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  • 7.5

    A Tad Unoriginal, but the Daniel Vala date made up for it!

    By Rocket_Man141, Sep 07, 2011

    I dont like to be negative, but this episode was a little unoriginal and not only that, I swear i've seen a similar episode in season 5...

    Firsly the Positives. I thought the bit with Mitchel tied to a bed was absolutely hilarious. I really could not stop laughing!

    It was good to finally find out that the woman from Ex Deus Machina was actually Athena, an arch nemesis of Valas ex self. The Random Diner Guy! Absolutely loved him! They should do an episode just on him...maybe just on a different show though.

    Daniel and Vala went on a date! That ladies and gentlemen made this episode completely watchable! The dialogue between these two was once again fantastic. The wit shown over and over by Vala is one reason I consistently watch Season 10. The reactions by the team to their date was also a great way to end the episode.

    The Negatives. The end and the storyline were really bad and i swear i've seen it on so many other Sci Fi shows. The only thing that didn't make it unbearable to watch was that it had some Vala and Daniel action. Also because Vala lost her memories, she seemed to lose her fantastic wit so we lost what a great Vala episode could have been.

    Overall, an alright episode that did have some good moments. Maybe an attempt to try something new would have made this story a little bit more interesting. Counterstrike was definitely better.moreless

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  • 6.5


    By Fwirrel, Sep 07, 2011

    Vala is captured by the trust and looses her memory. Ummm...ya, they've done a lot of episodes dealing with memory loss and I don't see why they did another. This episode was good in the sense that it developed Vala's character, but, other than that, it wasn't that good. They've done it all before: the trust kidnapping people, the mind device thing, and the whole forgetting thing...I just was disappointed. I loved the "date" between Daniel and Vala though. This episode also made me like Vala's character a little more, but it still wasn't that good. Overall, unoriginal episode that was good only for character development.moreless

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  • 7.0

    They're really reaching with this type story

    By paulcornelius, Apr 20, 2011

    Unfortunately, SG1 just served up a good reason to support the detractors that want to cancel this series. I'm giving the episode a 7, because I'm a fan and can't bring myself to trash the series. But . . . jeez! an amnesia storyline! How many THOUSANDS of times have I seen this exact story over the years. Not just in TV but in the movies. This was old when Marie Dressler ruled the box office. Come on, guys! Don't give the SG1 haters more ammunition like this. Try and save this series. Don't help shovel dirt onto the coffin.moreless

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  • 6.0

    Really.... nothing much happened.

    Read on for spoilers and questions.

    By t4tortoise, Apr 20, 2011

    Nothing happened!

    Vala gets kidnapped... back flash 2 wks in time... introduced a new G'ould... (rather hot blonde with glowing eyes, I was hoping she's be Baal... maybe a girl-girl scene :P )... talked about OLD OLD Score (Since it was when Vala was Katesh)

    Which so happens to show up in Daniel's book.... on Earth... With seemingly drawings and ancient text... Questions abound about :

    1 - How did the hot blonde get onto earth ?

    2 - Why would Baal let her run things?

    3 - What is the significance of the buying and selling of stocks.

    4 - How did the Trust get a Tokra memory device ? or do the G'ould have the same tech ?

    5 - Why does the Zat have such strange and inconsistent effects ?

    [Especially when Mitchel sends the Zat energy through a metal structure.]

    6 - Vala is never seen in much H2H combat.... 7 - How does Mitchel drive a car with a shot arm ?

    8 - Why is there a need to take off his pants ?

    9 - Why did'nt the Dadelaus beam both of them up? Since they have orbiting space ships and beaming tech and sensors.

    10 - How does Vala get her memory back ?

    11 - HOw come Mitchel gets to recove so quick ?

    12 - What happend to the tactical team ? they were at the motel room scene... but not at the shoot out @ some warehous.

    12 - What did T'eac say to the Trust scientist ?moreless

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  • 8.7

    Vala's episode.

    By Parricida, Jun 15, 2008

    I think that - Vala's episode takes it all together. I do not know. It was somehow so familiar for me. maybe because Vala quite reminded that ascended being working on that café Daniel was when he was between two plains. Anyway, I loved the depth this episode added to Vala. First the sentence when she step by step started to remember - that maybe she does not want to remember past as it does not sound too good. That shows that within she is a good person. I think this was the point the wanted to prove - as when we first met her, that was not too sure.

    Also, that little naivnes what we learned about her and in the end. I think emotional episode, again. And mainly character development.moreless

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  • 9.1

    A Vala Story...

