Stargate SG-1

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Quotes (2278)

  • Sam: You don't have to worry, Major. I played with dolls when I was a kid. Kawalsky: G.I. Joe! Sam: Major Matt Mason. Kawalsky: Oh! Who? Ferretti: Major Matt Mason, astronaut doll. Did you have that cool little backpack that made him fly?

  • Dr. McKenzie: (about the dead Jaffa) He's not human, sir. Jack: Ya think?

  • Sam: You know Colonel, you really will like me once you get to know me. Jack: Oh I adore you already, Captain.

  • (Jack sends Kleenex to Daniel) Hammond: Care to explain this concept? Jack: Daniel has allergies. Kawalsky: (smiles) Oh, I get it. Jack: He'll know this came from me and not from someone, with all due respect, sir, like yourself.

  • Jack: Moonshine. Skaara: Moon...shine? Jack: Yeah. moonshine, as in booze. Daniel, what are you teaching these kids? Skaara: Try it. Jack: Alright. Skaara's moonshine. Give it a little shot. (takes a sip, spits) Oh good god! (hoarsely) Smooth. Very smooth. Skaara: Moonshine! Kawalsky: Our little soldiers are all grown up, Colonel. Jack: Yeah, I'm so proud. Whoa...

  • Hammond: You didn't like Daniel Jackson, did you? Jack: Daniel was a scientist. He sneezed a lot. Basically he was a geek, sir. Samuels: So you didn't have a lot of time for him. Jack: I didn't say that. He also saved my life and found the way home for my men and me. A little thing like that kinda makes a person grow on you, if you know what I mean.

  • Samuels: Kind of wish I was going with you. Jack: Yeah. I'm kind of glad you're staying behind.

  • Sam: So you're saying...Ra's not the last of his race after all? Kawalsky: Maybe he's got a brother Ray.

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Notes (952)

  • Alexis Cruz is billed as Special Guest Star.

  • From the movie, Stargate Command was situated under Creek Mountain, Colorado Springs. For the TV series, the name was changed to Cheyenne Mountain.

  • Amanda Tapping (Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter) is the only cast member who did not work with any of the other cast members before the series began.

  • Un-edited, this feature length episode carries an 18 certificate and contains female nudity with Vaitiare Bandera and a lot more gory symbiotes. The nudity in this episode was included on demand from Showtime, the network airing Stargate SG-1 for the first five years. In other countries the full frontal nudity was cut from the episode when aired on network television, then restored for DVD (presumably as they were printed from the original masters).

  • Michael Shanks and Vaitiare Bandera met on the set of this episode and had a daughter together born about a year and a half later (she was not Harsisis).

  • Alexis Cruz (Skaara) is one of only two people to appear in both the movie and the television series. The other is Erick Avari (Kasuf).

  • In this episode, the corridors leading to the gate room look different than in subsequent episodes.

  • In the original version of the script, there were six guards in the gate room, Apophis was called Apep, and there was more dialogue.

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Trivia (798)

  • In the movie Stargate, Daniel's wife's name is spelled "Sha'uri," but in the credits for this episode (and every other episode she's in) her name is spelled "Sha're."

  • Trivia: We learn that Ra was not the only System Lord. He was the Ultimate System Lord, but not the only System Lord. Here we are introduced to the System Lord Apophis.

  • Trivia: Major General West (Leon Rippy) from the original Stargate movie is replaced by Major General George Hammond (Don S. Davis) as commander of the SGC.

  • The Goa'uld scanning device that was used to scan the female airman in the Gate room, has never been seen or heard of in any subsequent episodes, although a similar device, used for stunning people, was introduced in the season one finale, "Within the Serpent's Grasp."

  • After the opening battle sequence in the gate room, the dead soldiers have a lot of blood on them, despite the fact that staff weapons cauterize wounds.

  • Trivia: It is revealed in "Politics" the mission to Chulak took place on February 10, 1997.

  • Kawalsky's incorrect Captain's bars are sideways on his green camouflage uniform. Collar devices are to be lined up on the center line of the collar tabs on an open neck uniform.

  • When Daniel comes back to SGC to speak with Carter after he has resigned, he uses an access card to open the elevator. If he has resigned, why would he still have a valid access card?

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Allusions (317)

  • Sam: It took us 15 years and 3 super computers to MacGyver a dialing system for the Stargate. SG-1 star Richard Dean Anderson also starred in the TV series MacGyver. His character there was a master of improvising escapes, bombs, etc., out of common items.

  • Jack: Guess I'd better cancel that Oprah interview.
    Oprah is a long running chat show hosted by Oprah Winfrey. They have many guests on, some discussing new inventions, as Jack was sarcastically hoping to do.

  • The Letter Z Just before O'Neill enters the Stargate for the first time, he swipes a "Z" in the event horizon/puddle of water with his right index finger. In the books, televisions series and movies, the letter "Z", usually cut with his sword, is Zorro's calling card.

  • Broca's Area Area of the left hemisphere of the brain. It contains the motor speech area and controls movements of tongue, lips, and vocal cords. Loss of speech may follow haemorrhage into this area.

  • Jack: Lucy! I'm home! This line is a reference to the classic tv show I Love Lucy, where Ricky Ricardo always announced his arrival at home in the same way.

  • Sam: Pierre Paul Broca was a 19th century anthropologist. Pierre Paul Broca made important contributions to anatomy, physiology and anthropology, and he was the founder of modern brain surgery.

  • Jack: Well, we're off to see the wizard. Jack's statement is a reference to the famous 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, in which the small group of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow go down the Yellow Brick Road to see the all-powerful Wizard of Oz.

  • The Bible This episode is rife with Biblical references. Hanson twists any number of quotes to his own uses. The team also pithily refers to Biblical ideas (e.g. Carter's "in your own image"). The end scene between Jack and Sam, of course, from which the episode derives its title, talks about the Ten Commandments.

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