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  • Sheppard: I'm not finished yet! Kolya: Neither am I. Say good-bye to Dr. Weir. Sheppard: The city has a self-destruct button. If you hurt her, I'll activate it. Nobody'll get Atlantis. Kolya: Even if it exists, Major, you need at least two senior personnel to activate it. And I'm about to take one of them out of the equation. Sheppard: Kolya!

  • Weir: The wraith are slowly waking. Soon, this entire galaxy will be embroiled in a war the likes of which our generations have never seen. Kolya: A war that you expedited. Weir: Disagreements like ours will no longer matter. The only thing of any consequence will be how prepared we are and what defense we are able to mount.

  • Weir: What did they do to you? McKay: I tried to keep my mouth shut, I tried, I just, I couldn't-

  • Sora: Where's Teyla Emmagan? Weir: You know Teyla? Sora: Is she here, in the city? Weir: No, she isn't. You must be Sora. I read the Genii mission report. I'm sorry about your father. Sora: He'll be avenged. Weir: Teyla didn't kill him. Sora: No. She left him to die. Weir: She had no choice- Sora: Are you finished?

  • Weir: We start investigating evacuation plans, both on the mainland and off-world somewhere. Sheppard: You know McKay will come up with something. He's just setting himself up to be a hero. Weir: Yeah, well maybe Rodney is, but Dr. Zelenka, he seemed genuinely concerned.

  • Sheppard: Come on, guys, this city's been around for a long time. Zelenka: Storm surge is inevitable. McKay: Not to mention the fact that by moving over a landmass just before hitting us, the likelihood of tornadoes and electrical activity is greatly increased. Sheppard: This is Atlantis. They've got to be able to handle that... Right? McKay: No. Weir: Why not?! McKay: The people who built this city knew they had a forcefield capable of holding back anything Mother Nature or, for that matter, the Wraith, could throw at them. Without that protection, Atlantis is remarkably fragile.

  • Sheppard: So my orders are to come up with a friendly planet that wouldn't mind putting us up for a night?

  • McKay: I was once almost struck by lightning. Zelenka: Lightning? (Inspired by a thought, he turns around to face Rodney just as Rodney jumps to his feet, obviously struck by the same thought.)

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  • According to the Ancient database, every 20 or 30 years the sea around Atlantis gets unseasonably warm. Previously the Ancients either strengthened the shield or submerged the city deep enough not to be affected by the massive storm that is created.

  • Kolya: Say goodbye to Dr. Weir. Sheppard: This city has a self-destruct button. You hurt her, I'll activate it. Nobody'll get Atlantis. Kolya: Even if it exists, Major, you need at least two senior personnel to activate it. He's not sure he believes it exists but somehow Kolya knows it requires two codes to activate the self destruct? How?

  • Beckett: (to Ford) Neither one of us are real pilots. It is revealed in "Hot Zone" that Lt. Ford does not possess the necessary gene to use Lantean technology thus it is completely moot whether he is a good pilot or a bad one as he couldn't have flown the Jumper. It may seem strange, seeing as Doctor McKay received the gene artificially in the episode "Hide and Seek and is apparently permanent, however it is revealed later that not every one who receives the gene innoculation actually have it activated.

  • The Menarians were first mentioned in "Underground". Sgt. Bates' team had initiated a trade agreement with them off screen during the episode.

  • When Sheppard and Ford are asking the Menarian leader for shelter during the storm, the table at which they sit holds two very distinctive candlestick holders. In "Underground", at the feast, the exact same candlestick holders are present, emphasizing the alliance between the Menarians and the Genii.

  • Throughout this episode and the next, Beckett's Puddle Jumper bears a grey "J2" sign on the front of the flight console facing the window, obviously designating it as Jumper 2. However, outside of these two episodes, this sign and any others for different Jumpers are not present.

  • Teyla and Dr. Beckett are wearing their shoulder patches while they are on the mainland helping the Athosians. This is only the second time since "Rising (2)" that we see team members wearing their patches outside of Atlantis; the first being in "Home".

  • Goof: After Sheppard has picked up the Genii communicator from the dead soldier, he uses it to communicate with Kolya, however Kolya continues to use the radio Sheppard left in the C-4 container.

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  • Ford: How could something as big as Atlantis just sink? Sheppard: I'm sure the passengers on the Titanic were asking themselves the same question. RMS Titanic (also SS Titanic) was the second of a trio of superliners intended to dominate the transatlantic travel business. Owned by the White Star Line and built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard, Titanic was the largest passenger steamship in the world at the time of its launching. During Titanic's maiden voyage, it struck an iceberg at 11:40 PM (ship's time) on Sunday evening April 14, 1912, and sank two hours and forty minutes later at 2:20 AM Monday morning.

  • "Khan!": The part where Sheppard shouts "Kolya!" into the communicator is just like in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan when Admiral Kirk shouts "Khan!" into a communicator.

  • McKay: I will try, but despite what you all may think, I'm not Superman. He referred, of course, to the iconic superhero published by DC Comics.