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  • 9.0

    Finally, the Ori get their comeuppance

    By BevinChu, Aug 19, 2012

    The successful destruction of a starship belonging to the long invincible Ori was the most satisfying and cathartic experience yet since the Ori made their first appearance. I only wish they had shown a shot of the Ori on the bridge just as their starship was being destroyed.

    The "backwash" that occurs during the initalization of a Stargate is dangerous. It disintegrates anything in its path. Just how dangerous was underscored in an earlier episode, when a Stargate was used in a funeral ceremony. The body of the deceased was laid on wooden scaffolding positioned in front of the Stargate. The Stargate was initialized and the backwash "cremated" the body and even the upper portion of the scaffolding.

    Teal'c ingeniously uses the Ori's own Supergate to annihilate an attacking Ori starghip. Teal'c uncharacteristically uses his brain instead of his brawn. He uses technology to solve a problem instead of muscle. He does rocket scientist Sam Carter proud.moreless

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  • 7.5

    finally to Atlantis, but other than that, boring episode...

    By Fwirrel, Sep 05, 2011

    It was great to see the chemistry between the Atlantis cast and the SG-1 cast. It was funny and clever and really made the episode worth watching for me. Other than that, however, it was boreing. The whole point of going to Atlantis seemed farfetched, like the writers just wanted to make an excuse to get the characters of SG-1 to Atlantis. The story/plot was annoying and boreing to me. It seemed like something they've done a hundred times before and it was pointless. However, it still had many good moments and the ancient that helped Daniel was interesting. Overall, an ok episode with good writing but a boring story.moreless

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    This is the passing of the torch episode for all SG-1 fans mourning the loss of the long running show that we all love so much.

    By gridde, Feb 20, 2010

    As a long standing member of the Stargate fanclub from it's inception in the blockbuster movie of 1994, this is quite simply the best episode.

    I have recently embarked upon a nostalgic review of all released Stargate episodes since season 1 of Atlantis. This has refreshed my memory of the plot developments and contributed to my appreciation of Stargate SG-1 - Season 10 - Episode 3 - The Pegasus Project.

    Most of your favourite characters are there, participating in intergalactic plans that set the tone for the remainder of the last season of SG-1, and the next two seasons of Atlantis.moreless

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  • 7.0

    needed to be a two-parter.

    By TVanimal, Jul 14, 2008

    daniel jackson is one of my favourite characters and he is denied a chance to really look around atlantis in this episode. i would have liked to see daniel explore the rest of the city in a second episode of SG1 or even an overlapping episode of SG Atlantis. because for daniel, his goal within the stargate universe is to go to atlantis and stay full time studying the databases.

    One good thing about this is that the atlantis crew and the SG1 crew interacted really well and fans of SG Atlantis shouldnt be worried about an invasion of SG1 personnel because for me daniel is the only one with a reason to go to atlantis and i hope to see it happen.moreless

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  • 9.3


    By Parricida, Jun 14, 2008

    Oh, watching this episode now when there is almost a month to season 5 of Stargate Atlantis, this also serves as a little nostalgia - to remind how wonderful everything was then. This episode is a beautiful mix of all the things going on in both galaxies - wraith and ori.. stargates and supergate.. and ofcourse the hologram, what comes out is not hologram at all. I think this episode will have some huge impact of what will happen in future but I think Daniel missed the most important sentence what Morgana le Fay said just before she was pulled back.. But I think it is wanted this way.

    Anyway, it was lovely episode, lot of happening, revelations.. answers and much much questions.moreless

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  • 9.3

    this was a very good question and answer episode. I enjoyed it. Daniel is his normal courious self and the more answwers he gets the more questions he has.

    By okeydokeythen, Mar 06, 2007

    This is one they are going after the Ori with everything they can come up with. They are in Atlantis and they only have one chance actually. Daniel figures out that Ancients were here and that they may still be there in one way or another.

    Sam is doing her normal saving the world type thinking thing again. She is sure that their plan will work and that this is the only way to keep the Ori from being able to dial out their super gate. So they are going to cause a explosion at the war with another starge and they are trying to connect the supergate to a backhole so that the gate can not be shut down or dialed out again.

    It was creative how they mananged to carry out their mission.

    A good show. this is starting to reveal alot about what it will take to stop the Ori.moreless

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    Daniel finally makes it to Atlantis

    By ionee24, Feb 25, 2007

    Jackson is so excited he almost falls sleep have not been by Mitchell who reminds him the reason why he stood up all night: the first look at the City of the Ancients. As they distribute the tasks at Weir’s situation room, Vala puts Carter in an awkward position as she tells McKay that Sam herself told her they might need him to help her, much to Rodney’s delight. Sheppard and Mitchell also have a funny exchange in which valuable info on Rodney’s allergies is passed on to make the job more pleasant.

    While McKay and Carter rekindle their working relationship, Daniel goes after Vala who’s as excited as him to be on the city if only because of the souvenirs and sightings it could offer only Daniel would rather finish his job with Ganos Laal’s hologram to gather the info they need first. However, something goes wrong with the program as both Weir & Jackson discover she’s actually the ascendant being Ganos Laal who’s talking to them, urged by Daniel to give him more answers she’s punished for interfere before she could finish something about Merlyn’s weapon.

    Daniel is devastated and nothing that Vala would to cheer him up could do the trick for they now know something he didn’t want to admit to himself: that the are all alone against the Ori, the ancients won’t help them out this time.moreless

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  • 9.5

    SG-1 travels to the Pegasus Galaxy and Atlantis to sabotage the Ori's supergate.

    By TheDContinuum, Feb 22, 2007

    Crossover episodes are always fun to watch, but this one was awesome, to say the least. The Carter/McKay interactions are hilarious, as usual, but even funnier was Shepherd and Mitchell exchanging ways of controlling Rodney with citrus. Not only does the episode further the SG-1 Ori plotline but it is hilarious to watch.

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    One of my favorite episodes by far...

    By green_arrow92, Dec 12, 2006

    I have been waiting to see this episode for months now and I finally got the tape from one of my friends and was able to watch it. This is a crossover episode as Sg1 goes to Atlantis trying to find merlin's weapon. Daniel and vala come face to face with an acended being and she helps them and They learn that The ancients aren't going to help them defeat the Ori. But I really liked the interaction between Sheppard and Mithchell. I liked it when Mithchell said "This place id Daniel Disney Land". In my opinion this is one of the best episodes of the series and certainly one of my favorites. later...moreless

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