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    Great show opener

    By sremnes, Dec 05, 2014

    This is a ghreat pilot, actually much better than SG-1 and Atlantis pilots. Great story, Lots of guest actors, to show the producers has moved on. RDA is awsome here. We also get to see the unreleased Stargte game.

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    SG-U is dark, but so what?

    By BevinChu, Sep 16, 2012

    SG-U is dark, but so what?

    Who said SG-U had to be light in mood like SG-1 and SG-A?

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    SGA meets BSG 2005 meets Voyager

    By bluedog1, Oct 11, 2011

    This show I believed had possible potential and have now watched the first 5 episodes and I must say it fails in a big way. As stated it's not very original at all it appears to be a cross between Stargate Atlantis, 2005 version of Battlestar Galactica and Voyager. throw in the following - turn off all the lights bar a couple of lamps and the idea they are on a ship they have no control over and you have SGU. There is another show that it reminds me of but can not think of it at the moment. None the less it is boring, dark, and does not stay true to Stargate. Sorry just my opinion.moreless

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    Simply Dull & dark

    By joeca1234, Sep 21, 2011

    I absolutely love Robert Carlisle, ever since he was the football hooligan in "cracker".

    This is dull, boring, dark & uninteresting. The first time i watched it i fell asleep, thank god for HDR. 2nd time i realised why i fell asleep. Wont be watching episode 3. Unless i cant get to sleep that night!

    Sets = wooden, dark, boring, seen it all before

    (ships name is "destiny", pleease, why didnt they call it lame or cliché.

    Characters = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Story = If someone finds this, would you let me know.

    Special effects = Extremely unimpressed.

    Unless anyone guarantees this is going to improve, forget it.moreless

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    Promising show but about the switch....

    By cloudav23, Apr 26, 2011

    I like the new stargate . There is a dark feel about this show compared to the other two stargate tv series. So any characters to watch and see wherethey will go. And much improve special effects. The sex scene is a bit inappropriate but if hey want to go there they must be consistent. But about the switch pushed by the senator, there are so many possible ideas to push the button. My first best suggestion is the keno ball to push the button. It is so uncool when they make dumb idea just to make more drama to the show.moreless

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    By THEICEFIRE, Feb 11, 2011

    When a research team is forced to evacuate their secret base, they find themselves on board a derelict Ancient vessel that is many galaxies away from Earth. SGU is filmed and produced in Canada. There's a connection between the themes of the show and our own Canadian government. Often in SGU you'll see the political manoeuvres and bizarre aspirations of some characters against the legit and scientific exploratory efforts of our heroes and their desire to go home. In real life during the last Canadian Federal Election Campaign the Conservatives placed a strange and explicable gag order on Canadian scientists and civil servants. They weren't allowed to announce that Canada had to find out that snow falls on Mars. What's the Canadian government not want you to know? The comparison here is if in real life the government had access to a real Stargate, an Ancient ship named Destiny and weapons of mass destruction would they really tell you? As for SGU's pilot Air Part 1, it's a good start.moreless

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    SciFi in a blender! (and not "SyFy")

    By jkwong2297, Jan 07, 2011

    I guess my first impression of this show is "Stargate: Voyager". Being a big fan of this channel in general, it was weird seeing all the elements of other shows blended into this one. I don't like soap opera very much, but I guess other people do so... That medic sure looks a lot like Katherine Heigl! And since she's "only" a medic, I expect to see a holographic doctor any second. Being a TV show, they don't have a big budget for fancy locations and big name stars. But I'm really disappointed in the writing. Forgetting about the lack of originality in the premise, I don't feel the urgency or intelligence in the characters. They are supposed to be the best and brightest the Earth has to offer. On a sidetrack, why don't NASA people win any global science awards anymore?moreless

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    10% Stargate action, 90% nonsensical characters

    By vodazz, Jan 07, 2011

    I am a big fan of Stargate - it was the greatest TV show for about 10 years for me. And I really wanted to give this show a chance and hoped that the premiere would be good at least.

    I really like the idea of the show and Destiny was just awesome. But... The characters are just stupid. It seemed as if the writers wanted us to get attached to them in the first episode. I'm sorry but I really didn't care about their psichological problems in the premiere - I wanted to see the setting of the show itself and some action. Character developement is really a very important part of any show, but when that developement IS the show it's just wrong.

    To make it short I see a lot of potential in this Stargate storyline but that story will not be told because the show will probably focus on characters and their problems. I think it's just wrong for a sci-fi show - go watch soap operas for that. NOT watching any more...moreless

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    Great introduction to what the show is about, but completely rubbish introduction to the characters.

    By MatthewLongthor, Jan 07, 2011

    I thoroughly loved the setup. Get a new character or two and beam him up, do the whole none-disclosure thing and then cart him off to another planet on the brand spanking new ship, the Hammond! Great! A few hitches with the stargate and then the space attack. I'm probably inviting some moaning here, but since when did a deadalus class ship with asgard beams have any trouble against three motherships?!? Two shots a piece and they would have been history, which they could quite frankly have done and just had the planet's core go critical moments after, anyway. Much more believable than 'the motherships never detected the instability in the core and so all blew up along with the planet'. Rant over, anyway.

    I guess my thinking once they all got aboard the Destiny was that it's all just a little TOO realistic. They probably would act like that if that really happened, but I would have liked to know and perhaps care (at least a little) about the guy who gave his life to buy the rest of them more air to breathe. I don't really care about any of the characters and they will probably end up getting developed in some horrible stories to come that will focus too much about their personal lives than shooting space aliens, the stargate, the ship and all the cool new technology they might find. I guess this is largely based on the fact that the next few episodes all seem to be about 'lets get supplies', 'lets get more supplies'. It might drag on like this for a long time and I hope by Air (part 3), their situation is a little more stable.moreless

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