-written, not over-the-top with dramatic lines, and he's fairly rational in the face of mutiny. At the same time, he's plenty pointed when he baits Spock in order to free him from the spore's presence. McCoy is also fun, slipping into the southern drawl that never really is talked about again. The story can't avoid a too preachy epilogue uttered by Kirk but Spock's simple utterance that "for the first time in my life, I was happy" is one of his best in the series (many good Spock lines in this one). As usual for series television, the musical score is on the cheap, but works, mixing elements of the music of "The Naked Time" and "Shore Leave", the flute theme of "love" (originally used for Ruth in "Shore Leave") works better here.

    What I rarely hear mentioned is that unlike other episodes where the humanoids need to be "disabused" of their concept of happiness - this entry is remarkably unjudgemental about the spores. There are no scenes where they are rooted out and destroyed and there is the unmistakable fact that while people without their influence wish to keep it that way, the people who ARE under their influence are just as fullfilled the way they are.moreless

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    "Your father was a computer! and your mother, an Encyclopedia" what a great insult from an otherwise mind-numbing Kirk

    By millerem99, Jul 25, 2007

    Listed as one of my favorites, not because of any dynamic plot or acting, but because to my knowledge it is the only Star Trek episode over which I actually remember having CRIED. In the scene between Leila and Spock, when he "comes to" and he says the line about self-made purgatories, (gasp gasp) that's where I lost it. Then, when she asks about his real name, there is such tenderness in him when he touches her cheek and replies with his half-smile, "You couldn't pronounce it." Only thing I didn't like: couldn't a planet deemed paradise find a more exciting dress code? Come to think of it, wouldn't paradise mandate an absence of clothing?moreless

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  • 7.5

    Spock beats up Kirk because he told him he belonged in a circus next to a dog faced boy

    By hrtonslv, Dec 25, 2006

    I wrote "tearjerker" because I have sort of been through what Leila went though with Mr. Spock. When I watched it in the 70's as a young lad, I believe I just went on feeding speghettios into my mouth during that scene when Leila hugs Spock in the transporter room and realizes she has lost him. As an adult in the 2000s I couldn't stop balling like a blubbering seal. I love McCoy's reaction when Sandivol suggests to him what kind of work he'd be doing. "Would you like to see how fast I can put you in a hospital?"moreless

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