Stargate Atlantis


Season 4, Ep 13, Aired 1/18/08
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  • Episode Description
  • When Atlantis is put under quarantine, everyone gets stuck in a room with another person. While dealing with personal issues, they also try to figure out why there's a quarantine, and how to get out.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Carl Binder

  • John G. Lenic

  • Brad Wright

  • Joseph Mallozzi

  • N. John Smith

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  • There's only one thing that makes this episode worth watching…

    By tv-striker, Apr 18, 2009

  • See Summary

    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 06, 2010

  • good episode...

    By Fwirrel, Jul 22, 2008

  • Taking time off to give room for character development...

    By Parricida, Feb 15, 2008

  • A "computer goes berserk" episode... It's been done better on Trek.

    By seleukos7, Jan 20, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (18)

    • Sheppard: Never underestimate the size of that man's ego.

    • Sheppard: They would have to know Rodney's password. (pause) Fortunately, I do. Teyla: He told you his password. Sheppard: No, he didn't think I would remember it. 16431879196842. See, doesn't take a genius. Teyla: It doesn't? Sheppard: 1643, the year Isaac Newton was born. 1879, Einstein. 1968… Teyla: The year Rodney was born. Sheppard: Never underestimate the size of that man's ego.

    • (After trying unsuccessfully to break the door open by exploding the oxygen tank) Keller: You gotta be kidding me! Ronon: It's a lot stronger than a shark.

    • Teyla: What is Category 5? Sheppard: I'm guessing it's a lot worse then Categories 1 through 4.

    • Keller: You tore your stitches. Honestly, I've never met anyone with such reckless aggression. (Ronon smirks) That's not a compliment. Ronon: If you say so.

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    Notes (4)

    • The steel bulkhead that is lowered in McKay's lab was created especially for this episode as the reason why Sheppard and Teyla would be trapped in the room.

    • Sharon Taylor (II) (Amelia Banks) previously played the Replicator Technician in the episode "Lifeline (3)."

    • David Nykl stated, in his July 8 blog, that this episode was the first to be filmed upon the cast and crew's return on July 16, following the summer break. This is the reason Teyla's pregnancy has advanced so far in between episodes.

    • International Air Dates: -This episode aired in Canada on January 21, 2008 on The Movie Network and Movie Central. -This episode aired in the UK on January 22, 2008 on Sky One. -Syndication Premiere: February 21-22, 2009. -This episode aired in the Czech Republic on August 10, 2009 on AXN Sci-fi. -This episode aired in Australia on December 10, 2009 on 7TWO.

    Trivia (7)

    • In this episode Zelenka speaks Czech: "I'll have the power off in no time. Ježiš, to je neuvěřitelný, já jsem takovej debil! Si bude myslet, že jsem naprostej idiot. Nó, tak co mně zbejvá, no... Tohleto né...(groaning) Se sem nevejdu...fuj to smrdí! (looks down) Ježišmarija... (looks around) Jéžiš, to snad né..." which translates to "I'll have the power off in no time. Jesus, that's unbelievable, I'm SUCH a moron! She'll think I'm a total idiot. Well, what else should I do? No, not this again...(groaning) Don't fit here...ugh, this place stinks! (looks down) Jesus [and] Mary... (looks around) Oh tell me it's not happening!"

    • Goof: In the opening scene when Colonel Sheppard opens the ring box, the camera shot of the box shows the ring and the stone clearly. In the next close up of the ring, the stone is missing from the setting.

    • At 120 beats per minute even in deep sleep, Rodney has Tachycardia (a heart rate over 100 bpm at rest), although his is not life-threatening.

    • Dr. Keller graduated high school at the age of fifteen, and gained a bachelor's degree before she was eighteen. She admits that she concentrated too hard and missed out some of the most important moments of her teenage life.

    • This episode plants the seed for a possible future relationship between Ronon and Doctor Keller. Up until this point, there had only been vague hints as to the attraction between the two.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Jaws: Ronon gets the idea of blowing up the oxygen tanks from Jaws, a 1975 movie based on Peter Benchley's novel about a man-eating shark that wreaks havoc upon a small vacation island.

    • Sheppard: ...Sure! Batman did it all the time... This is an allusion to the comic book character of Batman, a crime-fighting superhero who flies around Gotham City saving the inhabitants from evil criminal's. Batman originally started as a comic book in May, 1939. Since then, it has has several movies and cartoon series made out of it. The first television incarnation, Batman (1966), is often referred to by Sheppard and McKay.

    • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The last two digits of McKay's password are an allusion to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in which 42 is the answer to the ultimate question. This was also alluded to by Sheppard in the episode "Doppelganger".

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