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  • 6.5

    Would have been pissed if there were no movies and this was a real 'final ep' because this is at best -a mid season final.

    By LENZ5369, Apr 14, 2015

    The ONLY things that actually matter in this "finale" (giving of the the tech/database and the death of the Asgard) happens in the first 6min, the rest is just filler that never, ever comes up again.

    So they didn't just use the time dilation function the moment they realized that they needed a significant amount of time to bypass the core-hyperdive, because?

    Oh right because then the characters would have shown actual intelligence and would not have spent decades to not only recreate the tech used in Merlin's Mantle but to figure out how to pull of a 'Superman 1' and. . .turn back. . .time. . .moreless

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  • 10

    One of the best finales ever

    By sremnes, Dec 05, 2014

    Here we say goodbye to Thor and his People, we have a comedian story, we see sg-1 age some die, but Return to life. Increrdible story, and With a good ending showing that there will always be someone still out there to save the Galaxy.

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  • 8.0

    So sad to see the Asgard die off

    By BevinChu, Aug 20, 2012

    So sad to see the Asgard die off.

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  • 5.9

    It was used on FARSCAPE, where Crichton and Aeryn found themselves stranded on a planet with a faster rate of time than on Moya. And, to a certain extent, on STAR TREK: TNG, where Picard was put into a brief coma by an ancient satellite.

    By Carycomic, Mar 09, 2012

    And, frankly, I found both those versions more poignant than this one. I mean; I felt little (if any) empathy for the characters, whatsoever. Not even during the death of the "elderly" General Landry, or the implied miscarriage of Daniel and Vala's "child!" Which is the true tragedy, here. Maybe if the writers had used this one, for the 200th episode, and used the good-natured self-parody for the series finale, I might have felt different. I might have enjoyed both a lot more. But, they didn't. So, I'm afraid I didn't. And, that's a sad way to cap off ten otherwise good years.moreless

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    One of my favorite series finales - Unending indeed.

    By slayme3, Dec 27, 2011

    Ok first of all there is no reason to complain that this ep didn't wrap up the series - it was never meant to - since the follow-up movies Ark of Truth and Continuum had already been planned. What this ep did do was give us some great sci-fi - and a really cool look into a possible future for the characters - and a real future for Tealc. We got to see them age and handle yet one more impossible situation. I also like that after 10 years they didn't just try and end on a final Ori story - the show was much more than just that - and this character driven, high on action, special effects, and time travel story was an absolutely perfect send-off to a great show that even after 10 years felt fresh again and was cancelled far before its time. I would have loved to have a seen a few more seasons of the Ben Browder/Claudia Black Stargate but at least we got the 2 follow-up movies - both of which were excellent as well. Ignore the haters - this ep is a fine send off by one of my favorite Stargate writers - the great Robert C. Cooper. I'm giving it a 10/10 for action, emotional impact, and all around total awesomeness.moreless

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  • 5.0

    No, no, no. When writers loose their minds is what this should have been called! Or save the best for the films. This is a filler episode at best with the blindingly obvious errors left in the story. In a rush were we!!

    By Dunkstar2008, Sep 14, 2011

    That was possibly one of the worse series finales I've ever watched. I love SG as much as everyone on here but as it has been pointed out has the person who wrote the screenplay actually watched SG before?

    It was painful and shameful to see the Asgard commit mass suicide within the first 5 mins. It's like the writer said "you're all dead" ... Thor "why"... Writer "it was the Salmon moose" I mean come on. To add insult to injury the next scene Ori ships are being taken out with Asgard upgraded weapons on the Oddessy. Hang on, were there not a couple of Asgard ships in Camelot that got wiped out with the first wave of Ori Ships. And when did Asgard use beam weapons!

    The fact is the Asgard were to powerful for the Ori so mass suicide was the only way to clear the way for more story lines. The Asgard dying was to be expected but this was not respectful or truthful to the SG universe.

    I could go on but most reviews here have mentioned the other flaws through out this episode. I have yet to see Ark of Truth and by all accounts it sounds like this should have been the finale so hopefully my faith will be restored.moreless

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    Character driven and perfect!

    By Miss_Lainey, Jun 21, 2011

    I loved this episode. I'm very much a 'characters' person, so to end this excellent show with a character focused episode was a good move in my opinion. The scene between Michael Shanks and Claudia Black was one of the best I have ever seen and I've lost count of the times I have watched it back.

    So, it was a big explosive end, but they had the TV films in mind and you know what, it wouldn't have lasted 10 years if we hadn't fallen in love with the characters and seen the grow over time.

    I think it's perfect ending.moreless

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  • 9.0

    It is very hard to say goodbye......

    By vodazz, Jun 04, 2011

    Before watching this episode I had to prepare myself for this event. I was very sad to tell myself that this is IT. The series finale. Well I can safely say that I did't get what I wanted, but...... There is no episode in this universe to finish Stargate SG-1. So I can just say that the episode was really interesting to watch. I waited for the Daniel-Vala scene from the moment I first saw Claudia Black in Prometheus Unbound. I hoped that they would remember everything after Carter turned the clock back, but...... In conclusion, I can say that Stargate is still without finale so let's hope that The Ark of Truth and Continuum will give us that. And my 9/10 is because I could not let myself write any less for the series finale of SG-1.moreless

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  • 8.7

    10 years and now comes the end...

    By Parricida, Jun 04, 2011

    What can I say.. It was not the ending I was expecting as it was not doing with anything of major storylines but it was as standalone quite unique story and the idea itself to end serie like this as it was sure they cannot make it the time they had, why not. So, the Ori storyline was left for the film and the serie was ended with little humorous, tragic and different episode.

    First I thought this episode was very emotional - it could be said it was about human nature left alone in space for all those years and to see the reactions they had - how everyone dealt with the loneliness. It was somehow like torment of Tantalus - they were alive but they could not leave and the were not able to do anything than wait and try to solve their problem.

    But it was good episode, dealing with human nature and I think that for the ending, they remind us what we are..moreless

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  • 9.8

    The end of to one of the best shows ever

    By micky888, Jun 04, 2011

    I felt that this ending was fitting because i think it will be very difficult for them to close out all the storylines and just sorta say it is all done nothing is going to happen obviously the movies will help to do this. However i think the episode in itself was brilliant and becuase of the scope if the show it worked as a series finale. The daniel jackson, vala story worked well it was nice to see a good romance on stargate. I was disappointed that O'Neill did not make an appearance he was a such a major part of the show it was sad. all in all this episode has left me in great anticipation of the movies.moreless

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