Stargate SG-1

Tin Man

Season 1, Ep 19, Aired 2/13/98
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  • Episode Description
  • SG-1 arrives on P3X-989 and is knocked unconscious - they wake up and return to Earth only to find that they are robots.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Richard Dean Anderson

    Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

  • Christopher Judge


  • Jeff F. King

  • Jimmy Kaufman

  • Dan Shea

    O'Neill (alternate)

  • Fan Reviews (14)

    By THEICEFIRE, Feb 10, 2011

  • Duplication is the most sincere form of flattery...

    By MurrayTheJaffa, Aug 29, 2008

  • Good episode, nice twists.

    By SGC_Marine, Mar 01, 2008

  • Face to face with themselves

    By Parricida, Jan 24, 2008

  • funny...

    By Fwirrel, Aug 29, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Jack 2: And don't even think about trying to send a bomb to make sure. Jack: I wasn't! Jack 2: Yes you were - I know you!

    • Jack 2: Harlan, people are not supposed to live forever. Harlan: Maybe not. But if you try a few hundred years perhaps you might change your mind. Yes?

    • Jack: You have my word, Colonel. Jack 2: Call me Jack.

    • Teal'c: Was not a copy made of me? Harlan: Oh yes, yes...but I had to disintegrate you. Teal'c: I see.

    • Sam 2: We are identical, right down to the mole on our... Sam: Hey! Shut up!

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    Notes (3)

    • General Hammond's granddaughters, Tessa and Kayla, are named after Brad Wright's daughters.

    • Harlan and the robot duplicates of SG-1 return in the fourth season episode "Double Jeopardy"

    • Syndication air date: February 22, 1999.

    Trivia (7)

    • Trivia: The real people of P3X-989 are called "Altarians."

    • SG-1 shows up, explores the compound, and is stunned. Harlan says he kept them unconscious so they wouldn't know of him or realize anything was amiss when he sent them back through the Gate. However, later the human SG-1 is woken up by their robot counterparts and the real Jack immediately says, "Harlan, where have you been?" But the "real" SG-1 never met Harlan, so how does Jack know his name?

    • At the end when Jack is talking to the robot Jack and motions to him to get his face checked out, you can see Teal'c go out of character and almost bust out laughing for a second.

    • At the beginning when SG-1 finds the computer terminal you see two of the exact same surge protectors that you see all over the SGC computer systems.

    • When there is a coolant leak, and Harlan is trying to glue or attach something to a pipe, he asks Daniel to hold something in place while he bangs it into place. I guess he needed more glue, though, because when Daniel let go, it moved.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Harlan:
      The name of the character is almost certainly a homage to s.f. writer Harlan Ellison. Mr. Ellison is...a little less easygoing then Harlan here, however.

    • Title:
      The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz wishes for a heart, thinking that it would make him more human and therefore a better being. Harlan's mindset is a twist on that, thinking that mechanical is superior to human.

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