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    Film Noir episode of SGA

    By BevinChu, Sep 03, 2012

    Film Noir episode of SGA.

    Don't know why some fans got all bent out of shape over it.

    Every popular series has to do a film noir episode sooner or later.

    Besides, it works as an alternate universe scenario, and the series was winding down anyway. What's the problem?

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    Totally Useless Episode

    By TnWriter55, Jan 22, 2012

    This 43 minutes could have been used much better as a lead in to the series finale. To end a series as good as this one in a one-parter was just stupid and shows no feelings at all for the fans. Of course, writing a review 3 years after a series is over is senseless too. Enjoyed ya SGA. The fans enjoyed you for 5 years on TV, you killed 2 weeks for me on Netflix.

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    Atlantis doesnt deserves this kind of crap

    By KAKAROTO-, Oct 15, 2011

    Its the worst filler atlantis has ever had (and this season was so full of them) a totally pointless episode which's only purpose was to get ready for the final ep... as they have wasted half the series on stupid fillers and returns of dead characters "Oh my god! i tought we killed you the last 3 times!" stargate atlantis is starting to somehow resemble the freddy kruger movies, they could have sued all those fillers to prepare a good end for the series, but they preffered to waste them and come up with a stupid episode like this, the music reminds me of an old western and they try to make Sheppard look like the old west sherif...FAILmoreless

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  • 8.0

    An interesting concept, but it felt more like someone's challenge on a fanfiction site than an actual episode.

    By TineRua, May 18, 2011

    With the series wrapping up not long after this episode aired having us watch an episode where our favourite characters are playing their alternate universe selves was the wrong move. This episode could have aired earlier in the season, or, really, anytime during the series, but to put it so close to the end was rushing everything.

    While I didn't mind the concept, on spec, the actual episode wasn't what I was hoping for. Very few of the characters interacted with each other, and none in a way that was familliar to us. A Wraith blending in on Earth without a problem defies believablity--they're not exactly a low-profile species. And the fact that the entire episode was a set up for the series finale completely took away from what could have been a decent episode had it aired at a different point in the season.

    Altogether not overly impressed, though any excuse to watch Joe Flanigan is a good one.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Should not have watched this episode when I was already feeling depressed. It's not exactly a pick-me-up.

    By praeda, Mar 27, 2011

    I liked this episode a lot better than many from the last two seasons. However, the second to last episode of a series isn't one that should be spent in an alternate universe, at least not entirely. The "case" itself was boring and slow-moving until close to the end, and none of it related to our universe or characters at all until the last few seconds. The ending was great, but I think the episode as a whole would have been great if they had condensed the Vegas plot. They could have interwoven it with a plot in our Atlantis or even the alternative Atlantis.moreless

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  • 10

    Now this is an episode that will definitely be a classic for the Stargate Atlantis enthusiast.

    By dietermerk, Nov 26, 2010

    At first I thought I had the wrong channel. Then I thought I was watching CSI. Then I realized I was watching an alternate universe with the same characters living alternate lives. I enjoyed every minute of it. I may be easy to please but the fact that I am actually writing a review on this must mean the writers, directors, actors and producers did their job well. You all met your goal to entertain. Don't worry about the low ratings received for this episode. These critics were from an alternate universe themselves.

    Looking forward to seeing how this alternate universe fits in with the current one.moreless

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    One of the top 5 episodes. The best or second best this season

    By tinidk, Nov 26, 2010

    This is one of the top 5 episodes of the show. The soundtrack is ΓΌber cool. I don't watch CSI much, but it didn't take long to see the link. If you love the show, then you will love this EP. The way that John Shepard is in this reality is very plausible. There way he is flawed, and uncaring about others kinda suits him. He is a bit like Hank in Californication.

    The action scenes are very well made, and again the music is very cool, even though I don't really like the artists. See it. Rate it. Love it.moreless

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    Awesome. Great writing, great music!

    By vickys_22, Nov 26, 2010

    This episode was really good. It was great to see something different from the team. I loved the music and it was put together well with the episode. Some of the scenes reminded me of Blade, particularly when featuring the wraith. I thought the episode had a movie feel about it at times. I liked the CSI Vegas style as well, it worked really well. The poker scene was very well done. Joe Flanigan was great as a moody detective.. maybe his next role? The story threw up lots of possiblities for the next episode which i have seen yet ...maybe..?moreless

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    See Summary

    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 09, 2010

    Vegas was a different episode of Stargate Atlantis. It didn't really seem to have much to do with the season, and feels a little out of place. It is however a great story, and neat concept. I think that they should have played this earlier in the season, as many have said. It was cool that they did an episode like this, the timing of it is off however. I liked the whole Wraith blending in on Earth, looking like a Goth, and maybe like some one out of the Matrix. The ending was very artistic and sets an eerie tone for the end of the season, if it does correlate in any way to the last episode.moreless

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  • 9.5

    great ending... to the series

    By lord_ratman_IV, Sep 25, 2010

    This was truly a great episode and totally summed up the series, at the end. John Sheppard dying a "solitary man" alone in the desert. same like the series, dying alone. Almost made me bring a tear to my eye. I'm really sad that this was only the second-last episode and happy to know that there will be a tv movie to follow up on such a great series. This episode though and wraith, the music truly a great one. I like how that all the earth characters were wearing suits and that Dr. McKay was a little different, less annoying smart but still great. it shows how great the series relied on the actors.moreless

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