Stargate Atlantis

First Strike (1)

Season 3, Ep 20, Aired 6/22/07
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  • Episode Description
  • Colonel Abe Ellis arrives at Atlantis with a new Earth ship, The Apollo and a new mission. Dr. Weir has misgivings about that mission, one that could start a war with a very powerful enemy. When his mission goes wrong, Weir must take radical action to save Atlantis.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Martin Gero

  • Martin Wood

  • Joe Flanigan

    Major / Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

  • Rachel Luttrell

    Teyla Emmagan

  • Michael Beach

    Colonel Abe Ellis

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    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 02, 2010

  • Flying away...

    By Parricida, Feb 08, 2008

  • Good Episode , Poor Weir

    By Cromionic, Nov 19, 2007

  • an ok season finale...

    By Fwirrel, Jun 30, 2007

  • Great season finale episode!!!

    By DERBEST, Jun 23, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (16)

    • McKay: Look, as much as I hate to say it, Zelenka is not infallible.

    • Weir: So we can assume the Replicators are behind this? McKay: Well, I hope so. Weir: You hope so? McKay: Well, otherwise we've discovered yet another super-powerful enemy.

    • Zelenka: That's it, we're down. Weir: The beam still looks serious Rodney. McKay: (worried) I know just give me a second to...crap! Zelenka: Told you. McKay: (annoyed) Thank you Radek, very helpful. Weir: What is it? Zelenka: The beam is breaking through the water much more efficiently that we thought. Weir: The water had no effect? McKay: It's having an effect, just nowhere near where we wanted it to. That plan took us three hours to execute and has given us an additional... (looks at watch) ten hours. Zelenka: Nine. McKay: Nine.

    • Sheppard: We're gonna wreck that thing, aren't we? McKay: What, the drilling platform? Oh hell yes.

    • McKay: Are you sure you can do this? Sheppard: Flying the city? McKay: What else could I possibly be talking about? Sheppard: I flew a V-22 Osprey once. McKay: Was it as big as a city? Sheppard: Well, you had to use your hands and feet for that one, for this one you just have to think... fly!

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    Notes (11)

    • Dr Keller was originally intended to be a Canadian character by writer Martin Gero. In the scene where she is tending to the wounded, her uniform was filmed with a Canadian flag patch on it, but was subsequently removed in post-production at the insistence of Executive Producer Paul Mullie, due to the fact the show already had two Canadian characters; McKay and "Chuck" the technician.

    • The shots of the city rising to the surface were re-used from the pilot episode, "Rising".

    • Michael Beach wasn't initially going to go for the role of Colonel Ellis as he hadn't seen any episodes of the show. It was in fact his mother, a huge fan of the series, who convinced him to do it.

    • In an interview at the Pegasus 2 convention in the UK, actor Chuck Campbell ("Chuck" the technician) stated that his character was never actually supposed to be given a name and that it was an error on the part of Torri Higginson. However, Director Martin Wood decided to keep it in the final cut.

    • Actress Jewel Staite previously played Kaylee Frye on another science fiction show, Firefly, which was canceled after just twelve episodes.

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    Trivia (17)

    • Goof: When Colonel Ellis beams into the control room, someone can be seen walking by in the far background who just disappears during the beam-in process.

    • After appearing in the majority of Seasons 2 and 3, the Canadian gate tech is finally given a name, "Chuck", apparently after the actor who plays him, Chuck Campbell.

    • This is the first appearance of Colonel Abe Ellis (Michael Beach) and his Deep Space Cruiser, the U.S.S. Apollo.

    • This is the first appearance of Jewel Staite as Dr. Jennifer Keller, the new head of medicine.

    • The Apollo is the fourth Daedalus-class ship to enter service. The other three Deep Space Cruisers are the Daedalus, first seen in the Season 2 Stargate Atlantis episode "Siege 3;" the Odyssey, first seen in the Season 9 Stargate SG-1 episode "Off the Grid;" and the Korolev, first seen in the Season 9 SG-1 episode "Camelot."

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    Allusions (1)

    • Sheppard: Well, that's why we're a team, like The Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four are a Marvel Comics superhero team created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They first appeared in The Fantastic Four #1 in 1961, and have since been in four animated TV series (1967, 1974, 1994, and 2006), video games, and three live-action movies (1994, 2005, and 2007).

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