Stargate SG-1

The Enemy Within

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 8/1/97
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  • Episode Description
  • While the U.S. government determines the fate of Teal'c, SGC must deal with one of its own that has been taken over by a Goa'uld.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jay Acovone

    Major Kawalsky

  • Gary Jones

    Technician/Sergeant Walter Davis

  • Richard Dean Anderson

    Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

  • Christopher Judge


  • Brad Wright

  • Fan Reviews (26)
  • Labotomy

    By SFBarbear, Nov 18, 2012

  • Picking up right where it left off, this episode is a good concusion to the seasons beginning.

    By cris_007, May 06, 2006

  • Kawalski may have more than a headache...

    By GameraTrekkie, May 26, 2006

  • Another great episode!

    By FaithMiller, Aug 25, 2006

  • Major Kawalsy is taken over by a Gould and the SGC must help restore him to normal.

    By SGC_Marine, Dec 14, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (11)

    • Daniel: You don't think the Goa'ulds are sending people through, do you? Jack: Be like bugs on a windshield.

    • Teal'c: Some, like Apophis, are great kings and rule over many worlds as their Gods but they have no need for peace. If they could kill you, they would.

    • Jack: (to Kawalsky, post-operation) That's right, Dorothy. It was all a dream.

    • Teal'c: He was your friend. Jack: My friend died on the table.

    • Hammond: Just what kind of officer are you, Colonel? Kennedy: Sir? Hammond: As long as there is a snowball's chance in hell that my officer will come out of this procedure alive. We'll go ahead with it. Kennedy: With respect, General, I feel I should take this to my superiors. Hammond: Well, me, I'll probably just call the President and get approval right from the horse's mouth. But sure, you go right ahead, Colonel. Talk to your superiors. In the meantime, let's get the job done.

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    Notes (3)

    • During the making of this episode, Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), was injured. In the scene when Kawalsky and Carter are in the elevator, and Carter reaches for the phone, Kawalsky throws her against the wall. This is where Tapping was actually injured. They couldn't use a double because the camera was pointed towards her face.

    • Jay Acovone (Major Kawalsky) would later return in the Season Two episode "The Gamekeeper", the Season Three episode "Point of View" and the Season Eight finale "Moebius Part II"

    • Syndication air date: September 21, 1998.

    Trivia (10)

    • During the operation on Kawalsky there is a closeup of the timer showing 01:19:50 and counting but in a later shot there is a glimpse of the timer under the surgeon's arm showing 00:23:48.

    • Trivia: In this episode we learn that an immature symbiote cannot exert control until the host loses consciousness. This concept is not visited again until the Season 6 episode, "Nightwalkers."

    • During Jackson and Carter's briefing on the DHD, all the people sat around the table are wearing SG-1 mission patches. Only O'Neill, Carter and Jackson should have had those at the time.

    • Trivia: Standard recon missions to P3A-575 and P3A-577 are mentioned.

    • When Kawalsky is dialing out, we hear the sound of the wormhole opening, but a moment later, the camera perspective shifts to a view out the control room window and the Stargate is still dialing, the wormhole not yet active as the blast shield comes down.

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