    By green_arrow92, Apr 01, 2007

    When I first heard the description of this episode I didn't think I would like it, at all. But it was a better episode than what I thought. It was so funny when Vala hand cuffed Mitchell to the bed and everyone else comes in and Mitchell is laying there eating Junk food. The whole car chase scene was amazing. What would have made this episode better is if Cliff Simon was in it because this other Gould wanted to know where this treasure was that Quetesh found. At the end Vala is an honourary member of SG1. Vala is an interesting character. Later...moreless

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  • 9.0

    My fair Vala

    By ionee24, Feb 21, 2007

    It’s been three weeks since Daniel Jackson took Vala out to celebrate their anniversary, err. actually to thank her for the way she’s handled herself for the last few months, he’s especially proud of her involvement in the SG-1 program and he chooses to take her out to a nice restaurant seeing that she has not much chances to do so by herself, she’s touched by the detail but once she leaves for the bathroom she’s taken by a former Goa’ul rival who’s searching the knowledge she still carries from her former symbiot.

    The SGC has located her on a warehouse but something goes wrong while they try to retrieve her and Vala ends up with her memories wiped out before the place blows up, Daniel is informed that preliminary DNA tests places Vala in there right before the explosion but he simply would not have it. He refused to think her dead by the time she crossed to Ori space and he refuses to think her dead right now, Mitchell only hopes he’s right.

    And right he is since Vala has been living as a waitress in a dinner about to be assault all these weeks. As her former self kicks in, she automatically neutralizes the thieves but once she’s sent for questioning to the local police she escapes not only from the people trying to capture her but from her own friends as well, although she does help Mitchell after he’s been hurt trying to protect her she doesn’t know why she does it. In the end, Daniel finally finds her while the team reduce the people who did this to her; he knows that she won’t hurt him but he can’t let her go for he knows she won’t stop running just like she did back when they first met; he asks her to remember them and to come home with him. Once that Vala recovers she’s rewarded with SG1 insignias as she’s now an official member of the team.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Great Vala story

    By lowriderz95s10, Dec 01, 2006

    First the restaurant scene was very funny with Daniel trying to pass it off as just friends going to dinner and trying to keep Vala from drinking too much. I really liked the concern from the team, especially Daniel, when Vala went missing and their willingness not to give up when it looked like she might be dead. The car chase scene was cool and the crash was excellent. My favorite part would have to be when Vala cuffed Cam to the bed. Ben and Claudia showed the chemistry that mad Farscape so good. Then the end when she was made an official member of SG-1 was touching.moreless

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  • 7.1

    Vala finds herself alone in a city with no memory of her identity or past life. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Teal\'c question a man named Weaver who may have information about Vala\'s whereabouts.

    By Rogue2Wolf, Oct 19, 2006

    I have to say that I do like Vala's character, though when she first came I was kinda hating because every show has to put in another girl character, but that's besides the point. Truth be told I didn't see the point of the episode. They didn't seem to gain anything from it so the question here people is: Why?

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  • 7.5

    Vala loses her memory after being kidnapped by one of Qethesh's former Goa'uld rivals. After she escapes, SG-1 must find her before the Trust can.

    By Scorptilicus, Oct 04, 2006

    I'm going to admit a couple of things before I start this review. I'm biased with this episode. I do not like the Trust. I'm not sure there's an episode I've seen involving them that I've really liked. If Ba'al's not directly involved it's even worse. On the other hand, I love Daniel/Vala. The moments between those two as well as the hotel room with Aeryn and Cri-, erm, Vala and Mitchell really help bring the episode back up in my eyes.

    So, let's focus on the positives. I did like the Daniel/Vala scenes. The opening in the restaurant was cute, Daniel's determination to find her touching (if you could call it that), the scene in the warehouse when he talks her down was great (I always like it when Claudia, or any actor on this show, gets to play an emotion their character doesn't frequently exhibit), as is his insistence at the end of the episode that they weren't on a date, as cliched as that may be. Even Landry didn't appear to be buying it. Other good bits: Vala cuffing Mitchell to the bed, SG-1's discovery of Mitchell in such a position, Sam joking that Cam is always losing his pants, Vala's addition to SG-1.

    I'm not quite sure why they made her a member now. Maybe they realized when she disappeared that she was a valuable member of the team and had contributed nicely in her time since returning from the Ori galaxy. She hasn't beheaded any Goa'uld in Stargates or anything, but she's done all right. Anyway, it's nice to see.

    And then there are the bad aspects. Like I mentioned before, I don't really like the Trust so half of the episode's main storyline a bit off putting to me. A little dull, a little pointless, I just wish the SGC could get rid of these guys and move on. Is there some grand storyline planned for them? I hope so, and I hope the payoff is amazing because otherwise this has all been rather pointless.moreless

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