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  • 9.0

    Vala returns with a couple big whoppers. And in Daniel's body.

    By Scorptilicus, Dec 08, 2010

    Vala returns with a vengeance in a delightful episode that serves as a tense and exciting setup for the big finale to come. Using that ol' device we saw in "Avatar" and "Origin" she takes over Daniel's body (how she figured out how to target a specific person isn't known) and we are treated, or for those of you Vala dislikers "forced into", an hour of full on Vala as she relates her travels in the Ori galaxy. Turns out that he girl's been busy. She's married, pregnant with the Ori's child, and informing our heroes that the Ori fleet is on its way. It's interesting, funny, and dramatic stuff. Vala's return and relating is great, the team's reaction to it priceless (two words: Darth Vader), and the biggest threat our team has faced, well, ever is set to show up in the next episode. It's a spectacular entry in the series and a wonderful setup to the finale, in some parts up there with the tension of "There But For the Grace of God". Two thumbs up from me.moreless

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  • 9.1

    What has happened with year in Ori galaxy...

    By Parricida, Jun 13, 2008

    This episode was somehow.. mm.. it was different - not been fighting nor mission - it was mostly and all the time little summary by Vala what she has been doing all that time and her story is quite good. I most say I really started to like her in this episode - maybe because this show her in totally different angle, had much new to offer and the story was fascinating.

    First how she get to the village, how she managed to survive there and oh.. it was so sad when the put her on the burning place again and she had to be there so long. And the ending - she can almost talk herself out of everything...moreless

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    You know you really love a woman when you can see your unborn Oricy in her eyes.

    By ionee24, Apr 18, 2007

    It’s been months since the last time we heard of Vala; life has go on, beards have been shaved and in a distant part of the Ori home world a pregnant wife tinkering with two communication stones manages to inhabit the body of her one time partner to tell the SG-1 what has she found.

    Daniel/Vala start talking to Cam about her experiences after the super gate blew up, how she met Tomin; a devote Ori follower and kind man who nurse he back to health and made her his wife once she notice her pregnancy. She also tells them about the double life she had to lead as Tomlin’s wife, her job with the resistant movement who failed to stop the Ori crusade and the thousands of ships ready to cross over to their galaxy, as well as Tomlin’s revelation the day she overheard an Ori prior confirm to him that the baby Vala is expecting it’s not his, or any man’s for that matter.

    She is scared but not more than Tomin, as she must now leave by his side all she can do is to trust their friends would do whatever it takes to prevent the invasion, and to trust her husband would believe in her as she is found with the resistance cutting short all communication with SG-1.moreless

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  • 9.0

    So much Fun

    By AllyJackson911, Jan 21, 2007

    This was a great episode! Its great to have Vala back, she always throws spice in the mix! Through Vala's eyes we get to see how the other side lives. The followers of the Ori are not all evil, there are many kind people like Tomin who truely believe what the Ori are telling them. The the Ori are benevolent and it is the Ancients who will distroy them all. And Vala's pregenecy is a great way to bring her back into the fold. Before she always had her own interests at heart, and the baby and her need to do something is what will make Vala's joining of SG1 believeable.

    Plus Micheal Shanks is a great actor, and it is always fun to watch twists thrown in for him to work with!moreless

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  • 9.6

    A Vala centred ep!

    By believeme, Sep 02, 2006

    This episode was based mainly on Vala and her story of what happened when they tried to destroy the first Ori supergate. I like this episode, Vala has her funny sense of humour, and Mitchell has his one-liners, but the sad thing is, we don't see much of Daniel. This episode does, however, reveal alot about Vala and her whereabouts, and also alot about the Ori and their plans. I guess I was pretty disappointed that the plan to destroy the Ori ships didn't work. At this point nothing can stop them, which really REALLY sucks! I'm not at all impressed. I didn't much like the ending either. I mean, Vala managed to talk her way out of the trouble (as we all knew she could) which was good, but she got pulled away just at the wrong time ... these directers are all the same I tell you!! It's not fair ...

    But oh well, in short, Vala comes back as Daniel, tells the others where she's been and about the Ori, and also tied in is something to do with the Stargate and who is going to use it, I wasn't really focused on that part ... sorry for those of you who are reading this!! STARGATE SG-1 FOREVER!!moreless

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  • 8.0

    A good episode, but very little original cast participation.

    By sammystevenson, Jul 15, 2006

    There's a good story here, and a very good performance from Claudia Black, showing Vala can do serious (however briefly) when it is needed.

    We learn a lot about the Ori and their mission in this episode, and it serves to put the SGC on their toes.

    There was however very little imput from the remaining members of the original SG-1 team (Carter, Daniel and Teal'c). The powers that be behind this show would do well to remember why we started watching the show in the first place, and try not to ignore the old cast too much...

    Still, in terms of story, this was a pretty solid episode.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Great episode: Vala tells the story of how she had to endure a whole new life in the Orii galaxy.

    By Eagle215, Jul 12, 2006

    Revealing, character development, flashback/dream sequence, well written, exciting, and even nerve-wracking.

    Vala was clever enough to find the anti-Orii followers and contact Earth. She tricks Tomin(?) who develops as a proud, religious follower. To see Vala take something apart of her life so seriously - changing a small part of herself, while still manipulating people - and then see Tomin change into an Orii follower and ultimately a killer.

    It was funny to see the flashback because she was in Daniel's body, of course. It was sad to see her suffer and have to deceive her husband. It was incredible to see how Tomin took care of Vala and learned to love her.

    The action, while minor, still made the episode exciting: seeing the ships and the episode's ending.

    I've seen the next episode and it makes this episode look like a "bottom of the barrel." I give this epsisode almost a 10 out of 10.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Good episode but the idea behind it was a little bit rushed.

    By cg0def, Apr 21, 2006

    I love the fact that they brought Valla back. Yet I can't help but notice that Sci-Fi would not pick Firefly as a show but they have no problem using the actors from it.

    To be fare, it was a decent show but I really feel like this season could have been longer with all the ideas that were introduced.

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  • 9.3

    This sets up what is sure to be an awesome season finale.

    By csi782, Mar 09, 2006

    I cant wait til next week. We learn that Vala is alive and living in an ORI controlled universe. She manages to communicate with SG1 and tells them what the ORI have been up too and what is coming. I am glad they added Claudia as a regular for enxt season. She is very funny, and tough(Farscape) and her and Ben Browder work so well together. It was funny this episode had her inheriting Daniels body to communicate.

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