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    Some clever bits and pieces in McKays and Carters dialouges: the overall idea of how to deal with the replicators seemed like a pretty smart thing for starters. The wraith support was interesting and well acted to boot. From here on, it all goes downhill.

    By Jammet, May 04, 2012

    It could have been great. There were some clever bits and pieces in McKays and Carters dialouges: the overall idea of how to deal with the replicators seemed like a pretty smart thing for starters. The wraith support was interesting and well acted to boot. But that's about it. From here on, it all goes downhill.

    It started out with yet another settlements need to be evacuated routines. That's what they're called. Settlements. No name. No one ever saw them. No one ever cared. At least I don't. It's like fishing for emotional attachment in the dark. It's not working, and as an episode introduction the scene was was simply too bland.

    I knew the SG Team was going to get blasted right when I saw this guy on the video screen. He didn't have to wear a red shirt.

    Laren was just about as annoying and busty as before.

    Shepard was ... *again* ... tied up. He is generally happily manipulated into eye-rolling stupidity again, too. Can't anyone else deal with this Laren person for once? Somebody who will demand the stolen ship back *and* finally suggest these people settle down somewhere for good and good riddance? Someone like Carter should be the one to talk to them, and not with Laren, but with her so called high council - if that even exists.

    Replicators finally gone forever. Yeah? You wish. The replicator conflict developed into the most uninspired and uninteresting thing on Stargate, ever. Sidenote: Not that the wraith are *that* interesting, but at least they aren't so clinical about everything. If it wouldn't boil down to this *Wanna eat you* problem and find some more complexity I'd like that more, too. In fact, I could very well love Stargate without the Replicators or the Wraith existing at all, thank you very much. The Genai (Jenai?) were - so far - the most interesting opponent because they were not clearly defined as "evil".

    Weir's copy #12318456734b makes an appearance with some secrets. But na-a. She's not gonna tell.Cliffhanger, you see. It already felt cheap with her dying and being cloned. Bringing her back over and over again isn't going to help, Sir. All in all, the episode had some potential, but most of it was wasted on the acting of whoever's acting Laren, some dumb dialouges, birdbrained earth politics and two cheesy cliffhangers in one.moreless

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    See Summary

    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 06, 2010

    Be All My Sins Remember'd was the best episode so far this season! I was really engaged watching all the action, and the inter character dramas, as well as the little moments of humor. I think it was great that as soon as one major enemy is destroyed, another rises to take their place. This new enemy is a welcomed sight, and she is definitely bad, in a good way! I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds. I thought it was cool how every one worked together. The Wraith are becoming more and more obsolete. The writers did a great job of blending story lines and making it all connect into a great episode. I look forward to seeing all of the characters again.moreless

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  • 9.8

    The beauty of having common enemy...

    By Parricida, Feb 12, 2008

    This was great.. if not the best episode, then one of the best episodes, defenetly.

    First that they are up to the unbelievable task and one of the greatest victory they have get so far - they are going after the replicators after they have managed to make them pull back to their homeworld. This is the final battle and it is not them, also wraith and those travelers and they are all trying to do the best to win time to McKay and his own replicator Fran and they both succeed very well - with some troubles they get what they want - planet will be blown up...

    but the last second - the first moment I saw the scene I knew - it is Elizabeth sitting and what they are up to.. no ideamoreless

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  • 9.5

    Back On Form

    By maxhouston, Feb 04, 2008

    Having only recently got into SGA, watching all 4 seasons - to this episode, over the last 2 months, I have noticed a massive drop in plot quality. I was pleasantly surprised with sga and after committing to this show, I couldn't believe how good it was. Season 1&2 where awesome, great story-lines continuing throughout the series made this show a winner, but once the wraith battle kinda fizzled out season 3 slowed down a touch, and then they chopped the Doc & wier - I was gutted.

