Stabbed With a White Wench's Black Eye

Season 1, Ep 6, Aired 3/24/14
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  • Episode Description
  • Emery enlists Julia's help to distract a nosy photographer. Meanwhile, Drake plans to attend a charity ball thrown by Grayson's parents, and Roman's attempt to keep him out of trouble finds him caught up in a kidnapping scheme.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Aimee Teegarden

    Emery Whitehill

  • Matt Lanter


  • Malese Jow

    Julia Yeung

  • Greg Finley (II)


  • Grey Damon

    Grayson Montrose

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  • I found it hard to gain enough interest to follow it properly

    By sherriesim, Sep 15, 2014

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    • Emery: I have been fighting for you and the Atrians ever since you showed up. You know that. Grayson can't help who his parents are, but at least he's honest with me, and he's there for me. With him, I know where I stand. You wanna be angry with me? Fine. All you ever do is push me away and act like I don't exist. So, really, it's not that big of a deal.
      Roman: Do you think that's what I want? Do you think it doesn't kill me every time I have to walk away from you?
      Emery: Then why?
      Roman: I told you, I've been telling you, it's to keep you safe.
      Emery: And I've told you, I don't need protecting.
      Roman: Yes, you do. There are Atrians out there that would kill you if they had the chance. Every day, I am fighting to make sure that never happens. I don't know how long it will take, but I do know that I can't ask you to wait for a day that might never come. I would give you everything. Just not now.

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    • roma_acumen Apr 02, 2014

      How to get rid of Emery ?

    • _Fire_Ice Apr 29, 2014

      OMG, my thoughts exactly. I had given up on this show after watching ep. 3 because Emery and Roman were the most irritating things on television at the time. Recently I was on a YouTubing rampage and saw a promo for ep. 11 and because Drake was the only character I was interested in, I went back and realized I had never finished the 4ep. test, I was short one. Just so happens I really loved ep. 4 though since then it has gone down hill again. I just really can't stand Emery. If they could maybe kill her off in a dramatic way, I am even willing to see Roman do some mopey bullshit for a while, or turn evil for a little bit, before over coming his loss and encouraging peace once more, and blah blah blah. But honestly Drake and Taylor are way more interesting to me. Actually any of the other characters are interesting to me, Eric, the token black tech kid (which is another issue I have with the show about minorities that barely has any minorities), Julia, Grayson, seriously ANYONE else. I will give it the season but something needs to happen soon.

    • roma_acumen Apr 29, 2014

      Like all the other shows on CW, the stories are fantastic but the actors unbearable.
      For example The Originals have great leads for Klaus and Elijah but the female leads and Marcus or Marcel, again unbearable. The CW has only one plot in mind love triangle and Elena act-a-like. Elena was and is annoying. We watch it it for the hunks. Supernatural works because there are no girls.

    • _Fire_Ice Apr 29, 2014

      I know you are so right. I couldn't even get into the Originals, I was initially excited because TVD has been going down hill fast and the Originals were the only characters I liked, than that bullshit baby story thing happened and I was like nope not watching it. I haven't even watched the most recent season of TVD because the last season was so brutal and I have wanted Elena to be killed of basically since season one. Now they are also starting to ruin The 100 with love triangle drama. You are right CW comes up with awesome stories, and than it's like they panic and think the only way to keep a younger audience interested is to create relationship drama. I was worried Teen Wolf would succumb to that in its recent season, the Scott and Allison was the only thing dragging that show down the first 2 seasons, I was so happy when they dealt with it and now romantic relationships are a minimal side story. Here is hoping the network figures that out, they must see what is happening to TVD, people are getting bored. You can drag out a show to 5 seasons with that plot but I honestly don't think people will enjoy it, it is more that they hate watch it like I have. I don't know if this show can be saved, if they focus on all the interesting political stuff yes, if it is cheesy relationship crap, no thank you.

    • roma_acumen Apr 29, 2014

      Haven't caught up to The 100 and Teen Wolf. So I keep that in mind.