Stargate SG-1

Serpent's Song

Season 2, Ep 18, Aired 2/12/99
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  • Episode Description
  • Pursued by Goa'uld, Apophis, throws himself on the mercy of SG-1. Despite his past evil, SG-1 grants him sanctuary. Apophis, who shows signs of having been tortured, is slowly dying and reveals that he is being pursued by an ancient and powerful Goa'uld named Sokar, the original god of death.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Teryl Rothery

    Dr. Janet Fraiser

  • Peter Williams (IV)


  • J.R. Bourne


  • Tobias Mehler

    Lieutenant Graham Simmons

  • Dan Shea

    Sgt. Siler

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)

    • Teal'c: Tell us how to defend ourselves against this weapon. Apophis: I will die with a smile on my lips knowing that you will die with me, Shova.

    • Apophis: There was a time... when you would have died for me, Teal'c. Teal'c: (leans forward) The time is no more.

    • Apophis: A single human life is worth so much you would risk a world? Jack: That's right. That's why they call us the good guys.

    • Apophis: I'm dying. Jack: My heart bleeds for you. Apophis: You lie poorly.

    • Jack: What do you want? Apophis: (dying) To live! Jack: Can't help you there - that's between you and your god. Oh wait a minute, you are your god . . . that's a problem.

    Notes (3)

    • This is the first of many episodes of the series directed by Peter DeLuise.

    • In the conversation between Daniel and Apophis' host, Daniel is speaking Ancient Egyptian while Apophis' host is just speaking gibberish because Michael Shanks and Peter Williams had two different scripts.

    • Syndication air date: February 21, 2000.

    Trivia (2)

    • The actor playing Apophis blinks as Teal'c removes the blanket to look at his face when he is supposed to already be dead.

    • Trivia: This is the only episode in which General Hammond and Apophis have an exchange of dialogue.

    Allusions (3)

    • Episode title Serpent's Song An old (but false) legend says that a swan sings a particulary plaintive but beautiful song when it is dying. By extension a "swan('s) song" is a final performance of a retiring actor. Apophis' symbol is the serpent, so this is his final plea before dying.

    • Sokar The Egyptian god of the Memphis necropolis, and a funerary god. In the Old Kingdom, Sokar came to be regarded as a manifestation of the dead Osiris at Abydos in Upper Egypt. He is also known as Seker.

    • Col. Jack O'Neill: Isn't that special?
      Referencing Dana Carvey's well-known Saturday Night Live character Church Lady. She has used this line frequently and blamed Satan for everything.

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