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  • (McKay leads Weir, Sumner and Sheppard into a room with a glowing hologram of a woman in a white robe.) Hologram: ... in the hope of spreading new life in a galaxy where there appeared to be none. Soon the new life grew, prospered. Here ... (As she continues speaking, Weir, Sumner and Sheppard walk over to Beckett, who is standing on a step behind a small podium.) Beckett: It's a hologram. The recording loops. This is my second time through. Sumner: What have we missed? Beckett: Not much. Hologram: ... exchange knowledge and friendship (above her head a three dimensional holographic map of the galaxy appears). In time, a thousand worlds bore the fruit of life in this form. Then, one day our people stepped foot upon a dark world where a terrible enemy slept. Never before had we encountered beings with powers that rivaled our own. In our over-confidence, we were unprepared and outnumbered. The enemy fed upon defenseless human worlds like a great scourge until finally only Atlantis remained. This city's great shield was powerful enough to withstand their terrible weapons, but here we were besieged for many years. In an effort to save the last of our kind, we submerged our great city into the ocean. The Atlantis Stargate was the one and only link back to Earth from this galaxy, and those who remained used it to return to that world that was once home. There, the last survivors of Atlantis lived out the remainder of their lives. This city was left to slumber, in the hope that our kind would one day return. (Beckett steps off the podium and the hologram disappears.)

  • Sumner (over radio): Doctor Weir. Colonel Sumner. Can you come down and meet me, please? We're three levels down from you. Weir: (into radio) Right away. (Weir and Sheppard make their way down to meet with Sumner.) Sumner: We've only been able to secure a fraction of the place. It's huge. Weir: So it might really be the lost city of Atlantis? Sumner: I'd say that's a good bet. (Sumner leads them towards what he wants them to see. Weir stares in amazement.) Weir: Oh my God. (Sumner has brought them to a large window. The city lies under water.) Weir: We're under water. (They gaze out of the window.) Sumner: I'd say we're under several hundred feet of ocean. If we can't dial out, this could be a problem. McKay: Colonel. Doctor Weir. Sheppard: (to McKay) We're under water! McKay: (walking over to join them) Yes, I was just, uh, coming to tell you. Fortunately, there is some sort of a forcefield holding back the w...water. (stops and stares at the sight out of the window.) Oh, that is impressive, isn't it?

  • Beckett: They think the gene was used as a sort of genetic key, if you will, so that only their kind could operate certain dangerous and powerful technologies. (Beckett turns away from the Chair. Behind him, Sheppard pokes at the arm control panels tentatively.) Sheppard: So some people have the same genes as these Ancients. (Sheppard walks around the Chair.) Beckett: The specific gene is very rare, but on the whole they look very much like we do. In fact they were first. We're the second evolution of this form, the Ancients having explored this galaxy for millions of years before ... Major, please don't. (Sheppard started to sit down in the Chair.) Sheppard: Come on, what are the odds of me having the same genes as these guys? (As Sheppard sits down, the Chair immediately lights up and reclines. Sheppard and Beckett stare in amazement.) Beckett: Quite slim, actually. (Shouting out) Doctor Weir! (looks at Sheppard) Don't move. (Beckett hurries off. Sheppard lies in the Chair, looking upwards nervously.)

  • McKay: The Zero Point Module, General. The, uh, Ancient power source you recovered from Proclarush Taonas and that's now powering the outpost's defenses. I have since determined that it generates its enormous power from vacuum energy derived from a self-contained region of subspace time. O'Neill: That was a waste of a perfectly good explanation.

  • (O'Neill and Sheppard fly in a helicopter when they receive warning from a base.) Voice (over radio): All inbound craft, we have a rogue drone that could seek a target on its own. Land immediately and shut down your engines. This is not a drill. I repeat … Sheppard: It's too late. Hang on! (The drone flies at them, but Sheppard swings the helicopter out of its way. The drone circles around and comes at them from behind. Again Sheppard yanks the helicopter out of the way. Again the drone swings around and heads towards them.) O'Neill: Break right. (Sheppard banks hard to the left. The drone whizzes past them again.) O'Neill: I said right! Sheppard: I'm gettin' to that, sir. (Sheppard swings the helicopter to the right.)

