News Briefs: The CW Sets Finale Dates for Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and More

By Tim Surette

Feb 27, 2014


... The CW has announced a bunch of season finale dates in case you need to make arrangements for your mom to pick you up from your friend's house a little later than usual. The network also revealed the the premiere date for its upcoming miniseries Labyrinth, a four-hour event about two women searching for the Holy Grail in France. And here's the kicker: They're separated by centuries! Labyrinth will tell both ladies' stories concurrently. And now here are those finale dates:

  • Monday, May 5: The Tomorrow People
  • Monday, May 12: Star-Crossed
  • Tuesday, May 13: The Originals
  • Wednesday, May 14: Arrow
  • Thursday, May 15: The Vampire Diaries, Reign
  • Friday, May 16: Hart of Dixie
  • Tuesday, May 20: Supernatural
  • Thursday, May 22: Labyrinth (Part 1)
  • Friday, May 23: Labyrinth (Part 2)
  • Wednesday, June 11: The100

[CW via press release]


... As if those dates weren't enough, NBC has some, too. The next season of American Ninja Warrior will debut Monday, May 26 at 8pm, and the next edition of America's Got Talent will start the day after that, on Tuesday, May 27 at 8pm. Hey, I didn't say they were exciting dates, I just said they were dates. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Sigh. Kyle Killen's latest series Mind Games debuted last night and it had worse luck than his other two series, Lone Star and Awake. Just 3.6 million people tuned in, which translated to a 1.1 rating in the adult demo. That's lower than Lone Star's debut of a 1.3 rating, and that series only lasted two episodes. Hey, I liked the premiere! [Variety]

... SundanceTV has announced a return date for its behind-the-scenes series The Writers Room. Season 2 will debut on Monday, April 14 at 10pm, with host Jim Rash (Community) returning to pick the brains of the people who create your favorite shows. First up on the schedule will be Scandal, followed by a special on comic-book adaptations, House of Cards, The Good WifeSons of Anarchy, and Pretty Little Liars. This is a great show to see how the proverbial sausage is made. [SundanceTV via press release] 

... BET has renewed its first original scripted drama Being Mary Jane for a second season following the conclusion of its first. The series stars Gabrielle Union as a cable-news personality with a complicated personal and love life. [BET via press release]

... Strike Back is taking a break after its star Sullivan Stapleton injured himself on location in Bangkok, Thailand. It's unclear what kind of injury Stapleton suffered, but it's setting production back by six months! Given that the show was filming in Thailand, his possible injuries could include a deep forehead bruise from a ping-pong ball ejected at high velocity, a buttock tear from some spicy Pad Kee Mao, and asphyxiation from braided hair. [Deadline Hollywood]

... VH1 is still giving this original programming thing a shot and has ordered 10 episodes of Hindsight, which was originally in development at NBC. (Eww, leftovers from NBC?) The series stars Laura Ramsey (The Ruins) as a woman pushing 40 who, on her wedding day, wakes up in the year 1995. You know, back when VH1 played music videos. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Taraji P. Henson, known to some as Agent Joss Carter from CBS's Person of Interest, is no longer in job limbo. She's joined the cast of Fox's pilot Empire, a family drama centering on the world of hip-hop and a music mogul played by Terrence Howard. It sounds like Henson's days of playing a good gal are over. Her Empire character, the ex-wife of Howard's character, did hard time for dealing drugs and laundering money, and now she's out of jail and ready to get her cash back. [TV Line]

... Fred Willard (Anchorman) has joined NBC's comedy pilot Old Soul, where he'll star alongside Natasha Lyonne and Rita Moreno. In the single-camera sitcom, Lyonne plays a former wild child who works in an elderly care facility. Willard will play one of the residents of the facility, a former songwriter. One sign that this could be good: It's produced by Amy Poehler and David Wain. [Deadline Hollywood]


... A man who got busted cooking meth in his Chicago home was arrested while wearing a "Pollos Hermanos" shirt from the television show Breaking Bad. And I thought I was a fan of the show because I break up my bacon to spell out numbers. Alternative punchline: "Better call Saul!" [NBC Chicago]

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  • dianamartins Mar 16, 2014

    Hope Star-Crossed gets renewed!

  • Summer_Maru Mar 15, 2014

    Of course, I'm a lover of Strike Back but I hope Sullivan Stapleton doesn't have a seriously bad injury. They do a lot of the stunts themselves. As much as I can't wait for Strike Back to return, I wish Sullivan all the best in recovering! I wouldn't mind visiting and being his nurse, if need be... ;)

  • PaulCarroll2 Feb 27, 2014

    Regarding the Strike Back delay, I am betting on a groin injury...

  • LucyBarker Feb 27, 2014

    Didn't Taraji P. Henson say that she didn't want to be a TV actress, and the only reason she took the PoI job was because they ensured her Carter wouldn't last long? Don't get me wrong, she's a brilliant actress who deserves all the roles and I'm happy for her, but this strikes me a bit odd.

  • whatsername24 Feb 27, 2014

    Is June 11 for The 100 a premiere date?

  • venabili Feb 27, 2014

    No - finale. The premiere is 3/19.

  • GarthDanicich Feb 27, 2014

    "Taraji P. Henson, known to some as Agent Joss Carter from CBS's Person of Interest"

    Or Detective Joss Carter...

  • ludoTV Feb 27, 2014

    I can't say I am surprised by the Mind Games low ratings. I haven't watched it but Mind Games just looked like a regurgitated version of other shows like Perception or Lie to Me + Slater's own failed show Breaking In

  • No1Slayerette Feb 27, 2014

    I loved the first season of The Writer's Room, but unfortunately other than the comic book adaptation episode and House of Cards, I don't watch any of the series the episodes will be delving into (although I plan to watch all of them at some stage).

  • Taccado Feb 27, 2014

    - Kyle Killen is quickly becoming the last guy to call when it's time to create a new show. I wonder how long he'll work in the business? He isn't a bad writer though, his shows just end up in completely the wrong time slots, with the wrong kind of promotion.

    - I'm happy that The Writers Room is back. We need more of those kinds of shows. It's really interesting to see the people behind the show explain the reasons for certain plot twists and production decisions.

  • terminaltrip421 Feb 27, 2014

    I need to catch that PLL writers room. see if the writers try and pretend like they know what they're doing and are doing a good job or if they've just adjusted to the fact that the show is absurd.

    haven't caught the mind game pilot yet but I am pretty sure I'll like it. not glad to hear the ratings are bad, especially considering it isn't on NBC.

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