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    only a few episodes left and this is all we get?

    By Fwirrel, Oct 15, 2011

    I always get angry when SGA blatantly copies SG-1. I want the shows to separate from each other and have different enemies and characters, but they always seem to bring something from SG-1 to the show. I understand that the shows are linked, but they take too much from SG-1. In this case, the weird mind swapping technology was used and Keller and a thief traded places. It wasn't close to as interesting as when Daniel and Vala switched. The story was boring and predictable. I 'm angry that there's only a few episodes left and we just get mediocre episodes. Overall, a boring, obvious, unoriginal episode that I wouldn't watch again.moreless

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    Worst episode ever ... bad plot, unoriginal scripts, too much emphasis on Keller, and overall ... just uninteresting.

    By Trekforever, Oct 15, 2011

    I resolved myself to look forward to this episode tonight even though all information pointed at a heavy Keller episode. Unfortunately, it was a disaster. The lines in it were so stiff I swear I could see the script being read. The plot was completely predictable. I actually have one praise for it, in that I liked these natives. For once they didn't make them the stupid cliched medieval types.

    But this story was just... pointless. We've already had this story via SG-1 and better done (which is saying a lot because I wasn't overly impressed with seasons 6-10 of SG-1 either). It felt like it was just another excuse to pull out the McKeller and play with them.

    Worst episode in seasons 1-5, and it beats Irresistible, which is saying something!moreless

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    Recycling Episodes

    By docnasha, Oct 15, 2011

    Well take an SG episode, change the actors and the script a bit and then you get this story but this time it concerns SGA.I did not get the relevancy of this episode to matters at hand but i know that it is a no brainer and could have been kept off your screen and you would have been none the wiser.What is there to say more than after giving "Identity" a shot out of desperation, you can feel that the writers really got lazy on this one.There was no plot and it looked pretty obvious what was going to happen.moreless

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    See Summary

    By TrueTvWatcher, Dec 24, 2010

    This episode was very slow paced, and the story itself was a little lacking and left much to be desired, especially since this is towards the end of the season! The episode mainly focuses on Dr. Keller, who switches bodies with a female theif on the run. It was interesting to watch the story unfold, however slow it may have been. I think that we got to see another side to Dr. Keller, and she really is handling herself well. I think that this episode could have been much better, as others in this season have been. I hope that the end of the season has more action and shocking revelations than this episode.moreless

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    another rehash episode :( but i still love stargate

    By Shredmastahflux, Jun 05, 2010

    yes this was another filler which always kinda sucks but was also a reused idea from sg-1 and one that wasnt even that interesting when they did it. I was hoping they would throw in a twist or something to make it different but they didnt. Sadly Atlantis is reaching its end. With 2 episodes left i think we wont be dissapointed. Normally i would rate this episode higher just to help the shows ratings/reviews but since its ending either way i might as well be honest this was one of the most boring stargate episodes of all time. Normally i can rewatch an episode a 2nd or even 3rd time a week or so later but this one.. pshh no way. I do look forward to stargate universe tho :Dmoreless

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    Again, old idea.. in new way

    By Parricida, Jun 05, 2010

    That was just too simple - I think everyone who had seen those SG-1 episodes with that machine realized it - it was just so clear and to be honest, the moment you got it, it was not so exciting anymore. I cannot say it was bad episode - I liked Keller in that thief's body and trying to explain she is not the person they think - but it has been too much about Keller lately. When did we had last Teyla or Ronon episode? Not that think there should have been one but maybe little more equality.. It was great to have Beckett around and that was what made this episode little better for me.. and the beginning - Zelenka gets stabbed - I was worried. So, it had excitement but it alone cannot make it work.moreless

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    Dr. Keller and a criminal slated for death switch bodies. Can Keller be saved before it's too late?

    By MissLasha, Jun 03, 2010

    With Stargate Atlantis only having three episodes left until the series finale you'd think The Powers That Be would focus their attention on the reason most fans watch the show: Ronon, John, Teyla and Rodney. Instead we get a Keller-centric episode that makes me shake my head in disbelief and disgust (and hey, after Brain Storm I thought I couldn't dislike the character of Keller anymore, but Identity made me readdress that concept). While Jewel Staite is a lovely person and was amazing on Firefly, she is wasted on Stargate Atlantis, as the character of Jennifer Keller just never fit into the team concept of the show. This episode just proved to me that Keller wasn't needed on Atlantis and was used as the little black dress for the male characters of the show. (At Comic Con 2 years ago, it was obvious from the preview clips they were showing that Keller was brought on board to be a love interest for John). However, for whatever reason the John/Keller thing never panned out, so next she was passed on to Ronon, when that didn't mesh, onto Rodney. I actually feel sorry for Jewel, no wonder she couldn't get a grip on what her character was supoosed to do, TPTB kept jerking her around!

    I hate to say it, but I am glad Stargate Atlantis is over, as I won't have to watch Keller-centric episodes like this again. Big thumbs down.moreless

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    Distressingly average

    By entil2001, Dec 16, 2008

    After a handful of episodes devoted to resolution of various plot threads, this stand-alone installment is a bit jarring. Not because it is bad, per se, but because it's not necessarily the best use of the time the show has left. Some have claimed that the past few episodes were evidence that the writers hadn't quite finished out the season before the cancellation notice came down, but this episode suggests the opposite. (Someone, I'm sure, has the facts straight.)

    This is another Keller-centric episode, and that will inevitably annoy the fans who dislike her very presence. I would like to think that Dr. Beckett's return would mitigate some of the negativity, but somehow I doubt it will be enough. I'm not sure that was the problem. Despite some nice (if confusing) ties to the overall Stargate continuity, the episode just didn't offer very much (with the exception of Jewel Staite in leather, which is hard to complain about).

    Having Keller switch bodies with a hot young thief was somewhat clever, since it placed her in a dangerous situation, but I'm not sure it did much to advance the character. The experience didn't inspire Keller to demonstrate some hidden depth or a dark side or any of the things that might have made the Freaky Friday situation a bit more interesting. In fact, with so much time spent on the guest star, there wasn't time to push the envelope with Keller.

    It's a pleasant enough episode, in the end, so it's not going to offend too many people (other than, perhaps, Radek fans). It's just not the most energetic or original episode, either. It's fairly average. That wouldn't be a problem if this were any other time of any other season, but this is the very end of the final stretch. The net result is that it will seem, to many, like a waste of potential.moreless

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    Too much SG-1 this time

    By vodazz, Dec 14, 2008

    Well first I thought that there will be only one referance to SG-1. I'm talking about Neeva beeing some kind of darker version of Vala (not the hair of course - but the character). But then... This whole episode was just a remake of SG-1 Avalon part 2 and Origin. Not only that the device was the same, but also the person who used it was the "evil" Vala. The same person as in Avalon. Personally I like small references to SG-1, but this time all of the episode was SG-1. But I really like Keller and Vala from SG-1 so the episode itself was good and the story was interesting for me. Just too much SG-1 this time.moreless

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    It had potential...

    By pwells01, Dec 13, 2008

    This was barely an okay episode. The best part was the beginning, when poor Zelenka got stabbed and I thought this was going to be an exciting episode, but it wasn't. It's ashame, because there could be some great body-switching stories. Also, we got to see the whole cast, plus even the great Beckett, but nothing much happened and it was really a wasted opportunity. Interesting that Zelenka provided the most entertainment for me - first getting stabbed and then the ending scene with McKay, which was funny. I have to say that this is the episode I least enjoyed this season so far.moreless

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