Stargate Atlantis

No Man's Land (2)

Season 3, Ep 1, Aired 7/14/06
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  • Episode Description
  • Two Wraith Hive ships have captured Dr. McKay and Ronon and are on their way to Earth. It is up to Colonel Sheppard to rescue them and figure out a way to stop the Wraith from reaching a "new feeding ground".

  • Cast & Crew
  • Martin Gero

  • Joe Flanigan

    Major / Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

  • Rachel Luttrell

    Teyla Emmagan

  • David Nykl

    Dr. Radek Zelenka

  • Connor Trinneer

    Michael Kenmore

  • Fan Reviews (21)
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    By TrueTvWatcher, Sep 29, 2010

  • ok episode....

    By Fwirrel, Oct 08, 2007

  • The season begins with McKay and Ronon trapped on the Hive ship and Sheppard sitting in fighter attached to the hull. Weir orders the Daedalus and Orion to disable the two Hive ships at all costs. All of Weir's moves are being questioned by the IOA.

    By jyarter, Aug 26, 2009

  • Saving the Earth...

    By Parricida, Feb 02, 2008

  • Wraith is alienated and chooses life in exile from his hive rather than live with diminished status after being briefly converted to a human.

    By JohnnySoftware, Jan 01, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (21)

    • McKay: OK, fine – they're reserved for people working on getting life support systems operational. We need those people as clear-headed as possible. Kleinman: And, by those people ... McKay: Yes, *I* will be one of them.

    • Lorne: It didn't work on [the Queen]. McKay: Oh. Beckett wondered if the females would be immune. Lorne: Yeah. Something you might have mentioned before she almost killed me, Rodney. McKay: I only thought of it now.

    • Landry: How'd it go with the IOA? Weir: Oh, you know. I mean, does anyone ever come out of an IOA deposition saying; "That went well"?

    • (after he found breathing gear) McKay: Ah, now we're talking. How many more of these do we have? Kleinman: Twenty in total. McKay: How many people on board? Kleinman: In and around the two hundred mark. McKay: Oh, so I guess buddy-breathing our way through this one's out of the question.

    • Kleinman: I have a contact sir. A single Wraith ship, possibly a transport. It just left the hive and is on course for us. It's broadcasting a comm. On our frequencies. Caldwell: What the hell do they want? Zelenka: Maybe they want to surrender. Caldwell: Not likely. Let's hear it. (over comms, after he had been presumed dead) Sheppard: This is Colonel John Sheppard. Authentication code Alpha Seven Tango Three. Please respond. Caldwell: (to Kleinman) Open a channel. (to Sheppard) Colonel Sheppard. We'd written you off. Sheppard: Don't get all emotional on me now.

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    Notes (6)

    • Awards: -This episode won a Gemini Award for Best Visual Effects.

    • Rachel Luttrell voiced the "previously on Stargate Atlantis" line.

    • The teaser for this episode is a mix of scenes from the end of the previous episode "Allies" and new footage showing more details of the battle.

    • International Airdates: -This episode aired in Canada on August 14, 2006 on Movie Central and September 11, 2006 on The Movie Network. -This episode aired in the UK on October 18, 2006 on Sky One. -Syndication Premiere: September 22-23, 2007. -This episode aired in Australia on February 21, 2008 on Channel 7. -This episode aired in the Czech Republic on April 20, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi.

    • Paul McGillion does not appear in this episode.

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    Trivia (9)

    • Weir: General Landry has informed me that in light of fleet resources committed to fighting the Ori, the weapons platform in Antarctica, powered by a pair of Mark II generators, would be Earth's only defence. Mark II Naquadah generators are capable of a 600% power increase over Atlantis' Mark I reactors. It was brought to Atlantis by Colonel Everett's team to power the City's Weapons Chair in the episode "Siege (2)."

    • This is the first Stargate: Atlantis appearance of the International Oversight Advisory (I.O.A.) and several of its representatives including Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo), Chinese Ambassador Shen Xiaoyi (Tamlyn Tomita), and British Representative Russel Chapman (Andy Maton).

    • The Orion's hyperdrive managed to almost keep pace with the Daedalus in this episode, indicating it was equipped with the intergalactic version of Ancient hyperdrive unlike the Aurora which had the interstellar version.

    • In this episode another Hive ship is destroyed by the Orion. This brings the total to eight since the expedition arrived in the galaxy.

    • Goof: In the "Previously on" segment, the Wraith Queens 'Double' voice is only the male portion. The Female voice was phased out.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Landry: Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts. This is a quote from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

    • Sheppard: Let Mikey try it! This is a line from a commercial from the 1980s for Life cereal, where two boys would give whatever food they had misgivings about to their younger brother, Mikey.

    • Sheppard: I managed to latch onto the hull of the hive before we went into hyperspace. Ronon: Nice move. Sheppard: Saw it in a movie once. This movie was most likely The Empire Strikes Back in which the Millennium Falcon latched onto a Star Destroyer.

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