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    Exactly why I hate all those Ba'als...

    By entil2001, Apr 06, 2011

    Coming off the best episode of the season, I was a little wary of this latest installment. For one thing, Daniel was nowhere to be seen, and given that my favorite parts of “The Pegasus Project” involved his character, I was worried that there would be a letdown on those plot points. The second problem was the episode’s focus. I hated the idea of the Ba’al clones in the ninth season, and so a return to that concept in this episode wasn’t something I met with anticipation.

    I suppose that my first fear was a wash. Daniel wasn’t in the episode at all, but the plot points were front and center, and the season arc continues to get plenty of exposure in each new episode. This was all about finding Merlin’s weapon and further complicating the information that Morgan LeFay provided, and that was promising. Sure, we’re still firmly in “Lost City Retread” territory, but I’m still finding elements to enjoy. So the lack of Daniel didn’t result in a loss of focus.

    On the second point, I was far less impressed. The SGC has dealt with Ba’al enough that they ought to know better than to take anything for granted. On several occasions in this episode, they let their guard down, missing information or implications that were obvious to most of the audience. This is one thing that annoys me to no end: when writers intentionally make their brilliant characters stupid or gullible to facilitate a plot hook. Ba’al and his clones succeeded because the SGC overlooked the obvious, not because the scheme was particularly clever.

    For example, the SGC personnel already know that the Trust has been taken over by Goa’uld and has a great deal of influence. They know that Ba’al is looking to stake his own claim and build an empire. Given the connections between the NID and the Trust, why wouldn’t they be watching Barrett like a hawk? Especially when he starts acting like a maniac. They know that Ba’al was using mind control techniques in the past, and they know he’s up to something. Why wouldn’t they place heavy restrictions on access and place layered security protocols on the prisoners? It was far too easy for Barrett to get to Ba’al, which was a key element of Ba’al’s plan.

    I suppose this could be overlooked, considering that every series will eventually have a character act a certain way when the script simply won’t allow for anything else, but it was hardly the only offense. I was also bothered by the portrayal of the Ba’als in this episode. Some villains are best used in small doses; Cancer Man was arguably more potent in early seasons of the “X-Files”, as opposed to later seasons where his presence was more centralized. Too many Ba’als can be a problem, especially since the actor had trouble delivering some lines convincingly.

    Having fallen into the same trap as the writers, I must mention that one of the downsides of the episode was the constant use of “Ba’als” as a punchline. Yes, it’s funny, but it also got to be a little strained, especially when the situation became serious in the final act. Since I already found the whole “Ba’al and his Clones” plot thread to be ridiculous, it didn’t help for the characters themselves to mock the idea.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “Stargate SG-1”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)


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    And again Ba’al manages to deceptive the great SG-1 team.

    By SrRui, Apr 06, 2011

    How easy is to an out side person to take “control” of SG command, it happen again.

    In this episode is a big lack of action they didn’t do almost nothing. It’s wasn’t as fun as the last one.

    How can this be, in one episode the characters are smart and in the other they can be so stupid and dumb come on ………

    It was so easy to Ba’al get what he wanted and leave immune form the command center.

    Carter giving the code so easy, she knows that Ba’al isn’t to be trusted and she’s a high rank military.


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    ok episode...

    By Fwirrel, Apr 06, 2011

    Ba'al and his clones carry out a scheme to take information about the ancient addresses in the SGC computers and get away with the information. Overall, the story wasn't that great. I thought it was funny to see all of the Ba'al's running around and there were a lot of cheesy Ba'al jokes. The idea just didn't seem original and it was pretty predictable. They knew not to trust Ba'al and that he was up to something but they didn't do anything. Sam even saw that the agent wasn't acting like himself and she didn't do anything. Oh well. I love the character Ba'al; he redeemed the episode a little. Overall, not very interesting and just not a good episode.moreless

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    Army of Ba'als...

    By Parricida, Jun 14, 2008

    Oh.. when last episode was victory in the side of our guys, then on this episode the victory will go to Ba'al. And not only one of them but for many. They came, the got what they wanted and fooled everyone. Somehow this episode made the SGC looked stupit. I really doubt anything like that would have allowed to happen as there did and that agent seems to get away way too easily.