  • (A helicopter flies over the snow of Antarctica.) Sheppard: Apache, Black Hawk, Cobra, Osprey ... O'Neill: That's a lot of training for the Antarctic. Sheppard: It was the one continent I never set foot on. O'Neill: It's one of my least favorite continents. Sheppard: I kinda like it here. (O'Neill turns and looks at him.) O'Neill: You like it here?! Sheppard: Yes, sir. (checks his instruments) Be there in about ten minutes, sir.

  • Beckett: You see? Nothing. (Beckett gets out of the Chair and starts to walk away.) McKay: Carson. Get back here. Beckett: (to McKay) I could sit in that chair all bloody day long and nothing would happen. It's a waste of time. (to Weir) Excuse me, Doctor Weir. McKay: (to Weir) He's not even trying. Weir: But he's the one who discovered the gene this technology responds to. McKay: Yeah, well, he said he wished he never had it. Weir: Really? McKay: (incredulously) I know, can you believe that? Weir: (smiles) We could always test you a third time, Rodney. McKay: (annoyed) That's very funny. Weir: We've only found a handful of people who are genetically compatible with the Ancient technology and despite your heroic efforts to interface ours with theirs, we need every one of them to sit in this Chair, including Doctor Beckett. McKay: What am I supposed to do? He's afraid of that thing.

  • Sheppard: What's the mask you got on? Wex: This? Wraith. Sheppard: Wraith? What's that? Jinto: You don't know? Wex: What world do you come from? Jinto: Can we go there? Sheppard: I'm afraid not. I come from a galaxy far, far away.

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Notes (554)

  • The lake on Athos appears to be the same one from the beginning of the Stargate SG-1 Season 2 episode "In the Line of Duty."

  • David Hewlett will be receiving the "And" credit.

  • Joe Flanigan does actually know how to fly the helo that Sheppard and O'Neill were in, but for both budgetary reasons and safety concerns Flanigan's shots inside the helo were all done in a studio or on location, and he was not permitted to try to fly.

  • As stated in the DVD Commentary, Rachel Luttrell's name was spelled incorrectly in the opening credits of some episodes of season one. This error was corrected in subsequent episodes and on the DVD Release version.

  • Teyla was originally named "Mikala" in an early draft of the script. Among the many actresses who auditioned for the role are Ona Grauer ("Ayiana" in Stargate SG-1 Season 6's "Frozen") and Kira Clavell ("Amaterasu" in Stargate SG-1 Season 8's "New Order").

  • Originally, the main scientist was to be "Dr. Benjamin Ingram," an African-Canadian. Actor David Hewlett (while not African-Canadian) even auditioned for the role before it was decided to replace Ingram with Dr. Rodney McKay who was first introduced in the Stargate SG-1 Season 5 episode "48 Hours".

  • Stargate Atlantis was originally conceived to be set on Earth, after Stargate SG-1 had ended its run and had spawned the new series with a feature film. The film's story instead became the SG-1 Season Seven finale "Lost City" which sets up the premise for the new show. Because SG-1 continued to an eighth season, which would run simultaneously with the first year of Atlantis, the producers decided instead to set the new show in another galaxy, so that the shows could run concurrently without their plots constantly interfering with, or needing to refer to, one another.

  • Before Joe Flanigan was cast, Ben Browder was also in the running to play John Sheppard. Instead, Browder became Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell on Stargate SG-1, first appearing in the Season 9 premiere episode "Avalon, Part 1".

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Trivia (733)

  • It is obvious that the uniforms are color coded to the department in which a particular person works. Yellow is medical, Blue is sciences, Red is leadership, and, introduced later, Black is military.

