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    Worst of the Series. Maybe Worst of the entire SG franchise.

    By watercayman, Nov 08, 2011

    Plot: 0, Writing: 0, Excitement: 0, Sci-Fi: -1, Music: 8 (for trying to make something pitiful exciting.)

    Wow, this is the first time I've ever turned off a Stargate Episode before it was finished. What garbage. I'd rather have one less episode and save the budget (although this budget was probably $50) for another. If you want people talking at each other, watch soap opera. With an entire new galaxy to investigate and no limit on what the imagination could come up with, this was such a disappointment. By the time the juvenile chat about who they'd 'do' if they had to came along, I was ready to throw up. This is a SCI-FI show! Create something interesting!! Keep our attention by intrigue, not character drivel!


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    Wow, take a great season, find a silly way to get a few characters into one place, and Bam, you make the audience bored as a door.

    By ElRhinoMan, Nov 08, 2011

    I am not sure why this episode was made. Most of this season seemed important, or adventurous, or entertaining. But for some reason we get this episode that was nearly unbearable to watch.

    It was unique in the main characters were Carter, Mckay and Kellar. Their characters are all similar, brains over brawns. But even with 3 of the most intelligent people of 2 Galaxies could not figure out how to get out of this stupid hole!

    That's right, this hole was stupid. An old mining facility was building about 8 inches below the surface, and somehow it managed to get a small sink hole after years of being abondond. This episode was filled with silly unsuccessful attempts to climb 50 feet.moreless

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    My thoughts on Trio

    By sfloreen, Nov 08, 2011

    This is by far the best McKay episode I have ever seen. His character has gone so far from the snivling coward of the first season. To me the most powerful scene was the shot of McKay's hands after he had let Keller down into the tunnel. They were so scratched up and bleeding, and still he lowered Carter down. I feel sure that in season one he would not have even considered doing something like that. He was willing to sacrifice himself for others, and this is a great example of how Hewlett's character has evolved over the years.moreless

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    See Summary

    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 06, 2010

    Trio was a treat indeed. The Trio included Colonel Carter, Dr. McKay, and Dr. Keller. The three traveled to a world ravaged by devestating earthquakes, and is about to be utterly destroyed, to convince the people to relocate to another world. Everything goes horribly wrong though as the three fall into a hole and discover they are in an old Genii mining facility. Most of the episode takes place in this location. It starts to feel like they will never get out. They start talking and getting to know each other even more than they thought possible. It was fun to watch the interactions and out comes of conversations had. This episode was a little slow, but ultimately good, and a nice bread before all the action happens in the following episodes to end the season!moreless

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    Carter, Mckay and Keller get stuck down a hole and need to get out.

    By wellicanbake, Jul 15, 2010

    My friend and i were discussing the other day that while we enjoy the new Dr Who series we felt that something that was lacking was how he often solved problems with practical application like in the old days. I mention this because this episode of Atlantis summed up exactly what were looking for. Three smart people stuck in a situation with limited time and limited resources and have to think and try different methods to get out. Truley a great episode that can spark much debate later and during amongst friends on exactly how you would have got out of the situation I take my hat off to the writers here. what was clearly only supposed to be filler episode turned out to be a high class example of character perfomance and clever ingunity (probably missed spelt) more episodes like this could only improve the show. That said it does contrast nicely with the following episode with violence and action to the max. Thank god for this show.moreless

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    Coming off a TRIO of uninspired shows…

    By tv-striker, Apr 18, 2009

    Coming off a TRIO of uninspired shows…

    We're given this little "character" story. Now, I'm okay with the character shows. Those are shows with minimal suspense and special effects but trap us in into quaint little scenes designed to illicit "character." But, we've lately just gone through "Quarantine" which did the exact same thing.

    In this case, they've chosen to strand Rodney, Keller, and Carter in a mining room. Naturally, it could collapse at any moment and they need to work together to try and escape. Along the way, tidbits of character and character interaction are doled out. And, based on these three people, it can be entertaining. The absolute best part is where the young local boys find them and McKay indicates to Carter (and later Keller) that they should lift their shirts for the young kids. It's pretty subtle but very McKay and almost makes the entire episode somewhat worthwhile.

