Stargate SG-1


Season 2, Ep 21, Aired 3/5/99
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  • Episode Description
  • SG-1 departs on a mission only to find themselves in the missile silo where SGC Command was built upon, 30 years ago. Due to solar flare emissions warping the Stargate wormhole, they've traveled back in time. Captured by the U.S. military and unable to tell them anything without altering their own history, they must escape with the help of their commander, General Hammond (now only a Lieutenant, and 30 years younger), and somehow gain access to a Stargate and reverse the procedure so they can return to their own time.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Richard Dean Anderson

    Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

  • Christopher Judge


  • Brad Wright

  • Charlie Correll

  • Alex Zahara


  • Fan Reviews (16)
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  • SG-1 takes a trip to the 60's...

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (14)

    • Lt. Hammond: Seeing as helping you will undoubtedly lead to court-martial, I'd like to know why I would do that. Sam: Because it's your idea. Jack: Albeit one you won't have for 30 years. Lt. Hammond: What? Sam: I know this is kind of hard to understand, but that's roughly how far back in time we've traveled. Lt. Hammond: (smiling) I'm sorry. I can't help you.

    • Jack: Captain James T Kirk, of the Starship Enterprise.
      Thornbird: Your dog tags say otherwise.
      Jack: They're lying.

    • Jack: What is she (Carter) doing? Daniel: Uh, she said something about having to time the calculations exactly right this time of year. Jack: This time of year? What difference does it make?! Daniel: Uh, she said something about solar...uh...well, to be honest with you I wasn't really paying attention.

    • Sam: Escape and hopefully live out the rest of our lives without affecting history. Jack: Or...? Sam: I can't think of an 'or' at the moment, Sir. Daniel: No 'or'? Jack: There's an 'or.' Daniel: There's an 'or'? Sam: You can't just will something to happen because you want it to be a certain way. Jack: Captain, where there's a will there's an 'or'.

    • Daniel: So we go into disguise, pretend to be foreigners. Jack: How are we going to do that? Daniel: Well, I speak 23 languages. Pick one!

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    Notes (3)

    • This episode was featured as one of the top six episodes of the Viewer's Choice Marathon on the SciFi Channel, September 3, 2005.

    • Teal'c is dressed as Jimi Hendrix dressed in his time and even somewhat looks like him.

    • Syndication air date: May 8, 2000.

    Trivia (13)

    • Trivia: When SG-1 finally arrives safely back in their own time, Hammond tells Jack that he now owes him $539.50. Though we don't know how much Jack borrowed in 1969 or how often Hammond compounded the calculated interest, $27 at 10.5 percent annually or at 10 percent monthly both come very close to the right total.

    • In the outside shot of the observatory, the name "George MacMillan Southam" is visible on the left side. This observatory is located in Vancouver. Since the red line on the map stops at Paterson, N.J., the Vancouver observatory is probably meant to represent the Rifle Camp Park Observatory in Paterson.

    • When Jack identifies himself as "Captain James T Kirk, of the Starship Enterprise," shouldn't Thornbird recognize the reference, since the Star Trek series ran from 1966 to 1969?

    • When the team arrive in 1969 one of the service personnel hits Jack in the face with the butt of his rifle. For the rest of this episode Jack has what looks like a wound in his left eyebrow and always after this seems to have an irregularity in that eyebrow.

    • When escaping through the Stargate in 1969 Jack shoots the walkway three times but it doesn't vaporise.

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    Allusions (6)

    • Jack: My name's not Kirk. It's Skywalker. Luke Skywalker.
      Luke Skywalker is a pivotal character in the movie series Star Wars.

    • Jack: I'll be honest with you, Bob. My name's not Kirk.
      Referring to the original Star Trek series. Captain James Tiberius Kirk was the captain of the Federation starship Enterprise, registry NCC-1701. Its main mission was to explore the stars, chart new boundaries, and to go where "no man has gone before".

    • Michael: We're heading to Canada.
      Michael and Jenny are going to Canada because Michael was drafted to go to war in Vietnam. The Vietnam war was very controversial and many people objected it. As a result many people "dodged the draft" by going to Canada.

    • Jack: Auntie Em... Auntie Em...
      This is a reference to The Wizard of Oz. When Dorothy comes into the house while the tornado is starting she shouts out for her Auntie Em.

    • Michael: We're heading to some big concert...
      This is a reference to Woodstock that took place in Bethel, New York August 15, 16, & 17. This was a concert to celebrate music, peace and brotherhood. Throughout the three day concert there was not one fight, an unprecendented event that would not take place at the two following Woodstock events held 30 years later.

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