  • Goof: In the episode Dr. McKay brings up how one of the Ancients must have told the Greeks the story of Atlantis. But historically it was the Egyptians who learned of Atlantis, not the Greeks. This could be a case of ignorance on part of the character.

  • McKay: "Zero-Point Module," General, the Ancient power source you recovered from Praclarush Taonas and that's now powering the outpost's defenses. McKay is referring to events in the Stargate SG-1 seventh season finale "Lost City, Part 2."

  • Sheppard: Sure you'll warm up to me once you get to know me, sir. Captain Samantha Carter said something along that response to Colonel O'Neill, in the pilot episode "Children Of the Gods" of Stargate SG-1. Only hers was "You know Colonel, you really will like me once you get to know me."

  • Goof: When General O'Neill's helicopter makes an emergency landing because of the drone, tire tracks and footprints can be seen in the snow.

  • When Shepard and O'Neill are leaving the Antarctic Base and are in the Helo, Sheppard starting to prep for take off and we hear the machine sound though the helo's main circuit breaker from the previous emergency landing is still on.

  • In this episode the 'GDO' is introduced to Stargate Atlantis. The GDO was first introduced in the pilot episode of Stargate SG-1 "Children of the Gods". It means Garage Door Opener, the casual name for the device which sends an identification code (IDC) through the Stargate so that those back at base know it's safe to lower the shield.

  • Nitpick: Why did it take Colonel Sumner going down 3 levels from the Atlantis gate room to discover that the city was underwater? There were at least two exterior windows in the gate room (as evidenced when the city rose: the water level was shown passing a window behind the Stargate and one at the top of the stairs). They may not have been able to see much of the rest of the city from those windows, but they should have been able to see the surface as it was visible from the lower level.

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Allusions (237)

  • Sheppard: We're from a galaxy far, far away. He was riffing on the opening scroll from the Star Wars movies.

  • Sheppard: Well, they thought he was finally dead, but when they turned their backs to go, his cold dead eyes opened beneath his hockey mask and he rose up with his giant bloody knife ... And remember, tomorrow night, kids, another tale called Nightmare on Elm Street. The hockey mask reference indicates Sheppard used Friday the 13th as the basis for the bedtime story he told the Athosian children. He said Nightmare on Elm Street will be next.

  • Sheppard: I think we're going to need a bigger boat. Chief Brody said this to Quint after the shark briefly appeared to him in the movie Jaws. It's a line often quoted in reference to a problem that is much larger than it first appeared.

  • McKay: Dead man talking. This is a reference to the term "Dead Man Walking", which is used to describe a person who is being transported to his execution.

  • Beckett: I'm told you have something of a cling-on. Referencing the Klingons of the Star Trek universe. The words Klingon and cling-on being homophones.

  • McKay: I mean, we are stranded with limited resources in another galaxy. Come on, the nearest Bob's Big Boy is three hundred million light years away. Big Boy is a restaurant chain. The chain started in 1936 by Bob Wian in Glendale, California as Bob's Big Boy. Marriott bought the chain in 1967. Big Boy Restaurants International is now headquartered in Warren, Michigan. The company is the franchiser for more than 455 Big Boy Restaurants in the United States and Japan.

  • McKay: I don't know what I did, these things are usually plug and play. This device must be using an older version of Windows The term Windows collectively describes any or all of several generations of Microsoft operating system products. They were introduced in 1985 and have been dominating the personal computer market ever since the introduction of Windows '95 in 1995.

  • McKay: I don't know what I did, these things are usually plug and play. This device must be using an older version of Windows. Plug and Play is a term used in the computer field to describe a computer's ability to have new devices added to it without having to reconfigure or (ideally) restart the computer, or in this case a Z.P.M. The term Plug and Play is most associated with Microsoft's Windows Operating Systems.

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