    Ultimately though, the story is boring.moreless

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  • 7.9

    Three characters who haven't had a lot of interaction with each other so far trapped in a hole has got to be a challenge to write, but, considering no ongoing plots were forwarded and nothing earthshattering happened it was a pretty good episode.

    By TineRua, Feb 22, 2008

    Three characters who haven't had a lot of interaction with each other so far trapped in a hole has got to be a challenge to write, but, considering no ongoing plots were forwarded and nothing earthshattering happened it was a pretty good episode. It can't have been easy writing all that and trying to not make it contrived. Some of it may have ended up that way, but largely I found (Trio) to be very fun to watch.

    Though I miss Carson, I love Keller. She's got a naievete about her that makes her a good source of humour in certain situations, but she's always ready to jump in with medical expertise. Like in (Quarantine) she proves that she bores easily and talks to whoever is in the area to try to keep her mind occupied. Her game of 'Who Would You Rather' was brilliant, since, when Sam was on SG-1 she never really got the chance to have many girl-friend moments, especially not in the field.

    Rodney was typical Rodney, though he did revert a little bit toward the Rodney McKay he was when he was just a guest on SG-1 once in a while. His assurances to Sam that they would have got what they wanted from the kids if she had flashed them rivalled with his frantic comparing of attributes between Keller and Sam. He could have easily got out of being the one to climb on top of the crates by saying that he was heavier than Sam and Keller and that since Keller had a thing with heights Sam was the logical choice, but instead he chose to point out one of his character flaws which is kind of endearing about him.

    And Sam... It was great to see her back out in the field, something we haven't seen much of since her first episode as commander of Atlantis. All season there have been things that I find myself saying 'Sam should be able to take care of that' but I guess now that she's in charge of the City she has a different set of responsibilities and fixing the crisis of the day isn't really her job anymore--especially since it would take away from the acts of the original leads. Her insistance that she remain clearheaded after breaking her leg was very similar to her reaction when Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder) tried to give her morphine after she was shot by a Prior's staff and the Ori were bearing down on them in the SG-1 season 10 episode (Line In the Sand), making that part of the episode classic Carter.

    I could have done with some more Joe Flanigan, but the fact that he went through a meeting with a superior officer while sucking on a sour lolly pop was too funny for me to care about the fact that he disappears before the title credits even begin.moreless

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  • 8.8

    Filler yes is that bad no since it was a fun episode all the way through. This character study disguised as an escape from danger did a great job of showcasing three of the main figures. Mckay hopefully learned to take a step back and

    By danharr, Feb 22, 2008

    Filler yes is that bad no since it was a fun episode all the way through. This character study disguised as an escape from danger did a great job of showcasing three of the main figures. Mckay hopefully learned to take a step back and not try to be the hero brain of everything. Sam got to do something which is rare since her arrival on Atlantis. Nice reminder of the character we came to appreciate from SG1. Keller for once wasn't the weakest person in the room which doesn't say much for the neurotic Mckay and at the end we have her and Mckay becoming an item. Not a great episode and nothing happened but I still don't understand why so many people felt the need to harp on this point and not just enjoy a harmless filler episode.moreless

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    40 minutes knowing they won't get until the last second...

    By Parricida, Feb 16, 2008

    Totally predictable episode that in the end offered nothing. First it looked there might be character development, then it looked there might be some running around and action on not so abandoned mine but no - there was nothing except big crates that were not good enough to climb up. There was some little thing to MacGyver out a way to the surface but in the end, it does not work, as always. Just that kind of - I had idea, and then, oh it failed episode. Some little talk, nothing at all, in the end. They really hadn't had no major storyline development for so many episodes.moreless

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  • 9.8

    It's these episodes why I watch TV shows.

    By necro_dragoon, Feb 16, 2008

    This episode is great because it has everything I like in an episode. It has a problem that everyone tries fixing in their own unique way for example Jennifer's beer inspire attempt, Rodney's catepult, and of course Sam's grappling hook. It also has character development which I like more than anything when I write my books, plays, and such. Then the whole endding portion helped me write my own episodes for the series of Stargate Atlantis. As my final notes for my review I want to finish what I started out saying and that my reasoning for a 9.8 is that I like Jewel Staite and Amanda Tapping and David Hewlett.moreless

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