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    By TrueTvWatcher, Nov 20, 2010

    Travelers was a good episode of Stargate Atlantis. Sheppard is taken hostage to fly an Ancient Battle Ship for the Travelers who are running out of room on the ships they have. The Travelers remind me of Gypsys. I think we will see them in the future, and this might be a good idea to let them have the ship, to spread out technology a little, so that it survives some where. Also it will give these people a fighting chance. I must admit though that I'm disappointed that something happens every time they find a new Ancient Ship, and it never sticks around for long. They survived for over 10,000 years in space but an episode with the Atlantis Expedition and their Destroyed, Stolen, or Given Away. I hope there are more out there for them to find.moreless

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  • 8.9


    By Fwirrel, Nov 20, 2010

    I laughed a lot in this episode. I thought Sheppard's relationship with his captor was halarious and I liked how they ewnt back and forth between captor, captive, and helpers. I thought the story was pretty predictable, but it was still interesting. The story was also not very original and unique, but oh well. I liked how they included McKay and their rescue efforts, but didn't focus on that. I really like how this episode opens up to more interaction between Atlantis and this traveling race. Overall, this episode had an interesting story with halarious character interactions and this episode opens up options for the future.moreless

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  • 9.1

    I liked it...

    By Parricida, Nov 20, 2010

    One man show, but I liked it - maybe it was the energy or the endless annoying game where one tried to fool other and vice versa. You never knew who will win in the end. And that commander was quite equal opponent for Sheppard.

    So, the episode itself did not gave us much storyline, but there was a lot of excitement and those wraiths were great addition. That hide and seek on ancient ship - great to watch and really good interlude for a while. There is always something new, and this one defenetly was one of those.

    There might come great alliance between them.moreless

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    Not bad.

    By farscapefanuk, Nov 20, 2010

    This was a pretty average episode which introduced the team to a new race of aliens know as the travelers. And yes they are as they sound, they travel around the galaxy in search of safe haven. So basically they kidnap Sheppard and then try to get him to start an old Ancient Space ship. So he does so but the situation gets worst when the Wraith get involved, but eventually the travellers get away with the Ship. Well overall it was a good episode. And i liked the tension between Shepard and the woman. So i hope next weeks episode is a little more focused to the main story.moreless

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  • 8.4

    Certainly not Atlantis's finest, but a decent, fun, distinctly Sheppard centric episode.

    By manwithaplan42, Nov 08, 2007

    If you don't like Sheppard don't watch this episode, since its practically *all* about him.

    For you normal, non-dull folks its a blast.

    On the face of it this episode is the basic "new species" fare. As far as that goes, as a race, the Travellers are interesting, however the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. Ie Larrin (played fantastically by Jill Wagner). Larrin is possibly the most intriguing femme fatale on Stargate in a long time. One the face of it she is cold and ruthless, but beneath that is a human woman struggling to survive, all layered in a character that will do anything to make sure her people do just that, survive.

    The verbal (and physical) sparring between Sheppard and Larrin is entertaining to watch, and the chemistry between the two characters is subtle and nuanced, with the actors masterfully managing to put chemistry into scenes when the two should kill each other, they seem to be enjoying themselves.

    The writers also manage to make you care about Larrin, and you find yourself fretting as she is being attacked by the Wraith. It's also nice to see Sheppard's Captain Kirk ways backfire on him as Larrin manages to distract him and remove his weapon (his pistol dammit, get your mind out of the gutter) from his holster in a way that would make Malcolm Reynolds blush.

    The downside of the episode is that it is a little trite, the violence at times un needed, plus the rest of the team is practically useless in this episode. I'm also not that happy at Ronon's transformation from unpredictable mercenary to "one of the guys". The writers also make Sheppard seem a little *too* dumb, but minor niggles. A good, solid enjoyable episode.moreless

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  • 6.5

    really really REALLY corney...

    By jematika, Nov 04, 2007

    I thought the IDEA for this episode was quite good. unoriginal but good. a race living in space (oops) to avoid the wraith. hmm, sounds almost like that tv show Firefly (hence the unoriginal part).

    I quite liked this episode UNTIL they made shepperd out to be the hero with stockholm sindrome. all the scenes with larin and shep were so unbelievably corney i found myself rolling my eyes everytime they were on screen together.

    If they wanted that to work they first had to establish some sexual tension. there were absolutly no romantic moments (maybe a subtle one). ok now im rambling, back to the point...

    i did however like pretty much everything else, how shepperd escaped (multiple times) and the fact that larin and her people had very little to lose, i thought that made a great scene.moreless

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  • 5.0

    Must be just me but this is getting really boring just like last week. An aggressive other group of people try and take without asking from an Atlantis team member, a few knocks and pointless violence then everybody leaves happy

    By cremasteel1, Nov 01, 2007

    I love SGA and SG1 and any other Sci-fi and have been really looking forward to this season. Got to say I'm struggling to stay interested - maybe it's an off season for me. Aggro 'hot' woman gives Shephard a beating after kidnapping him and so on then Shepherd thinks hey this lady and the rest of her like minded people who are into kidnapping and beating up people for what they want are worthy of contesting control of the galaxy/universe when the Wraith are exterminated. I did notice the token appearance of the Wraith in this episode I forgot they were a threat, mind you they did get beaten AGAIN so are they really as formidable as they're made out to be.