    Anyway, this episode had some fun, had some fighting scenes, action and maybe a new clue where to search as I have no idea why those Ba'als needed that database, but I think they could search too.moreless

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    Ba'al gets what he wants...again..

    By neon2farmer, Nov 25, 2006

    this epiosde was not that bad, but it was the worst if season ten so far. i don't think they needed to have this epiode, but it was cool how they made like 20 Ba'als all at the same time. Ba'al comes to earth claiming that his clones have turned agaist him, while what he actually wants is all the gate adresses that the ancients downlaoed into O'Neill's brain, he escapes at the end of the epiosde capable of finding the Sansgraal before SG1.,i think that this storyline gets picked up at the mid season two-pater The Quest pt 1. later.moreless

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    not that great...

    By green_arrow92, Nov 24, 2006

    As I said this is not my favorite story line. Baal comes and says that he knows where merlin's weapon is buit it just turns out that all his clones got in the SGC and downloaded all the gate addresses that O'neill had downloaded in his mind. Then they all got away. Daniel was absent in this episode. my favorite line in this episode is when That agent says to Landry "I hear you got yourself a few extra Baals", That was funny and corny all the same. I've seen the first 2 episodes to season 10, I missed the Peguses Project, This was the worst one so far. later...moreless

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    Saw it coming and SG1 are way smarter

    than that ... come on give them their brains and a

    storyline back. And why is it that sacrificing all of

    humanity for the sake of one person wins every time...

    Spock did it the other way

    By cremasteel1, Aug 12, 2006

    Try to juggle all your Baal's in one basket leads

    to disaster! Hmmm... incredibly predictable and quite boring. Shame cos last week was really starting to pick up the pace

    especially after a slow first two eps.

    I'm a total SG1 fan and have been looking forward to this

    series very much but am struggling to maintain interest.

    Teal'c gets tortured (again) , Vala is unpredictable (still), Cameron is intractable (cool), Sam doesn't appear to be as sure of herself as she used to be (wassup wid dat), Daniel keeps making the same pointless impassioned pleas, a trusted associate is brainwashed or possessed (no way) and Baa'l beats the world savers every time (it's true). Is this going to get better... I prefer the replicators over Baa'l altho I s'pose the Ori can negate their power source or whatever!!moreless

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  • 7.9

    Good story; silly wordplan on Ba\'al\'s name.

    By lorenzoy, Aug 12, 2006

    Good story. They did a good job advancing the Ba\'al storyline. I wonder, though; when they chose Ba\'als name when they created the character, did they already have him mind an episode with so much silly word plan on his name? Also, although the episode isn\'t known for it\'s great acting, I have to say they need to do a better job casting Agent Barrett. And although they did a good job with the sfx in duplicating Ba\'als, there was one scene when Carter was downloading the gate codes where the main Ba\'al looked terribly fake. Lastly, I like how Vala never sits still or straight in the conference room during meetings; like a child.moreless

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  • 6.8

    The episode is interesting yet dull. There is no real action and althoug the story has not been used in stargate before it has been seen before.

    By sg_anazonda, Aug 07, 2006

    when you see this episode you get the feeling that this has been seen before.

    The slightly less boring part of this episode is to see the diffrent baal's interacting. i mean it must have been hard for the actor to have to play alle thoose "diffrent" roles, and still just play one.

    i give this episode a six because althoug it is not that exciting it has a nice story and a welcome leave of the Ori.

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  • 7.8

    A whole lot of Ba'als

    By LtAgathon, Aug 06, 2006

    This episode really didn't do much for me. I enjoyed it because of the fact that I was seeing a new episode of Stargate, but I seriously doubt it will be one that a watch over and over. I loved the numerous Ba'al jokes, but of course you kind of see them coming. It added a bit more suspense in the hunt for the Ori weapon, but I guess I just wasn't feeling it. I think the fact that it was a "Shanksless" episode was a reason that I wasn't that intrigued. I need a guy like Jackson to add his perspective a lot of the time. At least we had Jonas in season six, we had neither in this episode. I like Claudia Black's performance a lot in this one, but the rest of the cast wasn't giving enough for my taste.moreless

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