    Season 4 has been disappointing, filler episode after filler episode - until now!! This episode, and the previous, sees SGA back on track, great tactical plotting & integration of characters past. A Sexed-up episode courtesy of Mckay's cute replicator & Shepherd eyeing up Larrins "assets", its nice to see SGA up the ante for the mid season stakes. This is why I watch it!moreless

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  • 9.8

    Wow, wow, wow - what a storyline enemies allies, new friends that you know not to trust and then wham right at the end the possible 'Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix' situation. This is going to be interesting to watch.

    By gillherb, Jan 31, 2008

    So we have our good friend the Wraith helping us out, then we have an alliance with the Wraith, the travellers come back into the story arc to help with the alliance to destroy the replicators. This is a piviotal episode bringing together all the major storylines: John and his wraith buddy, John's run in with the travellers, Elizabeth's reconstruction and demise, Rodney's continuing work on the replicator coding, the Deadalus and the Apollo coming together to do battle with their new Asgard weapon, another planet exploding and then there in the debris (insert drum roll here) a single ship with an old friend or maybe a new enemy.....moreless

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  • 9.8

    Simply Excellent

    By bmrcardoso, Jan 19, 2008

    What an episode! Exciting! Great Plot! And makes you want to see more and more.

    Everyone together to fight a bigger threat and when it seems the plan worked a nice surprise came back ( just to say the that the battle sequence was very well acomplished )

    And i have to say that the wraith that appears is a very great caracther with an excellent sence of humour.

    Nice to see that finally there's a good alliance to atlantis that has some power to help out in the good fight.

    Let's wait and see the next episode because it's a great sequeal for sure.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Whoa - finally something to cheer this season

    By casholini, Jan 15, 2008

    I've been one of Atlantis' harshest critics this season, but it appears that with this double header they've at last done something worth shouting about.

    Following on from 'This Mortal Coil' Shepherd an the team hook up with old friends, the Wraith and Larrin, in order to put an end, once and for all, to the Replicators. After much humiliation and mockery Rodney eventually comes up with a plan to draw all the Replicators to their planet in order to uber magnetise them, thus turning them all into one giant inert metal ball which is so heavy it sinks into their planet and blows them all up ending their threat forever.

    The plan works, kind of, and after a fantastic inter-stellar battle sequence which sees Earth ships, Wraith ships and some of Larrin's fleet all working together to give Rodney enough time to execute his plan, the crew think they're jobs (and the Replicators) are done. But alas, we find out their victory is but short lived. Right at the end, out of no where pops up 'Nasty Dr Weir' (who earlier we were all told was dead, how on earth she doesn't get magnetised i don't know, but who cares she's back) pops up vowing to begin her mega plan (no doubt somehow related to universal domination). I can't wait for the rest!moreless

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    OMG! Everybody againt the Replicators!

    By PriemRyeest, Jan 13, 2008

    In this episode everyone gathered against the Replicators!

    Atlantis with 2 ships, Apollo and Daedelus -dont konw how to write- Wraith with another 7 motherships and i think 5 more from woman who kidnapped John... :) Rodney created a replicator, Fren, that absorbs other replicator cells into a giant mass. But until its finished, the fleet has to distract the Replicators fleet. After the success, the whole planet blowed up! :) The End replicators? I dont think so.

    Its like in StarCraft. Kerigan become the Zerg queen! I think that happaned with Elizabeth too. :) OMG this is gonna be awsome!

    But im gonna miss our Wraith friend! :(

    That space battle was incredible! - almost like in Star Wars! :)moreless

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    Action packed, great story line, and just fantastic to watch. Probably my favourite ever episode!

    By rylandd, Jan 10, 2008

    This truely is a great episode! One of the best episodes for a long time if not the best ever! Full of action with all the fighting scenes and so many things going on, has all the usual humor and fun bits in it and soooooo much story line packed into one episode, loved it!! At the end there is a little thing which opens up a whole new storyline and makes your mind think back a few episode :)

    I've liked Stargate Atlantis from episode 1, although more recently I havent been too bothered about watching it, but this episode has really refreshed my thirst for seeing more episodes! I hope they can keep up this standard of material, with more great storylines and action!moreless

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