    Did I miss an episode or a season at one time I thought they were on their way to earth - Did the Ori kill them or something.moreless

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  • 7.0

    A fairly mediocre episode

    By entil2001, Oct 30, 2007

    This episode boils down to a simple premise, isolating Sheppard from the rest of Team Atlantis for a rousing adventure with a new group of disaffected humanoids. In this case, the episode has less to do with psychological exploration of Sheppard's character and more to do with a stripped-down action-driven tale.

    As always, such an episode finds success or failure based on the strength or weakness of the opponents. That puts a lot of pressure on the Travelers, and particularly Larrin, to prove themselves interesting. For the most part, that goal is achieved. The concept behind the Travelers is consistent with the state of play in the Pegasus Galaxy, and opens up interesting new possibilities.

    The Travelers have abandoned worlds completely on the theory that living in ships will lessen the chance of culling by the Wraith. If nothing else, they can see the Wraith coming, avoid them if possible, and defend themselves more readily. They've heard about Team Atlantis, and they know that certain members have the Ancient gene. The Travelers have taken possession of an Ancient battleship, and they plan to use Sheppard to create an interface.

    The Travelers are very much like a space-borne Genii; they have strong resources, a relatively clear agenda, and little desire to forge an alliance with a group that has created problems since their arrival. At this point, at least, the Travelers are far less complicated than the Genii. Sheppard only deals with a handful, and the only one of importance is Larrin.

    Larrin is, of course, an attractive woman with a bit of edge to her personality, and that seems to serve a dual purpose. The fact that she's eye candy was no doubt considered useful to the producers and the network as fan service, and it plays into Sheppard's reputation as the "Captain Kirk" of Team Atlantis. On the other hand, she represents the kind of female personality that has been lacking on the series.

    The premise, as I mentioned, is simple; Sheppard and Larrin battle each other for control of the Lantean battleship until Sheppard's bid for escape brings the attention of the Wraith. Then, reluctantly, they must work together to survive. Sheppard's friends arrive just in time to save him. Without the interaction between Sheppard and Larrin, there wouldn't be much distinguish it from several dozen such episodes on several other shows over the past several years.

    In the end, it's a competent enough episode, if overly familiar at the core. I liked Larrin as a potential ally for the future (or even as a potential enemy), and the concept behind the Travelers has potential. This wasn't one of the best episodes of the series, but it certainly wasn't among the worst. Let's just say this season's new recurring guest character is a lot less toxic than Lucius.moreless

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  • 5.4

    I chose Average because there was no Below Average.

    That was without a doubt the most annoying ep I've seen.

    By annpo, Oct 30, 2007

    Sheppard is captured by a race of paranoid space nomads.

    I actually found myself barracking for the Wraith when Larren was their captive and was very disappointed when Sheppard made the Wraith restore her life-force. She was without a doubt the most annoying character I've seen on TV for quite a while. And as for paranoia......the CIA would love her!

    Now I know that, as a female, I missed the main appeal of the character of Larren, but really - could she have been any more annoying?! I'm surprised her race didn't died out 900 years ago they're so stupid and short-sighted. Maybe after a thousand years their inbreeding ratio has reached critical.

    All in all I thought this was a badly written filler episode- - - that could've been a whole helluva lot better if the main protagonists character had been less winsome and more intelligent.moreless

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  • 8.2

    Average Episode

    By pwells01, Oct 29, 2007

    Good episode, but I wouldn't say great or original. Reminded me of Prometheus Unbound. And Sheppard falling for the oldest kiss trick in the book? Anyway, she was hot, and I hope we haven't seen the last of her. So overall it was good.

    And now for a rant which I eluded to in the Sg1 vs Atlantis discussion: there's something about Atlantis that bugs me compared to Sg1. In Sg1, the group was a team and a family, and most episodes centered around them working together. Each of the members had a decent role in many episodes, and I really did think of them as an integrated team even only after the first or second season. Sure there were character-centric episodes, but overall I felt each member was special and important to the team and the show.

    But in Atlantis, after already 3+ seasons, it feels that most episodes center on either Sheppard or McKay. I do like these two characters a lot, but I would like to see a more integrated team. Take a look at what Teyla has done in each episode in this season so far - not much at all. Neither has Ronon except for the one Ronon-centric episode. After this episode it doesn't seem that Carter will be a major character, though that remains to be seen. Everybody except Sheppard and McKay seem expendable - which, by the way, is at 4 characters by my count, maybe more.moreless

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