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    The horror

    By ironraider1401, Feb 17, 2013

    OMG! What is the deal with episode? The worst episode ever, among several series. SG-1 Is an amazing show that lost the bright after 8th season, but this is too much. Hallowed be the Ori, afterall.

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    Horrible episode

    By Solar_Dragon, Dec 08, 2012

    The producers stated that they made this episode as a treat to the fans. Yeah, great treat! The episode had me cringing, looking through my fingers and thinking "this can't be an episode of Stargate" throughout the whole thing. I hated the idea behind it. "What if there was a zombie apocalypse in the SGC!" and "What if the Furlings are Ewoks!" What the hell were the writers thinking?! That they want to torture us?

    I hated everything about this episode. EVERYTHING! Even the appearance of Jack didn't make it any better. The Thunderbirds parody is the one part which truly sealed it for me. Made it the worst episode of Stargate ever made.

    If the producers really wanted to make a treat to the fans, they would have made something with a lot of action, some comedy and reintroducing a major character or something. They did one of those, but not the rest.

    To put this episode into perspective, I would rather watch Infinity than this crap. Worst Episode Ever.moreless

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    Galaxy Quest style parody

    By BevinChu, Aug 19, 2012

    The writers have a blast making fun of their own writing, in the style of Galaxy Quest and This is Spinal Tap.

    I thought it was pretty funny, but clearly not all fans of SG-1 were amused.

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    No wonder they're finally cancelling this series!

    By Carycomic, Feb 12, 2012

    This episode really jumped the guppy. I mean; I really don't what I was expecting. Perhaps, a knee-slapper, based on the "TV Guide" article I read. Perhaps, a reconciliation between O'Neill and his ex-wife, resulting in the marriage scene hyped by SciFi Channel. But, I was disappointed in both regards. Maybe, if they had done this as a two-hour special, adding in good-natured jibes at "X-Files." I might have found it hysterical laughing at Vala as Scully and Daniel as Mulder. Or, they could have even poked fun at the "Star Wars" movies Teal'c loves so much. With Ben Browder as Luke Skywalker and an uncredited cameo by Kent McCord as Darth Vader!* The only reason I don't give this land-fill episode an absolute zero? I loved the tribute to Gerry Anderson's old puppet shows! Those marionettes really had their voice-overs well-synchronized. *He played John Crichton's father on FARSCAPE.moreless

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    Hilarious. A perfect tribute.

    By avi01, May 13, 2011

    WOW, I never thought I would ever laugh that much during a Stargate episode. This episode is awesome. It was so silly and clever at the same time. The parodies, references and any other jokes were pure pleasure, I enjoyed every single second of that. Of course it was a pleasure to have Richard Dean Anderson (O`Neill) back for this episode, a 200th episode without him would have been pointless. The invisible Jack scenes were hilarious.

    So that got to be one of my favorite and possibly along with Windows of opportunity the funniest Stargate episode ever. The way the mocking was done makes me think of South Park.

    So 200 episodes of Stargate sg1. That`s big for a sci-fi, that`s big for any show. They did commemorate that with an memorable episode.moreless

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    Episode is TERRIBLE. Why are people giving this 10's?

    By mspitts, May 13, 2011

    I turned it off midway through. Come on, why would they put this garbage on when we all want to learn more about Ori. And who in the world gave this 10s? Terrible, completely terrible. Don't waste your time watching this episode.

    I would have rather cut the grass in my front yard with scissors than watch that again. Completely pointless and I cannot stand that alien that invented Worm Hole Xtreme. Whoever thought of this idea should be fired. No wonder this show got canceled with the writers thinking that we'll like garbage like this. I want the 40something minutes of my life back that I wasted watching this episode.moreless

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    The worst episode of Stargate ever made!!! What were they thinking?

    By Stephdek, May 12, 2011

    The show had already lost a bit of its high quality when O’Neil, Hammond, Jacob, & Dr.Frasier left the show... Now we have occasional great episodes and an overall that is lower. The beginning of the season led us to believe that the overall quality was increasing again... and then they had to do episode 1005 (definitely weird and without interest). After this I was expecting a good one to follow making up for it ... and then I discovered 1006...

    In a nutshell my feeling for this episode is: What the Hell is this ----? Are the producers out of money? Do they actually think this was good? (In which case we are in trouble) Are they not ashamed? Have they actually screened it before? Are they doing this so that we better appreciate the next one? Anyway this episode is making the show look very bad and I will add that if its to do that Please I beg you make the season have less episodes if you can't handle it but make them at least all watchable !

    I had already gotten used to the episodes with the science geeks that are lets face it very light entertainment but this is a new low... the worst we have seen so far and I hope the last cause I wouldn't want my favorite TV show end miserably with such poor quality of script writing !moreless

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    This was almost a waste of time. Read my rewiew for more.

    By stargatefanliz, Apr 14, 2011

    Ok so this was a good episode if it wasn't expected to be really good. I wasnt sure if the end, with the actual cast, was real or not- totally bugs me.But it was funny to see some of the costumes and story lines. The very end with the other show was a waste of time, it was stupid!! So it was funny and brought back a great character it was dissapointing for a BIG episode. Though i have no idea what they would have done if it was an actual serious episode, it would be alot to come up with for 200. So i guess this is a better letdown than an actual episode for the big 200th.moreless

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    One of the best episodes in the past 2 seasons!

    By astreetwolf, Apr 14, 2011

    This episode just rocked! I loved the stories that were being portrayed by the characters especially Vala, she was great!


    I think I had just 2 problems with this episode. The first was that Jack wasn't in the episode for too long and the 2nd was that even still there's a dream sequence going on for a certain man and woman where they are together yet the writers still don't give them the chance to breathe in the same room alone, just dream sequences or some other silly plot where they are together yet...not together. Why can't they get together already? There is NOTHING standing in the way anymore now that they don't work together. They should have just let them have a "moment" at the ending of this episode... As Martin said, the viewers do get tortured by this certain issue. 10 seasons now... enough already. Love the show, just wish the writers would give the shipper fans of this certain couple a break.moreless

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    El SG-1 se ve obligado a ayudar a su viejo amigo Martin en la preparación del guión de una película basada en sus aventuras.

    By piquitv, Apr 14, 2011

    Es un episodio con mucho humor, no hay una historia fuerte porque es más bien un episodio de celebración pero es gracioso ver a los personajes hablar sobre sus locas ideas para el guión de la película basada en sus vidas.

    Cameron están ansioso por conmemorar su viaje 200 por el stargate pero debido a un mal funcionamiento de la puerta se ven obligados a quedarse a ayudar a Martin con ideas para una película que se basa en sus misiones por el stargate.

    Las últimas escenas cuando los "actores" de la serie de Martin son entrevistados son muy graciosas ya que se burlan de los verdaderos actores de Stargate SG1.moreless

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