Stargate SG-1

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Season 1, Ep 21, Aired 2/27/98
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  • Episode Description
  • Having escaped marauding Goa'ulds in another Earth reality, Daniel Jackson warns that it is only a matter of time before they launch an attack in this one. But, the Stargate program faces a more immediate threat - - this from Senator Kinsey, powerful Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and the man who oversees Stargate's multi-billion dollar budget. Kinsey sees the program as a wasteful fatcat project with dubious goals and he vows to shut it down. As he reviews the past missions with Hammond, O'Neill and the SG-1 team, he dismisses the danger presented by the Goa'uld, despite warnings from Teal'c of their power. Even Daniel's desperate warning of an imminent attack won't sway the Senator, who is determined to bury the gate and put the program out of business. (To Be Continued...)moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Richard Dean Anderson

    Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

  • Christopher Judge


  • Brad Wright

  • Martin Wood

  • Ronny Cox

    Senator Robert Kinsey

  • Fan Reviews (17)
  • skip the flashbacks!

    By hp79, Apr 20, 2008


    By THEICEFIRE, Feb 10, 2011

  • Senator Kinsey, the greatest threat the SGC has ever faced.

    By MurrayTheJaffa, Aug 30, 2008

  • After arriving back in his own reality, Daniel warns that it is only a matter of time before Apophis launches an attack on Earth.

    By SGC_Marine, Mar 01, 2008

  • All what have happened with SG-1 on the first season... before the bad guys arrive.

    By Parricida, Jan 25, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (9)

    • Daniel: Now I know this is hard for you guys to believe but I swear to you, the entire time you thought I had disappeared on P3R-233, I was experiencing an alternate reality.
      Jack: And you were there, and you were there, and there's no place like home.
      Daniel: As a matter of fact you were there!
      Sam: Daniel it's not that we don't believe you...
      Daniel: So you do?
      Jack: No, it's just that... we don't believe you.

    • Jack: Alright, wait a minute, let me...let me get something straight here...engaged!? (waves hands between him and Sam) Sam: It is theoretically possible. Jack: It's against regulations. Sam: I'm talking physics, sir.

    • Teal'c: What is right cannot be measured by strength.

    • Kinsey: Need I remind you the enemy Earth faces? Daniel: Oh, could you? I mean, go slow.

    • Kinsey: I believe that that which grows in the dark but withers in the light does not belong on the vine. Jack: Well, as long as you have an open mind.

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    Notes (4)

    • The flashbacks in this episode are from the original Stargate movie, "Children of the Gods," "The Enemy Within," "The Broca Divide," "The Nox," "Brief Candle," "Cold Lazarus," and "Singularity."

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Senator/Vice-President Robert Kinsey (Ronny Cox) on the series.

    • This episode was 26 minutes long without the clips.

    • Syndication air date: May 10, 1999.

    Trivia (7)

    • Trivia: The SGC is an unofficial project. It has been designated by the Pentagon as "Area 52," it costs $7.4 billion per year to operate the facility.

    • Trivia: The first mission to Chulak ("Children of the Gods") occurred on February 10th, 1997, O'Neill's report was dated February 23. The mission on P3X-797 ("The Broca Divide") took place in March.

    • Trivia: SG-2 had returned to Argos and found that the people of Argos are living free of the nanocytes and leading long healthy and productive lives.

    • Trivia: This episode takes place a day after the events of "There But For the Grace of God."

    • Trivia: Major Samuels has been promoted to Lt. Colonel and transferred to the Pentagon for Stargate Mission Analysis.

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    Allusions (1)

    • Daniel: Oh, you're right. We'll just upload a virus into their mothership.
      When Senator Kinsey insists that the US military will be able to handle any alien attack, Daniel refers to the climax of the movie Independence Day to mock him. In ID4, after failed aircraft and nuclear missile attacks on the alien motherships, a really weak plot device was used to even the odds. The main characters sneak aboard the ship and infect its computer with a virus (using a Macintosh of all things). This, of course, totally ignores the problem of different computer languages and the lack of a communication interface. In fact, ID4's use of a computer virus to knock down the technological advantage is itself a nod to H. G. Welles' War of the Worlds, where a naturally occurring disease kills off the invading Martians after they've proven human weapons are no match for their technology. It is worth noting that both ID4 and the original Stargate movie were written/directed by the same team (Roland Emmerich & Dean Devlin).

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