The Quest (2)

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Quotes (18)

  • Daniel: Where's Adria? Sam: I guess she didn't make it. Daniel: Must be some kind of security measure. Mitchell: I don't know. They let him in. (pointing at Ba'al)

  • Daniel: We've come too far to give up now. Ba'al: It's just that kind of noble sentiment that's gonna get us all killed.

  • Mitchell: You detonate from the tree line and I will do the running. (Teal'c grabs his arm) That's all right, Teal'c, I've got this one. (Teal'c continues holding his arm) All right. Off you go.

  • Ba'al: You obviously have no idea what you are talking about! Carter: Says the brainiac who spent three days trapped in that forcefield.

  • Vala: Can I get you anything. Daniel: Water. (water bottle flies to his hand) Okay, that happened.

  • Mitchell: (about the dragon) Which means that it’s not a hologram. If it was a hologram the bullets would have gone straight through. Ba’al: So it’s not that your weapons aren’t ineffective, it’s that they’re ineffective in a different way.

  • Mitchell: (about the Sangraal) It’s real this time, right? Daniel: I don’t see why not. (tries to grab it and his hand passes through it) Sam: Oh, come on!

  • Daniel: I’ll be fine. Mitchell: That’s crap. She’s right–-you don’t get fancy mind powers unless there’s been major redecorating going on inside your skull.

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Notes (2)

  • This episode first aired in Canada on Thursday, April 12th, 2007.

  • First aired Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 8pm on the British television channel Sky One.

Trivia (2)

  • The energy form of the wormhole reflects on Adria face before the chevrons finish locking in.

  • The Guardian Beast, though called a "dragon", is in fact a wyvern, as it has hind legs and wings, instead of forelegs, hind legs and wings.

Allusions (2)

  • Vala: Daryl the Dragon. Vala's suggestion of a name for the dragon/wyvern references Daryl Dragon, the "captain" half of the pop duo "The Captain and Tennille."

  • Teal'c: Perhaps Puff. Teal'c's suggestion for a name for the dragon in the beginning of the episode is a reference to the song, Puff the Magic Dragon, which tells the story of an imaginary dragon, who is abandoned when a little boy stops believing in him.