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  • 6.0

    seams flawed

    By chriscahill315, Jul 31, 2014

    i find it seems flawed seaming as the atlanteans held up for months under siege but 1 supper ship nearly killed the city and it was fully powered i find they have rushed the last episode way to much they should have just made it longer ie ran out of drones and all that crap rather than contradict themselves that the city's shields can't withstand a few mins of fire when it can hold up to months when its normal hive ships bombarded the city and was a a lot more than 1 like hundreds of hive ships cant be less than 1 super hive in fire powermoreless

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  • 8.0

    An interesting ending but a way too rushed episode.

    By RGressick, May 22, 2011

    I feel like most others that this episode was WAY too rushed. They pushed to get it all together. Felt like too many open things in the episode. Yeah, leaves room for another series. But to be perfectly honest, if they had better scripts this season, this series would still be going, there is SOOOO much more they could have done and it felt like the ball was dropped. Overall its not a bad episode. the WORMHOLE drive, wow. But again, WAY too rushed and just things were surreal, too fakey, no power. It just lacked so much in this episode.

    I didnt know the series was ending, i download the episodes to watch them. But i could tell by watching this episode that it was a series ender. But again, way too rushed. It was like i was watching one of the recaps. just not good.moreless

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  • 9.5

    See Summary

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 15, 2011

    Enemy at the Gate was a great episode of Stargate Atlantis, however as the season finale I feel it could have been a little better, or had better endings to each characters outcome. Despite that opinion the episode was excellent, full of action that kept a quick pace, drama that kept me on the edge of my seat, and character driven moments. I like how Atlantis "returned home" so to speak. I wonder if the Government in that universe will finally reveal what they know about space, and ET Life. I would love to be the exclusive broker to sell the real estate of Atlantis! Imagine how awesome it would be to live there, with those views. I think the price would be too high though. I hope to see more of Atlantis, maybe a surprise season, or movie, whatever. Great Series!!!!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Atlantis goes home.

    By pwells01, Dec 31, 2010

    A fitting conclusion to the series - Atlantis returns home!

    Well, this episode had everything in it - I think it had crammed in too much and it would definitely have been better as a two or even a three parter. Still, it was done pretty well, combining action with some nice, touching moments. Here are some other thoughts:

    Besides the stars, it tried to get everyone involved: Lorne, Banks, Zelenka, Caldwell, Ellis, Carter, Carson, Chuck, Marks, Kavanagh(!), and Davis (who's still a major!). And also Todd and Kenny.

    So General Hammond did die as well...how sad!

    Wormhole drive - is that a convenience or what!? With that, Atlantis can go anywhere in the Universe. Add the alternate reality drive from "The Daedalus Variations" and a time machine, and...

    Ronon + Banks - woohoo! Somewhat expected.

    So the Odyssey is in some secret mission? I wonder if this is timed concurrently with the next stargate movie, even though Carter's at the SGC.

    With all the battles and explosions, I'd think they have to make up an incredible cover story for the public and the uninformed governments.

    I would have liked the ending scene to be just the four principle characters sharing their thoughts and feelings with each other. I certainly don't know why Banks had to be there.

    And so, it's the end of the series. With Atlantis on Earth, it leaves everything open for the upcoming movie(s). Until then, au revoir, Stargate Atlantis, and thank you!moreless

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    for us in the sci-fi community yet another sad day

    By damicless1, Dec 31, 2010

    now i will be honest i never thought that atlantis could be as good as sg1, but how wrong i was. in the end atlantis was as good as if not better than sg1. as for the last ever atlantis the only thing that spolit for me was it was to short. it would have been better if had been 90mins, as everything seemed a bit rushed. dispite that it still did not disapoint story wise. all the usual suspects were there and playing major parts. the one thing that has been a top attraction for through the last series has been the involment of our friendly wraith todd played by the excellant chris hyerdahl, and once again he was on top form inhis own whimiscal way, as he once tried to enlist the help of john and the rest, to help him get another of his pesky underlings who had decided to do off in a zpm enhanced hive. which the ustwhile todd had been expermenting with. after seeing off the daedalus the hive picked up the message sent in last weeks other reality episode vegas, and off it went to earth. with atlantis in pursuit once again curtosity of todd who had yet more zpm's. once again john was about to risk life and limb in another kamkize mission by trying to blow up the hive with a nuke from inside. but the hive has a stargate on board and rodney ronan tyler and major lorn have gated on board trying to stop the hive, but fail with to no doubt the shock of us all the death of the mighty ronan. mackay stops john from blowing himself (and them) to bits. but to our surprise the wraith brings ronan back to life for information but only ends up being shot by sheppard et al. this to me is wear the things became a bit rushed. i think they could have went in a bit more detail about the wormhole drive that mackay had been working on, because the next thing we knew atlantis was intervening and battling the hive with out much success as the hive was to strong. but john and the team managed to contact the alpha and gate just as the nuke wipes out the hive. atlantis was forced to land on earth. where the usual team gathering took place on one of the varanders with ronan being taken there by tech amelia banks that was surprise. something to build on in a film perhaps. dispite being only 5 series and 100 episodes it was great from start to finish. it will be missed.moreless

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  • 9.5

    I cannot belive it is over..

    By Parricida, Aug 02, 2010

    Oh.. After all those years, this one ends.. I most say I tried not to get my hopes high as I have seen very many bad endings for series and only few good. But I think this one rather goes to the good ending list.

    I liked that this episode had that early seasons feeling - the whole action pack adventure with great graphics and magnificent scenes. I loved the whole way they managed to put everything together - to have the Todd around, the wraith, jumpers, the elements from Earth and from SG-1.. to have all those familiar faces around - Carter, Walter.. Beckett flying the city..

    And this episode had really tense atmosphere. i think we did not doubt that they will save the earth but in some moments it did look like going little wrong - they lost the chair.. and for moment I bought that Ronon is dead.. and ofcourse the beautiful ending.

    I think they managed to but worth point to the serie..moreless

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    The final episode is amazing :)

    By sydneyguy1982, Jun 19, 2010

    Thank you to the people you leaked the final two episodes online seeing here in Australia this amazing show never airs on tv :(.This has definetly one of the best episodes ever made in the 5 years it has been on which is alot to say seeing there have been some really great episodes. It had very nice touches with alot of characters from the 5 yrs and even some from the origanal stargate SG1 series.It had so many twists shocks and surprises that no one would have predicted.This series should never have been canned seeing its ratings were going well andI hope the movies are just as great.moreless

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    One of the best episodes ever!!!

    By nithog, Jun 19, 2010

    One of the best episodes ever!!!

    Some shows don't do a good wrap up, or over do it.

    They nailed it!

    It's sad to see the show go, but they left on a good note.

    This is filler since I don't have a hundred words to says about this.

    This is filler since I don't have a hundred words to says about this.

    This is filler since I don't have a hundred words to says about this.

    This is filler since I don't have a hundred words to says about this.

    This is filler since I don't have a hundred words to says about this.

    This is filler since I don't have a hundred words to says about this.moreless

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    *spoilers*One of the best episodes

    By Shredmastahflux, Jun 19, 2010

    They did a good job with the final episode. It had alot of good twists. The story was cool. They brought in alot of characters from over the years. Sam, Major Davis, etc. Wouldve been nice to see O'neil or Tealc


    The wraith finally made it to earth in a new juiced up hive ship that was able to defeat the Daedalus and the apollo. I was shocked when ronan was killed but accepted it and then they brought him back so i was relieved. In the end They managed to nuke it and land Atlantis on Earth. Im sad to see this show go but excited for stargate universemoreless

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